21 Rappers With The Most Number 1 Hits

Rappers With The Most Number 1 Hits

Fans of our music know, rappers are releasing hits all the time. That said, not all of them go on to have mainstream success, even if they rack up millions of views on Youtube.

So which rappers have got the most top positions in the billboard charts?

Read on to see the rappers with the most number 1 hits in music history. We’ll start with the least hits then work our way to the person with the most.

The Notorious B.I.G – 2 Number 1 Hits

The Notorious B.I.G.

#1 Hits:

  • Hypnotize
  • Mo Money, Mo Problems

The Notorious B.I.G, also known as Biggie Smalls, made music history by becoming the first artist on the Billboard chart to earn two posthumous (after death), back-to-back hit singles.

Biggie Smalls was a rapper from New York known for his high-profile duel with West Coast rapper 2-Pac.

Just as Biggie planned to release his album Life After Death, he was murdered in a drive-by shooting. His lead single, “Hypnotize,” earned the number-one spot in 1997, and it was shortly followed by the second hit single, “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” which topped the charts the following year.

Nas – 2 Number 1 Hits

The Notorious B.I.G

#1 Hits:

  • Street Dreams
  • Hot Boyz

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, better known as Nas, was an East-Coast rapper famous in the late 1990s.

In 1996, Nas won his first hit single with the release of “Street Dreams,” which touches on the mindset involved in drug dealing. Nas was famous for his subversion of traditional rap themes, favoring social justice issues instead.

In 1999, Nas’ song “Hot Boyz,” with Missy Elliot, Eve, and Q-tip, topped the charts for 18 weeks.

Kendrick Lamar – 2 Number 1 Hits

Kendrick Lamar

#1 Hits:

  • Bad Blood
  • Humble

Kendrick Lamar is another rapper popular for his preference for political issues and depictions of socio-economic strife in his music.

Lamar has charted over 69 times, but surprisingly, he only earned two number hits, “Humble,” released in 2017, and “Bad Blood,” with Taylor Swift, released in 2014.

“Humble” touches on the rapper’s attempts to remain humble despite his fame, while “Bad Blood” is about the aftermath of a breakup.

Although Lamar has few chart-toppers, he has earned a devout following and continues to release modern music.

Outkast – 3 Number 1 Hits


#1 Hits:

  • Mrs. Jackson
  • Hey Ya
  • The Way You Move

Atlanta-based hip-hop duo OutKast remains one of the most popular acts in history. The group consisted of Antwan “Big Boi” Patton and Andrée “3000” Benjamin and was formed in 1992.

Since then, the duo has topped the charts three times.

Their first song to reach number one was “Mrs. Jackson,” a song about a young man apologizing to his ex-girlfriend’s mother. It was soon replaced by “Hey Ya!” in 2003—and later with “The Way You Move,” a lust ballad that includes Sleepy Brown.

Outkast has also earned four top-10 hits, and since the duo is considered relatively experimental in rap, this is a significant achievement.

Lil Wayne – 3 Number 1 Hit

Lil Wayne

#1 Hits:

  • Lollipop
  • Down
  • I’m the One

Lil Wayne, the famous rapper, producer, and label manager from Louisiana, has three number-one hits on the Billboard charts.

Wayne’s first number-one hit was “Lollipop,” where the rapper courts a young woman. The song was released in 2008 and was soon followed by “Down” with Jay Sean in 2009.

In 2017, Lil Wayne collaborated on the song “I’m the One” with Justin Bieber, Quavo, and Chance the Rapper.

Ja Rule – 3 Number 1 Hits

Ja Rule

#1 Hits:

  • Real
  • Always on Time
  • Ain’t It Funny

Ja Rule, born Jeffrey Bruce Atkins, is a famous rapper, songwriter, and producer from New York City.

He debuted in 1999 with his lead single “Holla Holla,” but he did not earn his first hit until a year later with “Real” featuring Jennifer Lopez.

He soon earned a second single with “Always on Time,” featuring Ashanti only five months later. “Always on Time” is Ja Rule’s only chart-topping solo song.

In 2002, Ja Rule’s song “Ain’t It Funny” hit number one on the charts.

T-Pain – 3 Number One Hit


#1 Hits:

  • Low
  • Buy U a Drank
  • Kiss Kiss

Faheem Rashad Najm is a singer and songwriter known as T Pain.

Active since 1999, T–Pain has earned three hit singles on the Billboard 100 —and over 48 others have appeared on the charts.

His most famous songs include “Low” with Flo Rida in 2007, “Buy U a Drank” with Yung Joc in 2007, and “Kiss Kiss” with Chris Brown in 2007.

Nicki Minaj – 3 Number 1 Hit

Nicki Minaj

#1 Hits:

  • Trollz
  • Say So
  • Super Freaky Girl

Nicki Minaj, sometimes called the “Queen of Rap,” is Lil Wayne’s prodigy—and the first woman to debut on the charts since Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Minaj is a prolific and talented songwriter, and she has had three number-one hits.

Nikki Minaj and rapper 6ix9ine won the position with their song “Trollz.”

Her song “Say So” with Doja Cat earned number one in 2020. Soon after, “Super Freaky Girl” took over the spot.

Flo Rida – 3 Number 1 Hits

Flo Rida

#1 Hits:

  • Low
  • Right Round
  • Whistle

Rapper Flo Rida has had over 40 singles since he began topping the charts in 2007.

His song “Low” earned the top spot in 2007, and it is about controlling the intensity of a relationship.

In 2009, the rapper song “Right Round” raised the bar for rappers everywhere, holding the prestigious title for six weeks.

In 2012, Flo Rida’s song “Whistle” topped the charts for two weeks and earned acclaim for its combination of pop and rap.

Post Malone – 4 Number 1 Hits

Post Malone

#1 Hits:

  • Rockstar
  • Psycho
  • Sunflower
  • Circles

Post Malone is an experimental rap, hip-hop, and pop music artist.

Although the musician has changed his tune several times, he’s consistently earned the number-one spot.

In 2017, his song “Rockstar,” featuring 21 Savage, earned number one. Later, in 2018, “Psycho” with Ty Dolla $ign won the spot.

In 2018, “Sunflower” appeared in the Spider-Man movie Into the Spiderverse, replacing “Psycho.” In 2019, Post Malone did it again with “Circles,” a song that spent 61 weeks on the charts.

Nelly – 4 Number 1 Hits


#1 Hits:

  • Hot in Here
  • Dilemma
  • Shake Ya Tailfeather
  • Grillz

Nelly is a popular hip-hop, rap, and R&B artist who has consistently topped the charts since his debut in the early 2000s.

Cornell Iral Haynes Jr, born in St. Louis, Missouri, debuted in 1993 under the name “Nelly.”

Nelly has enjoyed four number-one hits, starting with “Hot in Here” in 2002. Later that year, his song “Dilemma” with Kelly Rowland took over, topping the charts for sixteen weeks.

In 2003, “Shake Ya Tailfeather” earned number one, and it was soon replaced by “Grillz,” a song with Paul Wall and Ali & Gippin 2005.

Kanye West – 4 Number 1 Hits

Kanye West

#1 Hits:

  • Slow Jamz
  • Gold Digger
  • Stronger
  • E.T.

Rapper Kanye West, recognized for his eclectic personality and high-profile marriage to Kim Kardashian, is known primarily for his prolific discography.

West has had over 140 songs on the Billboard charts. His four chart-topping hits include “Slow Jamz” in 2003, “Gold Digger” in 2005, “Stronger” in 2007, and “E.T.” in 2010.

West has produced and featured on countless other hit singles with famous artists like Eminem and Dr. Dre.

West continues to release new music and engage in performance art.

TI – 4 Number 1 Hits


#1 Hits:

  • Blurred Lines
  • Live Your Life
  • Whatever You Like
  • My Love

With four number-one hits on the Billboard 100, TI is one of the most successful rappers in music history.

He also founded the hip-hop movement called trap music, changing the course of rap history.

TI had four number-one hits, including “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams in 2013, “Live Your Life” with Rihanna in 2008, “Whatever You Like” in 2008, and “My Love” with Justin Timberlake in 2006.

Jay-Z – 4 Number 1 Hits


#1 Hits:

  • Umbrella
  • Empire State of Mind
  • Crazy in Love
  • Heartbreaker

Shawn Corey Carter, known as Jay-Z, founded the New York City-based entertainment agency Roc Nation.

Jay-Z has helped many stars rise to fame and placed four songs of his own in the number-one spot on the Billboard 100.

These songs include “Umbrella,” with Rihanna in 2007, “Empire State of Mind,” with Alicia Keys in 2009, “Crazy in Love” with Beyonce in 2003, and “Heartbreaker” with Mariah Carey in 1999.

Jay-Z has been featured in countless other songs and helped produce dozens of hit singles with many artists, including his wife, Beyonce.

50 Cent – 4 Number 1 Hits

50 Cent

#1 Hits:

  • In Da Club
  • 21 Questions
  • Candy Shop
  • Crack a Bottle

50 Cent is one of the most popular and prolific musicians in music history.

Born Curtis James Jackson, 50 Cent is a rapper and producer—he’s also a television producer and actor!

He has placed over 41 songs on the Billboard 100, but only four have earned number-one status.

His number-one songs including “In Da Club” in 2003, “21 Questions” in 2003, “Candy Shop” in 2005, and “Crack a Bottle” with Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent in 2009.

Travis Scott – 4 Number 1 Hits

Travis Scott

#1 Hits:

  • Sicko Mode
  • Highest in the Room
  • The Scotss
  • Franchise

Jacques Berman Webster II, also known as Travis Scott, is a famous rapper, singer, and record producer.

He debuted in 2015 with the album Rodeo and has since released four top-hit singles. Scott released “The Scotss” in April 2020 and “Franchise” later that year.

Before that, his song “Highest in the Room” topped the charts in 2019, and “Sicko Mode” won in 2018.

Ludacris – 5 Number 1 Hits


#1 Hits:

  • Stand Up
  • Yeah!
  • Money Maker
  • Glamorous
  • Break Your Heart

Ludacris, born Christopher Brian Bridges, is one of music history’s most popular and successful rappers.

The Atlanta-based rapper topped the charts with “Stand Up” in 2003. In 2004, his song “Yeah!” took the number one slot.

“Money Maker” followed in 2006, soon replaced by “Glamorous” in 2007 and “Break Your Heart” in 2009.

Puff Daddy – 5 Number 1 Hits

Puff Daddy

#1 Hits:

  • Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down
  • I’ll Be Missing You
  • Mo Money Mo Problems
  • Bump, Bump, Bump
  • Shake Ya Tailfeather

Sean Combs, also called Puff Daddy, is a record executive, producer, and rapper. His label, Bad Boy Records, entered the scene in 1993.

Puff Daddy has had five hit singles, including “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” in 1997, “I’ll Be Missing You” in 1997, “Mo Money Mo Problems” in 1997, “Bump, Bump, Bump” in 2002, and “Shake Ya Tailfeather” in 2003.

Cardi B – 5 Number 1 Hits

Cardi B

#1 Hits:

  • Bodak Yellow
  • I Like It
  • Girls Like You
  • WAP
  • Up

Cardi B is a contemporary female rapper known for her distinct voice and sharp lyrics.

Cardi B has enjoyed five chart-toppers since appearing on the scene mid-aughts.

The former exotic dancer-turned-rap-legend has five hit singles, topping the charts more than any female rapper in contemporary music.

Her hit singles include “Bodak Yellow” in 2017, “I Like It” in 2018, “Girls Like You” in 2018, “WAP” in 2020, and “Up” in 2021.

Eminem – 5 Number 1 Hits


#1 Hits:

  • Lose Yourself
  • Crack a Bottle
  • Not Afraid
  • Love the Way You Lie
  • The Monster

Eminem has five debut hits on the Billboard Top 100 that have claimed the first place prize.

Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Eminem is considered one of the most influential artists in rap history.

His hit singles include “The Monster” (2013), “Love the Way You Lie” (2010), “Not Afraid” (2010), “Crack a Bottle” (2009), and “Lose Yourself” (2002).

Mathers is also a record producer and continues to release new music regularly.

Drake – 12 Number 1 Hits


#1 Hits:

  • Best I Ever Had
  • Forever
  • Find Your Love
  • What's My Name?
  • Take Care
  • One Dance
  • Work
  • God's Plan
  • In My Feelings
  • Nonstop
  • Nice for What
  • Tootsie Slide

Drake has had 12 number one hit songs over the years. Here is a list of all the number one hit songs that Drake has made, along with some details about each one:

Best I Ever Had (2009): This was Drake's debut single, and it topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

Forever (2009): This song was a collaboration with Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem, and The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

Find Your Love (2010): The song topped the charts in Canada and the United Kingdom.

What's My Name? (2010): This song was a collaboration with Rihanna, and it topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

Take Care (2012): This song is a collaboration with Rihanna, and it topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

One Dance (2016): This song was a massive hit around the world, topping the charts in many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Work (2016): This song was another collaboration with Rihanna, and it topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

God's Plan (2018): This song was a massive hit, topping the charts in many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

In My Feelings (2018): This song was a viral sensation, thanks in part to the “In My Feelings Challenge” that took over social media. The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

Nonstop (2018): This song was one of the standout tracks on Drake's album “Scorpion,” and it topped the charts in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Nice for What (2018): This song was a massive hit, topping the charts in many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Tootsie Slide (2020): This song was a massive hit, topping the charts in many countries around the world.

Rappers With The Most Number 1 Hits, Final Thoughts

Although there are many prolific and talented rappers in the industry, few measure up to the artists on this list. From Ja Rule and Jay-Z to Cardi B and Drake, the artists on this list have topped the charts more times than most can count—and many continue to release new music to this day.

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