15 Best Cuban Rappers

Cuban music has always been rich and diverse, but the rise of talented rappers infused new life and a new generation of artists into the industry.  From Pitbull's global hits to Almighty's revolutionary lyrics, these Cuban rappers break down barriers to carve a space in the music world.

1. Pitbull


Armando Christian Perez, more widely known as Pitbull, splashed into the music world with an eclectic blend of Spanish-language lyrics and thrumming dance beats that resonate across the globe.

Pitbull thrives on the solo stage with expressive, energetic performances, but he also highlights internationals artists through collaborations, and increases awareness of others on a global scale. The artist earned several Latin Grammy Awards and is one of the world’s wealthiest rappers.

 2. Almighty


Almighty is another influential Cuban-American rapper using his exceptional talent to produce catchy hooks and witty lyrics. The Havana native immigrated to the United States at a young age in pursuit of a music career.

Leveraging his talent and work ethic, Almighty shot to fame by delivering versatile tracks with relatable themes. The multi-talented artist delights with rap tracks about life struggles on tracks like “Vida Dura” (Hard Life) then switches gears to get people moving with club hits such as “Donde Estan Corazon”(Where Are You My Heart).

3. Osmani Garcia

Osmani Garcia

Osmani Garcia, a Cuban rapper often operating under the nickname “La Voz,” is another Havana native having a massive impact on the international music scene. Garcia’s passion for music emerged early in life and set him on a path to Cuba's thriving reggaeton industry.

By infusing rap, hip-hop, and dance themes, Garcia established himself as a unique talent blending influences from the Caribbean and Latin American cultures. He’s also collaborated with a range of other artists to promote Cuban music, all while serving on the world stage as a Cuban culture ambassador.

4. Alex Sandunga

Alex Sandunga

Alex Sandunga also blends genres to create catchy beats. The mixture of hip hop, reggaeton, and traditional Cuban rhythms made him an international sensation and many consider him representative of Cuban music culture.

Born Alexander Espinosa Cabrera, this Havana-born artist found his talent and passion early in life. Alex participated in several national competitions and now boasts over two decades in the industry, both as a rapper and music producer.

5. Fat Joe

Fat Joe

As the child of two Cuban immigrants, Fat Joe fully embraces his family’s island heritage. Latin rhythms and themes take center stage in his music, and he’s collaborated with several Cuban artists over the years, including Pitbull.

After signing with Relativity Records in the 1990s, Fat Joe’s career took off. By the early 2000s, Fat Joe claimed some of the most sought-after collaborations in the industry, including Jennifer Lopez and Ashanti.

6. Marichal


Marichal showcases his impressive skills by infusing hip-hop and rap with traditional Cuban music. Though he’s also a Havana native, Marichal wasn’t a childhood prodigy. He initially studied mechanical engineering before giving into his passion for music.

What sets Marichal apart from some other Cuban rappers is his willingness to walk the line between the traditional and the ground-breaking. Beyond drawing heavily from Afro-Cuban culture, Marichal tugs on the threads of jazz, soul, hip-hop, and of course, rap.

7. Danay Suarez

Danay Suarez

Danay Suarez is a dynamic Cuban rapper blending hip hop, jazz, and soul with traditional Cuban rhythms. She is one of the more exciting artists in contemporary Latin music, having won critical acclaim for her powerful lyrics and innovative beats.

Suarez has plenty to say with her music often centering on social issues, including race relations, gender equality, poverty, and political oppression. Some of her top tracks include “Yo Aprendi,” “Polvo De La Humedad,” and “Desconocidos.”

8. Sen Dog

Sen Dog

Sen Dog is a Cuban-American rapper who found commercial success as a member of the legendary Cypress Hill. Individually, Sen Dog contributed to the rap and hip-hop scene, including some notable collaborations during the late 1990s. He worked with Big Pun to release “Beware,” a top hit from 1998, thanks in large part to the hard-hitting lyrics.

The proud Cuban-American embraces his culture beyond the music industry by devoting time to his work as an immigrant rights activist.

9. Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia is a Cuban-American rapper and singer walking the line between hip-hop and pop while infusing a healthy dose of Latin influence. Her first hit single, “Gangsta,” reached the top 10 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart.

Dahlia's songwriting ability sets her apart from other rappers because her lyrics often strike a chord for their deeply personal reflections.

10. Yotuel


Yotuel is a Cuban rapper based in Madrid with a reputation as a solo artist and lead for the group Orishas. Though he started building lyrical prowess as a teenager, Yotuel didn’t take music seriously until age 20 when he buckled down and worked.

Most of Youtel’s songs bear fast-paced rhymes with catchy hooks that showcase socially conscious lyrics reflecting his personal experiences as a Cuban immigrant in Spain.

11. El Funky

El Funky

Havana-born artist El Funky might be most recognizable for his unique style and electric live performances. It’s easy to see Havana’s heavy influence, primarily the street culture, in most of his work.

Beyond his solo work, El Funky likes to collaborate with other talents and often reaches out to other Cuban artists, including Maykel Osorbo and Romero.

12. Al2


Al2 delivers a double dose of Cuban rappers – brothers Alejandro and Alfredo Delgado. The pair’s unique blend of reggaeton, hip-hop, and traditional Cuban rhythms has earned them a loyal following among fans worldwide.

Following the 2018 breakout hit “Me Gusta,” the brothers earned recognition for blending relatable lyrics with a catchy beat that paid tribute to both traditional and contemporary Cuban culture. Al2 draws inspiration from important social issues, like poverty, inequality and government corruption.

13. Edrey Riveri

Edrey Riveri

Edrey Riveri is another talented Havana native who fostered his love of music from an early age. As a young man, Riveri started writing lyrics and producing tracks with hip-hop and rap themes.

Riveri founded the rap duo Ogguere and enjoys collaborating with other Latin American artists, including Yomil y El Dany and Chocolate MC. He's also gained international recognition with performances across Europe and South America.

14. Rxande Akozta

Rxande Akozta

Hailing from Havana, Akozta is another artist who started young. He started a rap group in high school and never looked back. Akozta's finessed his sound to develop a style that overlays traditional Cuban beats with contemporary hip-hop sounds and powerful rap lyrics.

One notable aspect of Akozta's career is his dedication to collaboration with other Cuban artists, like El B and Telmary Diaz, and international acts, like French Montana.

15. Maykel Osorbo

Maykel Osorbo

Maykel Osorbo also hails from Havana and boasts an early start on his music career. He first performed during his early teenage years and writes lyrics based on real-life experiences to shine a light on Cuban’s pressing social issues.

Osorbo’s push to highlight the truths of life in Cuba earned him some government censorship, but it did not appear to sway him from speaking out.

Top Cuban Rappers, Final Thoughts

Cuban rap has yielded some incredible tracks over the years, thanks in large part to the artists showcased in this list. These Cuban rappers have already left an indelible mark on the music world and are sure to continue impressing the world music stage with their unique style and flair.

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