29 Rappers With Face Tattoos

Post Malone

Post Malone has a large number of face tattoos, including “Stay Away” written above his right eye, where a pair of cards (aces) are placed at the top corner of his face. Next to this is “DDP,” which are the initials of his daughter’s name.

Barbed wire runs across the top of his head, with the snake-tongued woman at the left side of his head next to some waves. “Always tired” is spelled out, with each word below each of his eyes.

He also has a sword on the right side of his face, along with a reversed Playboy bunny, a smiley face, a gauntlet and flail, and a small heart. His left cheek has a saw blade that has blood dripping from its teeth.

Post Malone

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane has a few tattoos on his face, the most famous of which is an ice cream cone that says “Brrr” on his right cheek. At his left eye are 3 tears, with a dove below his left eye and at the upper-left-hand corner of his forehead. 

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert is known for having numerous face tattoos, with their face becoming an evolving canvas over the years. Their most recent includes a giant floral pattern covering the entirety of their forehead.

Lil Uzi Vert also has numerous tattoos surrounding his eyes, including a cross, and a number of tribal Adrinka symbols. There is also a rose near his left ear with the name “Sheila” imprinted on an accompanying banner.

Lil Peep

During his short career, Lil Peep had quite a collection of tattoos on his face, including a large anarchy A symbol on his left cheek, which was next to a small broken heart, an “x”, and a large pair of checkered flags outlined in flames.

A horseshoe was placed at the bridge of his eyebrows, with a star below his right eye. Above his right eye was the phrase “Cry Baby,” with a rose to the side of his eye.

Across Lil Peep’s forehead read the phrase “Get Cake Die Young”. 

Cardi B

With regard to tattoos, Cardi B is primarily known for her tattoos elsewhere on her body, though she does have 1 tattoo on her face. This tattoo is located alongside her left jawline, reading “Wave,” which is the name of her son. 

Cardi B’s face tattoo utilizes cursive script with red coloring, providing a sense of cleanness with its minimal design. 


In addition to his face, Birdman has utilized his entire head as a canvas for tattoos. Early in his career, Birdman had 4 teardrops (3 by his left eye, 1 by his right) and a number 6 between his eyebrows. 

This would expand greatly to include a number of stars of various sizes placed throughout his face and the top of his head. His face also has numerous acronyms and smaller symbols, such as music notes and Roman numerals. 


Dave East

Dave East is known for having tattoos on each arm and on his chest, back, and shoulders. But, as far as his face goes, East has kept things fairly simple, with his most prominent being the name “Kairi” along with the date “3-9-16” above his left eyebrow, which is in honor of his daughter. 

Above his opposite eyebrow is the nickname “Mugga” as well as the iconic crown logo for Rolex watches. Along with a single old English letter next to each eye, he also has tattoos near his ears, one reading “Pablo” and the opposite consisting of 3 vertical Xs. 

Travis Scott

Travis Scott doesn’t have too many face tattoos aside from the word “Free” written under his left eye, along with a small anchor nearby to the side. He does have a large piece tattooed on both sides of his head, which almost resembles the crown that emperors such as Julius Caesar are commonly posed with. 


Takeoff was another rapper who kept his face relatively clean of tattoos, primarily dedicating the space to loved ones. For instance, the space above his left eyebrow bore the name of his grandmother, “Edna”, while his opposite eyebrow region had the names “Jitania” and “Kulture”. 

Takeoff also had 2 smaller tattoos, one of which was a small heart below “Jitania”, and the other being a rocket ship on his left temple. 

Rick Ross

Rick Ross has quite an immaculate collection of body art, with his face being reserved primarily for smaller touches. This includes the outline for the state of Florida between his eyebrows, along with various logos such as the crown used for Rolex watches, the Maybach record label, a “W”, as well as Cazal sunglasses, both placed by his left eye.

The area of his opposite eye bears 3 crosses, the logo for the Miami Heat basketball team, and the logo for Dream Chasers Records. His chin bears the phrase “Rich Forever” while his upper forehead reads “In Search of True Wealth”.

Rick Ross

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