29 Rappers With Face Tattoos

Ski Mask the Slump God

Ski Mask the Slump God has a number of face tattoos including “777” on the left side of his nose, and “Sacrifice” above his left eyebrow. His eyelids each bear the letter “U” and “R” respectively, with “Very Rare” located below his eye right eye. 

The left side of his face also has a small cross along with the word “Revenge” written from the corner of his mouth to his ear. The opposite side has a lipstick kiss mark, a classic PC arrow cursor, and a little scar. 

He also has a bee tattooed on the underside of his chin, with its wings and antennae reaching his facial region. 


Tyga is practically covered in tattoos from his toes up to where his neck meets his jawline. His face, on the other hand, has been primarily reserved for 2 simple tattoos that reside above each of his eyebrows to read “GED Inc.”.


Offset has a number of tattoos on each side of his face with the most prominent being “Blessed” above his right eyebrow, and his grandmother’s name above his left eyebrow. The left side of his face also has an angel playing a guitar amongst a couple of hearts; a large cross; a pink ribbon near his temple; and the name “Kulture” near his jawline.

On the right side of his face, you’ll find a Chinese symbol; the number 100; the Eiffel Tower; and the name “Kody” near his jawline.

Yung L.A.

Yung L.A. is known for having once gotten a duck tattooed on his face, which later morphed into a large Los Angeles Dodgers logo on his left cheek. Along with this, he has 2 teardrops by his left eye and 1 by his right; a diamond on his right cheek; and a large cross between his eyebrows. 

Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd has a large scar tattoo near his left eye (just like Al Pacino in the 1983 film, Scarface) with the phrase “Love Scar” and “XOXO” nearby below his eye, and a pair of 4-pointed stars on his left temple.

Below his right eye can be found a small line of barbed wire. On his right cheek is the phrase “M Oomps Revenge,” with his nose bearing the infinity symbol, along with the number 14 between his eyebrows. 

Trippie Redd

Kevin Gates

While the entirety of his arms and torso are covered in tattoos, Kevin Gates only has a few tattoos on his face. These include 3 teardrops (2 of which are by his left eye), a small star near his right eye, and a 4-pointed star that resembles a cross located above the bridge between his eyebrows.

Lil Skies

Lil Skies has quite a collection of both large and small face tattoos, including Chinese script below both of his eyes, along with an anchor and the name “Shelby” by his right eye. He also has a sixteenth not between his eyebrows, with “Life” and a little heart above his left eyebrow, and a flower above his right eyebrow.

Along with these, Lil Skies has tattoos such as:

  • A hot-air balloon
  • A broken heart with a flower in the middle
  • The name “Kia”
  • The symbols for Aries and Jupiter
  • Large flowers placed on both sides of his face
  • 2 butterflies
  • The word “Fate” 

Lil Xan

One of the first things you’ll notice about Lil Xan is that he has dark tears flowing from his left eye, with the word “Xanarchy” above. He also has “Zzz” and “Lover” below his right eye, with his opposite eye bearing the words “Candy” and “Soldier” with a broken heart between somewhat resembling the logo for Mystery Skateboards

Lil Xan also has a series of dots on the bridge of his nose, with “Memento Mori” above his right eyebrow along with “You” and an upside-down cross. There is also a large 3-clawed scratch on his right cheek. 

21 Savage

21 Savage has a few face tattoos, but his most prominent include a cross-shaped dagger between his eyebrows, along with the phrase “Death Before Dishonor” across the top of his forehead.

Rappers With Face Tattoos, Final Thoughts

It makes sense that rap music would popularize something that primarily existed within gang and prison culture given that much of the music is tied in with these themes. The real question is, will face tattoos still be popular in 20 years?

Face tattoos almost seem to have the same taboo that tattoos in general had during the 1990s. Perhaps society with shift its perception once again, with face tattoos becoming as commonplace as tattoo sleeves are today.

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