Music Industry How To’s Top 10 Most Helpful Guides Of 2013

Best music business guides for 2013So it's a new year! I hope 2013 was all you were hoping for and more, and you've a good platform to build on for 2014.

I've got a lot of very big guides for you this coming year, but before I go into them, I want to look at some of the best guides I put out on Music Industry How To in 2013. All of the below still work very well today, so in case you missed them, here is some essential reading to make 2014 your biggest year yet!

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10. Giving Out Free Music On Your Website No Longer Works! Here’s What You Should Do Instead…
One of my personal favorite guides of 2013, and one that was a real eye opener for many people. If you give out a lot of your music for free, you need to stop and do this instead!

9. 10 More Examples Of Independent Musicians Making A Full Time Income, Some $100k+!
While this guide was only posted last week, it got a lot of good attention, and was the motivation a lot of musicians needed. In it I show what's working for 10 musicians who earn a full time living, so you can not only see that it's possible, but also what you can do to achieve the same.

8. Gigging 101: How To Get Gigs The Ultimate Guide!
This was a guide contributed by my friend Budi; in it he looks at how to start getting gigs. If you're yet to start your gigging campaign (or if you have but just want additional tips to make getting shows easier) then have a read.

7. How To Get Your Music Reviewed On Blogs And Other Outlets
Getting your music reviewed is a good way to build credibility and traction. That said, it can be hard to know how to get these reviews at first. This guide helps with that problem.

6. A EPIC List Of The Best Tools For Musicians!
Tools make people's job's easier, and in the music business things are no different. Here are a look at some of the best ones to help you push your music career forward.

5. 3 Business Skills You NEED To Implement As A Musician
I've said it many times on this site, but as a musician you are a business! And as such, you need business skills to push your music career forward. Here are three of the most important.

4. How Much Money Should You Aim To Make From Music? And How Much CAN You Make?
This guide shocked a lot of people, and rightfully so. A look at what kind of money you should be aiming to make from your music career at various stages. The answer might surprise you…

3. 6 Top Ways To Promote Your Music That Actually Work!
Another more recent guide, and one that has been very popular! Forget all the rehashed information like ‘share on Facebook and Twitter', these are ‘out of the box' ideas that will get your music career moving forward faster then ever! If you implement them all consistently throughout 2014, I guarantee you'll be doing a lot more then you are now!

2. Music Licensing 101 – A Complete Guide For Beginners
A full on introduction to music licensing. If you've ever wanted to get your music licensed for films, TV shows and computer games, this is the guide you need to start on.

1. Top 7 Controllable Reasons Musicians Fail (Don’t Do These)
And lastly, a look at reasons many musician fail. If you attempt to do all of the things in the above 9 guides but make the mistakes highlighted in this 10th one, you will still fail. So be sure you're not hindering yourself when you don't need to, and avoid these mistakes.

Bring On 2014!!

Have a read through all of these guides, implement them and you'll have a much better chance of doing well this coming year. I've a lot more guide like these coming for you, so keep reading, and keep sharing them with your friends. We'll speak again tomorrow. 🙂

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