Queens Of The Stone Age Unveils New Music Video Ahead Of Album Release; Announces Fall 2023 European Tour

It appears to be “full steam ahead” in 2023 for Josh Homme’s rock outfit Queens Of The Stone Age. The band has been making a slew of steady announcements over the last few months, augmented by various festival dates. 

Most recently, Queens Of The Stone Age released a new music video for their single, Carnavoyeur. The video was created by Liam Lynch, who has a distinct visual style with a portfolio that includes videos for Royal Blood, Tenacious D, and Dave Navarro.

This track will definitely get fans hyped up on their upcoming album, In Times New Roman…., coming out June 16th. Where the previous single from the album (Emotion Sickness) feels like classic QOTSA, Carnavoyeur might be surprising. 

Musically, the song hints at a slight departure from the heavy-rock aspect that QOTSA is known for in the past. The track starts out in a way that feels oddly electronic before evolving into a large, dramatic sound with that signature QOTSA feel.

Josh Homme’s characteristic use of melody takes center stage, perfectly accompanied by a towering wall of sound. The song would almost feel right at home in a dark horror picture directed by Rob Zombie.

Visually, Liam Lynch really hits the nail on the head with his signature use of isolated imagery. Josh Homme is featured singing amidst images of a matador and the grim reaper, while the song’s lyrics appear throughout.

Carnavoyeur shows that QOTSA is definitely not afraid to branch out and adjust to modern times. Even audiences that are more accustomed to a polished, mainstream sound could appreciate this track. 

QOTSA has provided plenty of opportunities for both old and new fans alike to discover their new material. Just a few hours after releasing the video for Carnavoyeur, QOTSA announced a Fall 2023 European tour. 

Queens Of The Stone Age 2023 Fall European Tour

This announcement is huge, especially because it’s been a number of years since their last dedicated European tour. QOTSA’s European tour announcement comes just days after their North American Fall tour announcement. 

Queens Of The Stone Age 2023 Fall North American Tour

They will begin their European tour in Amsterdam on November 4, one month after the North American tour ends. The tour runs throughout most of November before ending in Dublin, Ireland on the 22nd. 

Fans immediately weighed in on where they would like to see QOTSA perform. Italy was one of the most-requested locations. 

European Queens Of The Stone Age Fans Request Italy Dates

QOTSA has also announced that both The Chats and Deep Tan will be supporting them on this tour. Tickets will be available for sale on Friday, June 16th, at 10 AM local time. 

More information can be found on Queens Of The Stone Age’s Instagram profile. Pre-orders for In Times New Roman…. can be placed here.

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