Changes To Music Industry How To, New Guide For Producers, Music Marketing Help And More

Changes to the music industry how to blogHi guys, Shaun Letang from Music Industry How To here. I've a few things to share with you today, but I think I'll start with new guides for anyone who's just in it for that:

How To Produce Music Like A Pro

This is a new guide I've created for both beginner and intermediate producers alike. If you're either of these, check it out for top tips and useful resources.

Music Marketing For Beginners

This is a guide that I released a while ago but has just been updated for 2014. Check it out; it's still the best free guide teaching music marketing online. 😉

Now that's out the way, let's get into the changes.

The Best Music Industry Blog Gets Easier To Use?

As you may know, I'm always striving to make Music Industry How To better for you, the reader. I've made plenty of changes over time to make things easier for you, but I'm currently in the progress of making one of the biggest changes yet.

I'm going to make the site more relevant to what you're specifically looking for!

The thing is, a lot of different types of people use this site. Not only are there different types of musicians (e.g. singers, producers, rappers, guitarists etc) but there are also others in the music industry figures who use it and want specific information for them. Examples of these types of people include record labels, music managers, music lawyers and more.

Until now the only way you've been able to filter the information you receive is by going to the Categories section and choosing the type of guides you want to see. While this has somewhat helped, I know I can give you better.

So over the next few weeks, I'll be restructuring the site somewhat. Specifically I'll be making changes in these areas:

  1. Depending on what guide you're on, you'll start seeing other relevant guide related to it in the sidebar. This should make it easier to find guides which are helpful to you personally.
  2. Giving you topic specific emails. As well as our general mailing list, I'll also be creating helpful ones which covers specific skills you may want to learn. I've already got one for producers, others will follow in the coming weeks.
  3. Full Access guides will be organized by category. So if you've access to our 230+ guides and counting, you'll find it even easier to find what you're looking for.

Overall the end result should be a much easier and more relevant site for you to use. This should lead to you gaining more information and doing better in your music career. It may take a few weeks to put everything together, but I'm sure you'll find it worth it.

A Personal Thank You

I want to take this moment to thank you for being a reader of this site. I'm extremely grateful to be able to help thousands of musicians every day progress their music career, and I hope I'm managing to help you too. If you like, feel free to leave a comment on here or via email as to how Music Industry How To has helped you so far. The best will go up on on the testimonials page. 😉

Shaun Letang,
Music Industry How To

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