27 Best Kid Cudi Songs

Best Kid Cudi Songs

Kid Cudi is one of the most iconic rappers in history. He was a trailblazer by combining electronic and alternative music with hip-hop. Through this formula, he established an experimental rap style.

He is also one of the first artists to give a clear glimpse into internal struggles, depression, and anxiety. In addition to his lyrical genius, he gained a massive following because of his commonality with the listener.

With that said, here are the best Kid Cudi songs ever.

Dat New New by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2008

“Dat New New” was produced by Dot Da Genius as a single, but it was eventually added to Kid Cudi’s mixtapes. The meaning behind the title has stirred up several discussions by fans. Many people believe that it was Kid Cudi highlighting his self-made popularity through a limited strain of marijuana. Moreover, the song can also be perceived as an underscore of Kid Cudi’s hot, fresh lyrics and style, which he brought to many of his songs.

Up Up & Away by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2009

“Up Up & Away” is the perfect final closing track for his album “Man on the Moon.” The song follows a common theme from the album: Cudi does not care about the things others say about him.

Cudi understands that people will judge him for his actions and behaviors no matter what. Regardless of what people think, Cudi will continue to soar away. The “soaring away” applies to both his success in life and his current mental state.

By Design by Kid Cudi, Featuring Andre 3000

Song year: 2016

“By Design” represents the first time Kid Cudi and Andre 3000 collaborated on a song. This dynamic song collaboration gave us a song explaining the universal vibe and flow of our daily lives.

The song presents an essential idea of our life journey. We should put in the work, control what we can control, and then let the puzzle pieces fall where they may. Andre 3000 and Kid Cudi both rap about their specialized methods in life and music. The song highlights how their approach to life is different from most people's, which makes them entertaining.

Brothers by Kid Cudi, Featuring King Chip and A$AP Rocky

Song year: 2013

“Brothers” is the 13th track from the “Indicud” album, and it covers the importance of brotherhood and camaraderie with the special people in your life. Kid Cudi brings in A$AP Rocky and King Chip to convey the message of his motivation with music.

Through this song, he explains his grind for music is limited to his close friends, family, and industry friends. The music industry is full of distractions. Kid Cudi felt the need to create a song that highlights his true priorities in life.

Ghost! by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2010

“GHOST!” is the 16th track from Kid Cudi’s album “The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.” Cudi provides a glimpse into his internal trials, tribulations, and struggles. Listeners get a good view of his lifestyle through this classic track.

In the earlier part of this song, Cudi thinks back to his negative habits and the potential impacts on his life. He talks about how abstaining from substances is critical to dodge fatal events. The chorus addresses the demons and vices, while Cudi highlights his separation from the surrounding world. As the song fades out, Cudi explains how he understands himself better than anyone else could.

Cudi Zone by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2009

Considered one of Kid Cudi’s best songs, he talks about being in the ideal “zone” during a marijuana high. However, the song dives into a deeper meaning about being high off life, following your dreams, and officially “arriving” on the scene.

The song “Cudi Zone” summarizes what his album is trying to communicate. No matter your dreams, your zone will take you to new heights.

Baptized in Fire by Kid Cudi, Featuring Travis Scott

Song year: 2016

“Baptized in Fire” is the second collaboration between Kid Cudi and Travis Scott, following “Through the Late Night” on Travis’ album. Although Cudi influenced Travis greatly, this song represented his first feature on one of Kid Cudi’s songs.

This song highlights the essential parts of Cudi’s life that rejuvenate him when things get tough. He also talks. He talks about the dangers of people who like him only because of his fame, not his personality.

Erase Me by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2010

“Erase Me” is a creative hiatus from Cudi’s rhythmic, flowing lyrics. The song is an opportunity for Cudi to openly discuss the disadvantages of being a popular rapper. In this song, Cudi’s section is a slow, dramatic vibe, while Kanye inserts his rapping for a fast-paced break. “Erase Me” offers a glimpse into the females that come with being a famous rapper.

Mojo So Dope by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2010

“Mojo So Dope” is an uplifting song that Cudi uses to reminisce about his relationships and lifestyle before becoming a famous rapper. Cudi puts a unique twist on the song by inserting a Fridolin Nordso refrain, which explains how everyone’s aspirations and lives are essential.

Through this song, Cudi recognizes how important lyricism is in the rap game. However, he talks about how being a musician was pivotal in his successful journey.  

Just What I Am by Kid Cudi, Featuring King Chip

Song year: 2012

“Just What I Am” was the first song released off Cudi’s “Indicud” album, and he produced it himself. This song serves as a biblical reference to Exodus 3:14, where God communicates to Moses that “I am who I am.” Cudi and King Chip lean on this verse to back up why they get high, as it is a part of their personality. If they continue to be who they are, there is nothing wrong with that.

Day N’ Nite by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2008

“Day N’ Nite” needs to be included because it was Cudi’s first single ever. Not only did it earn the #3 spot on the U.S. Billboard Charts, but it sold over five million copies in the United States. The song justifies the rocky relationship that Cudi had with his deceased uncle. Cudi explains how drugs helped relieve the pain of unaddressed issues.

Alive by Kid Cudi, Featuring RATATAT

Song year: 2009

The primary theme behind this track is Kid Cudi’s state of mind during the night. The song underscores how Cudi transforms into a more authentic version of himself, which is a beast. Looking deeper at the lyrics, it could serve as a metaphor for a more direct version of himself that arises at night from introspection and drugs.

Cleveland is the Reason by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2008

“Cleveland is the Reason” is another one of Cudi’s first songs, which was included in his 2008 mixtape. Cudi is a Cleveland kid, born and bred. This song allows him to proclaim his love to his hometown of Cleveland. Cudi credits his personality and “coolness” to the city that raised him.

Soundtrack 2 My Life by Kid Cudi

Soundtrack 2 My Life by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2009

“Soundtrack 2 My Life” is the second song on Cudi’s debut album. Fans quickly gravitated toward the track because it embodied what they shared with Cudi.

Before Cudi released the song, it was uncommon for rappers to discuss anxiety, depression, and deep life issues in their songs. This track set a unique precedent for lyricism. The song recaps Cudi’s life, including his childhood, mental health struggles, and the things that most people cannot see.

Pursuit of Happiness, Featuring RATATAT and MGMT by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2009

“Pursuit of Happiness” is another staple Kid Cudi Song, the third track on his debut album. Here, he linked up with RATAT to address the disadvantages to money and fame. Cudi also gets personal by talking about the obstacles he faced following his father’s passing. This song marks the beginning of the “nightmare” section of Cudi’s album.

Man on the Moon by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2008

This song was pivotal in the beginning stages of Kid Cudi’s career. “Man on the Moon” gave rise to Cudi’s “moon” persona. The song outlines how Cudi is unique in both his music and in normal life. The “moon man” theme means that Cudi is so different that he seems like he is from a different planet or world. Cudi utilized the moon alias for his later albums in 2009, 2010, and 2020.

Mr. Rager by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2010

The meaning behind Cudi’s “Mr. Rager” track has created a lot of debate. This ballad is a precursor for his personal and title of the eventual album “Man on the  Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.” A popular take on the song is that Cudi broadcasts himself as a role model, sharing his adventures with the younger generation. 

The Prayer by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2008

“The Prayer” is another crowd favorite, first released on Cudi’s debut mixtape. He foreshadows his eventual death and what he wants his impact to be. Cudi envisions himself as a transcendent artist who will influence future generations. The song highlights how Cudi wants his songs to be special and communicate that your dreams matter.

Heaven at Nite by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2008

“Heaven at Nite” is an imaginative song where Cudi envisions what heaven might look or feel. As you listen through the song, Cudi takes you through a journey where he invites you to visualize and dream. This track also samples RATATAT’s “Tacobel Canon.” The post-chorus is a favorite section for many, where Cudi highlights his dissonance and distinction from the rest of the world.

Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2014

Kid Cudi brought in a cadence and rap he used in his earlier career with “Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now.” This track delivers a different type of energy as Cudi doubts the motivations and sincerity of the people around him. This song was initially supposed to be a collaboration with Kante West, and it was going to be called “Can’t Look Into My Eyes.”

Maui Wowie by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2008

“Maui Wowie” is a chill, laid-back track with exotic island tones. The song comes from one of Cudi’s popular mixtapes, “A Kid Named Cudi.” Kid Cudi’s love for Hawaiian marijuana strains is what fueled this song. There is a specific strain with the street name “Maui Wowie.”

Tequila Shots by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2020

Kid Cudi begins his journey in the final league of the “Man on the Moon” trilogy. In this song, he thinks back on his internal tribulations and past struggles. Cudi uses the track to create an image of a storm that he must face. Although he fears that he will crash and burn, he uses the song to communicate that he will always fight.

Reborn by Kid Cudi and Kanye West

Song year: 2018

Kid Cudi and Kanye West use the song “Reborn” to talk openly about overcoming their struggles and learning from these mistakes. Through creative production and beat flow, Cudi and West expand more on their past controversies while recapping their road to rebirth. Cudi specifically dives into his fight against drug abuse and eventual rehabilitation.

Show Out by Kid Cudi, Featuring Skepta and Pop Smoke

Song year: 2020

“Show Out” is a triumphant track that brings in the talents of Skepta and the late Pop Smoke. Though not closely connected to drug dealing or gang violence himself, Cudi empathizes with Skepta and Pop Smoke in this song. He respects their willingness to support their team and back their cause.

Mr. Solo Dolo III by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2020

In this song, Kid Cudi expands on his experiences with drug addiction and issues from isolation. Cudi established himself as an honest, humble rapper that highlights internal tribulations. He stayed true to this theme by repeating his feelings of depression, loneliness, and struggle. Although he is an impactful, successful rapper, he relates to the struggles that many people go through daily.

Dance 4 Eternity by Kid Cudi – 2016

Song year: 2016

“Dance 4 Eternity” is the opening song in Cudi’s “Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin” third act. The song reiterates the harsh reality that it is difficult to rust people. He spends most of the song describing the intimacy with someone else while alluding to the artificial women that being famous brings. “Act III: Niveaux de l’Amour” means “Levels of Love,” and the third act uniquely has no features.

Frequency by Kid Cudi

Song year: 2016

For a while, Cudi experimented with several sounds and production methods. However, he reverted to his classic rap style from his first three albums with this song, “Frequency.” After his 4th studio album “Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven,” this song was Cudi’s first release. Instead of the punk rock vibe on this previous album, he switched back to the soothing humming for this song.

Top Kid Cudi Songs, Final Thoughts

Those are our best Kid Cudi songs, but which are yours? As you can see, Kid Cudi’s “dreamer” mentality is a key theme in many of his songs. His ability to empathize with the daily struggle is one of the reasons why he gained so many followers. In addition to his unique rap style and authentic lyrics, Cudi preaches the importance of being unique, staying true to yourself, and chasing your dreams.

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