10 Best KSI Songs

KSI might have started growing his fan base through his dedicated gaming commentary channel on YouTube, but he gave us all a treat with his musical talents. KSI is a chosen acronym standing for Knowledge, Strength, Integrity.

These are my thoughts below on the best KSI songs ever.

1. “No Time” by KSI ft. Lil Durk

Song Year: 2021

“No Time” features a special guest appearance from rapper Lil Durk. The song released in 2021 on KSI's second studio album titled “All Over the Place,” and features a hip hop and trap style.

The song portrays how busy fame has made his life. It talks about how he begins the day being busy when he wakes up. Not only is he busy, but his time is also becoming increasingly important with his fame. He also has to focus on carefully walking the path before him to continue the fame and watch out for those who are just trying to use him.

Not only is his time important and spoken for, but due to the fame he is experiencing, they can afford a newly lavish lifestyle that they can now share with those who are important to him.

2. “Lose” by KSI & Lil Wayne

Song Year: 2021

“Lose” is a song that collaborated with trendy American rap artist Lil Wayne in 2021. “Lose” was released on the studio album “All Over the Place” and gives a Hip/Hop vibe.

This song is a love song based on a complicated and toxic relationship. It talks about how Lil Wayne is a victim of a bad relationship, one where he gets cheated on and mistreated. Even when the toxic partner finally moves on, he has trouble coming to terms with the thoughts of her being with another man.

The song then takes a slight turn and moves into a potential new budding relationship. All in all, the music is about being in love and being “addicted” to someone and unable to shake the feeling even if the connection is not what you thought it would be.

3. “Holiday” by KSI

Song Year: 2021

“Holiday” is featured on the album “All Over the Place .” This song, released in June 2021, changes the usual rap style you will find with KSI and showcases his natural singing talents. The song is a slight folk-style feeling with a pop mix.

The song is titled “Holiday” because that is how KSI feels when he is with his lover. He forgets about the pressures and troubles of his life and finds himself feeling like he is on a magical holiday.

KSI explains this song could also have a double meaning since it was released during the time travel was greatly restricted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Most people could not travel, so the song could take on the meaning of someone who would like to travel and take a holiday but was unable to do so due to the current traveling situation.

4. “Pull Up” by KSI ft. JME

Song Year: 2019

“Pull Up” is a Hip-Hop and Rap song released in 2019 and is part of the album “New Age .” KSI decided to team up on “Pull Up” and feature musical artist JME for this catchy tune.

The song talks about how he is the boss and should be considered royalty. It details the money he has acquired and how people underestimate him, but in hindsight, they should keep him at the front of their minds.

What is even more impressive than the song itself is the music video that comes along with it. The music video is set like a murder mystery theme in the 1920s in Chicago during prohibition. It comes with a gangster-like feel resembling something along the lines of the mafia.

5. “Patience” by KSI ft YUNGBLUD & Polo G.

“Patience” by KSI ft YUNGBLUD & Polo G.

Song Year: 2020

“Patience” is a great team collaboration with some famous musical artists, YUNGBLUD & Polo G. The song was released in 2020 on the album “Dissimulation.”

Patience is really about preserving life. It starts with walking through the story about how he has no patience for things in day-to-day life anymore. Instead of slowing down and enjoying, he only goes through all the motions.

In the same breath, he also talks about how it is important to ensure you pick the right partner even in a relationship. Finally, he discusses how a relationship is an area of your life where you need patience the most.

The story then goes on to portray the struggle about how he needs to start taking a few steps back in life and slowing down. Sometimes hate comes our way throughout life, and he purposefully makes decisions to burn bridges that are toxic and negative in his life.

In the end, all he wants to do is enjoy life, enjoy love, and enjoy the things he loves the most. Slowing down to enjoy and having the patience to preserve is rising about the rest.

6. “Don't Play” by KSI ft. Anne-Marie x Digital Farm Animals

Song Year: 2021

“Don't Play” is a creative pop song that takes a non-traditional spin. Instead of being a typical story-telling song, the song is positioned in the manner of a conversational piece.

Don't Play was released in 2021 as the album “All Over the Place.” The song was so popular that it debuted at #2 on the UK Singles Chart.

The song is centered around love and heartache. In the song, Anne-Marie begs KSI not to play with her heart and not to bring her any heartache to suffer from.

We see through the other side of the story that KSI pours out his true feelings and how much his heart is broken. He expresses how much he misses her and cannot bear the thoughts of continuing to go on without her.

7. “Lighter” by Nathan Dawe ft. KSI

Song Year: 2020

“Lighter” is a song produced by British DJ Nathan Dawe that features rapper KSI. The song, which was released in 2020, is a feel-good, upbeat song on a house track.

The song, which is also known as a “summer banger,” features sped-up vocals and a piano-house drop. Lighter also has an acoustic version credited to guitarist Ella Henderson featuring KSI.

The song Lighter describes a story of a person leaving a relationship. Instead of being torn apart that the relationship has ended, they are relieved that the burden is now gone and that they feel that much lighter in life. The song can be said to inspire those struggling with a breakup or heartache and help them to feel better even though they are going through hard times.

8. “Really Love” by KSI ft. Craig Davis & Digital Animals

Song Year:2020

“Really Love” is a garage and dance-pop style track which was released in 2020 on the debut album “Dissimulation .” The song made the charts at #3 in the UK and received a gold certification.

“Really Love” portrays a story about trying to figure out some deep feelings and how they feel towards a particular woman. They want to know if they have found love or if they are overanalyzing the feelings that they are feeling.

It starts off by mentioning his social media presence and how there are always a ton of views KSI is receiving on his social media. From there, he starts to compare himself to Muhammad Ali. There are also some name drops of popular celebrities such as Miley Cyrus in the song.

9. “Houdini” by KSI

Song Year: 2020

You can find “Houdini” on the album “Dissimulation” by KSI, featuring British rap artists Swarmz and Tion Wayne. “Houdini,” which was released in 2020, is considered a rap and afrowsing track on the album.

The song was named on Amazon Music as the 43rd best song of 2020. Pink Panda also released a remixed version of the song in June 2020.

The song references Houdini, a famously known magician and escape artist. The song compares KSI to Houdini and how he considers himself to be a similar type of escape artist. The song talks about wild escapades with a female.

KSI considers himself like Houdini since the female referenced was talking bad about him, and he swooped in, and she was swooned by him and changed her attitude and thoughts.

10. “Down Like That” by KSI ft. Rick Ross, Lil Baby, & S-X

Song Year: 2020

“Down Like That” features American rappers Rick Ross and Lil Baby. Also featured in the hip-hop track is British singer-songwriter S-X. The song, released in 2020, was KSI's first song released through his record label after signing a deal with them.

The song is about having big features and being a legacy in life. It describes someone who was not loyal and tried to take him down, but how he kept hanging on and overcame and became a champion in his life. The song is said to be a great theme song, and some famous fighters have even used it as a walk-out song for their fights.

Top KSI Songs, Final Thoughts

KSI has impressed us with the versatility and styling of his music. The songs deliver great beats and impressive messages that can have multiple meanings for the listener.

We enjoy KSI songs and think he has something to offer for everyone. We are very intrigued by his musical career and are excited to keep our eyes open for his next new release.

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