21 Josh Groban Songs For A Funeral

Nothing is more difficult in life than the loss of a loved one. The memories are overflowing, but we continue honoring their memory. Preparing for funerals is another step in the process.

Enter Josh Groban; an artist with a selection of songs appropriate for the range of emotions that happen at a funeral. His style is diverse, creative, and wide-reaching and his voice is impeccable.

So, here are the best Josh Groban songs for a funeral.

“The Prayer” by Josh Groban and Celine Deon

Song year: 2001

This song is good to play anytime during a funeral. The title itself says it all. It is very appropriate and meaningful. It provides strength and peace during the most difficult time of our lives. The lyrics speak of seeking guidance and direction from God during troubled times. The duet is a beautiful melodic combination.

“To Where You Are” by Josh Groban

Song year: 2001

Remembering our loved ones that have passed away is one of the ways we cope with our loss. We hold them close in our hearts. They're in our dreams and our thoughts constantly. Groban sings this song beautifully.

It speaks of wanting to be where they are or seeing them again one more time. It's comforting and may have you shedding a tear or two, but shedding tears is good for the soul.

“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

Song year: 2003

“You Raise Me Up” is a beautiful song with melodic repetitions and a calm melody and flow that will soothe the brokenhearted. God raises us so we can endure and overcome difficulties in our life. He lifts us so we can soar above the clouds and storms of life. The song is a great funeral song that will uplift and encourage.

“River” by Josh Groban

Song year: 2018

Death is the worst life situation we can imagine and find ourselves dealing with. Yes, death is indescribable, but with the right support system, we can get through it. This song explains the emotional toils that take place in our life that can cause us to feel isolated and overwhelmed.

A trip to the river helps us escape from these trials or a means to find the strength to get through the trials. We can feel and even become isolated during difficult times, but we can find strength in others.

“Brave” by Josh Groban

Song year: 2013

Difficult times can be overwhelming. We may often feel like we want to run and hide, but this song encourages us to be brave. The loss of a loved one can cause overwhelming grief. It can be tough to get through the daily activities of life, like getting out of bed.

If we lived with our loved one that has passed, the house, their room, and their possessions can cause sadness and grief. But even though sadness cuts deep, joy will fill the void. Just be brave, and you'll get through it.

“99 years” by Josh Groban and Jennifer Nettles

Song year: 2018

Play this song at a funeral to encourage loved ones to remember the good times and look to the future. There's no reason to look back and be sad or regretful over certain things—look ahead because the future is bright.

Remember, your loved one would want you to look ahead and not back to what you've lost. Every day forward is a day to remember your loved ones and live each day for you and them.

“Remember When It Rained” by Josh Groban

Song year: 2003

This song starts prolific with the deliberate notes on the piano played like an ocean tide. The rain and the water mentioned describe the love one has for a loved one gone. The rain and water also represent the tears shed when memories pour like rain and when they move forcefully like water.

This song is perfect for those who suffered the loss of a spouse or partner. Groban's piano playing, along with his vocals, is outstanding. You can almost feel the notes and his heart.

“Granted” by Josh Groban

Song year: 2018

Funerals remind us that tomorrow's never promised. However, if your loved one that has passed on gives you hope, that's something you can hold on to, and something that gives you hope. But this song is more about survivors of loved ones that have passed.

You can be encouraged because today is the day you can look up and keep on despite your sufferings. Grieve will always be. It will come and go in waves but be encouraged.

“Broken Vow” by Josh Groban

Song year: 2002

Watching a loved one suffer from a long-term illness is one of the most challenging things to endure. Watching a loved one deteriorate mentally or physically from illnesses is extremely difficult.

From personal experience, it takes its toll on family members. It's also difficult to accept the premature death of a loved one. This song is deep and expresses feelings of love for one who has passed on. It may feel like a broken vow, but it's okay to grieve and grieve how and when you need to.

“Run” (Duet With Sarah McLachlan) by Josh Groban

Song year: 2018

When we lose a loved one, we may feel like running—to escape, but our beliefs and hope will have us running to endure and overcome. We won't run away, but we'll run harder and harder to live our life to the fullest and in remembrance of our loved ones.

“You’re Still You” by Josh Groban

"You’re Still You” by Josh Groban

Song year: 2001

Choosing the right songs for a funeral can be difficult. Some songs may take you back to when your loved one was struggling with their health, and this may seem inappropriate to some people. But grieving is individual. Everyone grieves differently—what helps someone else may not help another person with grief.

This song by Josh Groban can be uplifting during a funeral. It'll help those who look up to their loved one who has passed on. They will remember them and look up to them because their loved one is still that person despite no longer being physically present.

The song can also encourage those who may have loved ones who are still with them but are in their last days. Despite the toll sickness and illness may be taken on their bodies—mentally and physically—they are still themselves.

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