64 Best Rap Diss Tracks Of All Time

The rap industry has always had feuds, from 2Pac and Biggie, to Drake and Meek Mill. These feuds can be entertaining, especially when they result in a diss track. This list is a round-up of the best rap diss tracks of all time, with a little info on the beef behind the tracks.


“Ether” by Nas

“Ether” by Nas

Song Year: 2001

Ether is a diss track from Nas aimed at Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella. In this song, Nas calls out some of the greatest rappers of all time, saying that Jay-Z will never come close and how Nas can rap circles around him. He makes biblical references to indicate they’re traitors and thinks they’re the kings, but Nas says he’s the God.

“No Vaseline” by Ice Cube

Song Year: 1991

This diss track comes from Ice Cube and was aimed at N.W.A. and Jerry Heller. Ice Cube was part of the N.W.A. crew, but he left and then the two dropped several diss tracks aimed at one another. In the lyrics, Ice Cube calls them soft and talks about how they’re fake and act like idiots, throwing some pretty hard pouches at N.W.A.

“How to Rob” by 50 Cent

Song Year: 1999

Where to start with this track, 50 Cent is out for blood, shooting disses at everyone under the sun in this song, including Big Pun, Master P, DMX, Treach, Heavy D, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Juvenile, Wu-tang, Puffy, Mase, Foxy Brown, Kurupt, Jay-Z and more. The diss track is fearless, as 50 Cent takes a swing at almost everyone who’s come from him all at once.

“Still Disappointed” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2020

We’re over in the UK rap scene with this one, it’s Stormzy’s diss track against Wiley. Both coming from the Grime scene, which is a UK spin off of rap, both have been in lyrical wars before. Wiley especially is known for clashing a number of people in the scene.

This track is a follow up to Wiley’s Eediyat Skengman 3. With over 22 million views on Youtube, Still Disappointed is the one that’s widely believed to end the feud once and for all.

“The Story of Adidon” by Pusha-T

Song Year: 2018

Pusha T released this diss track aiming at Drake and even bringing his son into the feud. At the time, few people were aware Drake had a child by the name of Adidon. Pusha T calls him out on this, saying he keeps his kid a secret and is embarrassed by his son, calling him a deadbeat father. It’s an extremely personal diss track that gets nasty, mocking another rapper for having multiple sclerosis and calling Drake out on wearing blackface one time.

“Back to Back” by Drake

Song Year: 2015

Drake’s most popular and intense diss track goes out to Meek Mill in response to one of his diss tracks. Back to Back throws punches at Meek Mill, saying he’s a coward hiding behind Twitter and he’s not a real thug in any way. While more diss tracks followed this one, many consider this track to be the shutdown of the feud, as it was far more calculated and brutal than Meek Mill’s messy attempts at dissing Drake.

“Takeover” by Jay-Z

Song Year: 2001

Takeover was Jay-Z’s diss track against Nas and Mobb Deep. He produced this with Kanye West and in the lyrics, he declares that he is the King of New York and the king of all rap. This diss track is part of a series of diss tracks from Jay-Z, as he targeted all the people who had come for him over his successful career.

“Hit Em Up” by 2Pac ft. Outlawz

Song Year: 1996

Most people are aware 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. had some intense beef throughout their careers until 2Pac’s death. This track is one of the best tunes that came out of this feud and is easily one of the most infamous diss tracks of all time. It’s directed at different rappers who came for 2Pac as well, including Bad Boy, Mobb Deep, and Chino XL.

“Truth” by Gucci Mane

Song Year: 2012

This diss track targets Young Jeezy coming from Zaytoven and Gucci Mane. Some people think Gucci Mane crossed the line in some ways with these lyrics, as he calls out Young Jeezy on some pretty embarrassing things, like crashing other rapper’s parties and his association with the death of Pookie Loc. It’s an ice-cold track set to a haunting beat, making it one of the hardest diss tracks of all time.

“The B*tch in Yoo” by Common

Song Year: 1996

Common released this diss track aimed at Westside Connection, changing how his fans viewed him. Before this, people thought of him as soft, but this hardcore track shows his meaner side. He specifically raps several lines dissing Ice Cube, who was part of Westside Connection, for being an alcoholic and being proud to be from the East Coast.

“Kick in the Door” by The Notorious B.I.G.

Song Year: 1997

The Notorious B.I.G. went after several people with this track, including Nas, Jeru the Damaja, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah. He makes fun of them all for thinking they’re thugs when they act like children and are barely in the rap game. In this song, B.I.G. stakes claim to his throne and reminds them all that he’s been around way longer than them and his career will outlive all of them.

“Real M*thaph*ckkin’ G’s” by Eazy-E ft. Gangsta Dresta and B.G. Knoccout

Song Year: 1993

This diss track goes out to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Eazy uses the diss track to expose Dr. Dre’s hypocrisy concerning marijuana, Suge Knight, and other topics that he flip-flopped on. In the lyrics, they say that Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are fake gangsters who just build themselves up to seem tough and hardcore, but they’re just rap divas who have never been through any real hardships.

“Against All Odds” by 2Pac

Song Year: 1996

Another diss track from 2Pac, Against All Odds, is a comprehensive diss that targets Nas, Dr. Dre, Mobb Deep, Bad Boy, Q-Tip, Haitian Jack, Jimmy Henchman, and Stretch. It’s the last track on 2Pac’s final album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, so it’s essentially the rapper’s final word on his feuds with other rappers, making it an even more powerful track.

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