11 Best Doja Cat Songs

Doja Cat burst onto the music industry scene in 2019 when she collaborated with Nicki Minaj in “Say So.” But the Los Angeles-based artist had already been producing pop and rap sounds for almost a decade through her YouTube channel, where she gets millions of views daily.

Keep reading to find out the best Doja Cat songs.

“Say So” (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Song Year: 2019

The original version of this song features Doja rapping in the middle, but there’s another radio edit with Nicki Minaj adding a verse. The popularity of “Say So” rose thanks to TikTok, where users copied the dances and lip-synced the catchy melody.

In the first minute of the music video, Doja alternates between a glamorous sparkly gown and a short beach dress, in which she teases one of the pool employees. Later, there’s a disco ball, tiger, and other visual treats, in typical Doja Cat style.

The song’s chorus repeats an interesting vocal hook with the melody sung in 4ths, giving it a unique chromatic sound. “Say So” was Doja’s first single to chart in two countries when it made it to #33 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also #19 on the UK Official Singles.


Song Year: 2021

This song has some serious island vibes, playing off of a reggaeton beat and incorporating African percussive sounds. Beaded jewelry, face paint, rope designs, and Caribbean-influenced clothing round out the music video’s aesthetic to match the music.

In the lyrics, Doja pleads with the object of her affection to make her his woman, telling him what she could do to please him. The melody weaves around the beat like an exotic snake, letting Doja show off her captivating voice as well as her dance talents.

The “Woman” track, off of her second album Planet Her, has been described as a “sleeper success” after spending months on the charts before reaching the top 10. It also charted in multiple countries in Europe, including Greece and Portugal, and climbed highest in Italy.

“Kiss Me More” (feat. SZA)

Song Year: 2021

There’s another visual stunner in this music video, a mashup of island and space themes. We first see a prince-type figure journeying over a body of water to reach Doja, whose giant form appears on land as she waits for him to arrive. 

The music is a classic Doja mix of graphic lyrics about lust, alternating with sweet, come-hither messaging. The pop beat forges ahead in a midtempo track that sets the tone for Doja and guest artist SZA to rap over.

At the end of the video, there’s a reveal that the singer-rappers are playing a video game, in which the love interest is an avatar. Imaginative and engaging, this song won both Doja and SZA their first Grammy Awards.


Song Year: 2018

Silly, self-effacing, and kooky, Doja doesn’t take herself too seriously with this track.

Many think it established her career style, as she eventually became popular, as much for her weird personality as for her music.

The music video for “Mooo!” went viral in 2018 and has since racked up over 110 million views. Featuring images of farm animals, pixelated cheeseburgers, and anatomical references to milk, the singer repetitively states that she’s a cow and not a cat. It’s inane, and it’s catchy, delighting Internet audiences ever since its surprising arrival.

“Freaky Deaky” (feat. Tyga)

Song Year: 2022

Doja plays the tease in this song, a collab with rapper Tyga. The two fictional lovers make plans to get together and have some adult fun, mirrored by Doja’s collection of attire with leather and metal decorations suggesting some S&M-themed entertainment.

The music video incorporates futuristic sci-fi elements, like a digital wardrobe that suggests what clothing Tyga and Doja should wear. Her voice alternates a sweet, girlish melody with a harder rap edge as she talks about how excited she is for her love interest to visit.

This track was Tyga’s first to hit the global top 40. It’s the second time he’s sung with Doja, after their track “Juicy” (also featured on this list).

“Like That” (feat. Gucci Mane)

“Like That” (feat. Gucci Mane)

Song Year: 2020

This song is a prime example of Doja’s status as a consummate entertainer. Clothing, dance moves, and music combine for a catchy hip-hop track that she often performs live.

The music video for “Like That” incorporates anime and game aesthetics in a nod to Doja’s geeky side. There’s animation superimposed over live-action dancers, space themes, and other game references that her fans have come to expect from her media. Rapper Gucci Mane pops in for a verse while Doja dances behind him in a convertible.

In 2020, a music video was leaked on Twitter before its official release. Doja went on record to say that it wasn’t the official video, reducing controversy about its timing due to the COVID-19 pandemic filming schedule.

Playful and groovy, “Like That” is exactly the sort of content from Doja that keeps fans coming back for more.


Song Year: 2019

This song was Doja’s first Billboard hit when it reached #45 on the Hot 100 list. It was also the first time she collaborated with Tyga on a mid-tempo track where they trade off verses rapping and dancing. Doja wears a variety of fruit-themed costuming to symbolize the sensuality of lust.

The trap beat is accented by a bell-like riff, synth effects, and other interesting samples. This version with Tyga is the second iteration, a remix – the first being a more basic version included on Doja’s debut album Amala.

After the cult YouTube success of “Mooo,” “Juicy” is Doja’s first song to reach commercial success. It went double platinum in the US and silver in the UK, introducing her to European audiences.

“Best Friend” (feat. Saweetie)

Song Year: 2021

Rather than Doja Cat singing about love interests, this track celebrates the close relationship between two girlfriends. They brag about each other’s loyalty, generosity, sex appeal, and ability to decide on suitable men.

The song has been remixed several times. The original version features Saweetie as the other girl, but subsequent versions include rappers from New Zealand, South Korea, Germany, and China. In Germany, “Best Friend” debuted at #1 on the charts, making that a first for both Doja and Saweetie.

The music video shows both rappers driving around on the streets, alternating with scenes of them dancing and hanging out in an apartment together. The song received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Song at the 64th Grammy Awards.

“Get Into It (Yuh)”

Song Year: 2022

This track is Doja’s second single from the Planet Her album (after “Freaky Deaky”). Its music video portrays her as a sci-fi superhero, fighting off laser gun advances from outer space life forms.

Like many of Doja’s songs, “Get Into It” went viral on TikTok, contributing to its success. It climbed the charts in various countries and also found its way into a Taco Bell commercial.

Interestingly, Doja doesn’t sing much on this track. Her rapping style here is more carefree and lazy, and she doesn’t bother to articulate her words. Several layers of vocals are provided by her, featuring call-and-response verses and guttural noises accenting the beat.

“You Right” (feat. The Weeknd)

Song Year: 2021

Another imaginative visual marvel, “You Right” is more like a Michael Jackson-style short film than a conventional music video. Scenes of an ancient civilization alternate with shots from the atmosphere beyond Earth, where The Weeknd shows up in a suit and tie (another MJ nod).

The two superstar performers mirror each other’s voices well, singing the same melody at turns. This is their second collab after “In Your Eyes” the year prior. The beat for “You Right” is a standard midtempo rap track with space-like effects like chimes and a galactic harp.

Though including less dancing than is typical for her, Doja gives off the effect of a temple priestess as she displays the height of her seductive and artistic powers.


Song Year: 2019

The surprising beginning to this song samples the Motown tune, “Put Your Head On My Shoulder,” before breaking into a grinding hip-hop beat. It’s slower and heavier than Doja’s normal fare, mirroring the heartbroken story in the lyrics.

The video has a dark and gritty aesthetic, featuring Doja outdoors at night in various spots in the city. She sings soulfully and regretfully about a lost relationship, stating that she can’t find anyone to replace her former partner. Some flashbacks seem to be of the two in happier days, relaxing on the couch and watching TV together.

Top Doja Cat Songs, Final Thoughts

More than a singer and rapper, Doja Cat is an artist who takes creative control over her music video production. She has an artistic vision for everything she produces and infuses her quirky personality into it all, as you can see in this list of the best Doja Cat songs.

Doja’s dancing talents and thrilling onstage persona make for can’t-look-away entertainment that is sure to cement her status as a top performer for years to come.

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