Island Boys Net Worth


Net Worth: $2.5 Million

Date of Birth: July 16, 2001

How They Make Money: Tiktok, Youtube channel, selling shoutouts on Cameo, and selling branded t-shirts and hoodies.

Island Boys, whose real names are Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas, are American musician twin brothers who gained fame in the virtual space thanks to their song “Island Boys,” which rocked TikTok in 2021. Island Boys' estimated net worth is approximately $2.5 million. The twins are TikTok superstars.

In this article, we'll focus on how the Island Boys make money, how they spend their money, and how they've reached where they are.

How the Island Boys Make Money- Their Career

How the Island Boys Make Money


The Island Boys have styled themselves as rappers, with stylized trending rap names Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd, diamond grill, unique hairstyles, and multiple face tattoos. Their main career is music, and they have earned great fortunes.

It might not be easy to understand the duo's net worth from a single viewpoint. So, we'll break down their income sources for a better understanding. Here’s how they make their money:

Cameo Appearances

The Island Boys have established a Cameo-based company trading with the name “Shoutouts for Sale.” They make Cameo appearances as one way of cashing in on their virtual space fame. The duo charges $600 for business bookings on the platform and $215 for personal video requests.

At one point, a dissatisfied employee hired Franky and Alex to create a Cameo shoutout informing his entire company that he had quit his job. The video blew up on Twitter, and many in the internet community applauded it as one of the best uses of a Cameo. The quitting employee felt his money was well used.

TikTok and YouTube Channel

Through TikTok and YouTube, the Island Boys have collaborated with numerous companies, making tons of money through sponsored ads. The Island Boys have gained fame since they premiered their TikTok video. When the duo first released their new song “I Am Island Boy” and posted it on their TikTok account, the video immediately went viral, and fans could see them performing the music in a bathtub in the TikTok video.

On average, Alex Venegas' TikTok account has 800K followers, while Franky Venegas has approximately 1.4 million followers. With TikTok paying an average of 3 cents per 1,000 views, the duo could earn an average of $66 monthly from TikTok.

The duo has YouTube channels where they post their vlogs and music videos. Their official YouTube Channel, Big Bag Entertainment, has a whopping 231,000 subscribers and slightly above 22 million views. Assuming YouTube pays them $3.5 for every 1,000 views, it would mean that the duo earns approximately $77 thousand from their YouTube channel.


The American twins have a wide variety of merchandise for their fans. They have something for everyone, from vibrant stickers and posters to stylish t-shirts.

The Island Boys launched a merch store selling vests, hoodies, sweatshirts, and branded t-shirts. They sell a branded t-shirt at $25.99 and a sweatshirt at $45.99.

Further to the above outfits, the duo also deals in home décor items to give your house an island paradise touch. They also feature their adventure-inspired unique gifts.

Ticket Sales

Island Boys tickets allow their fans to attend their live concerts. Fans buy these tickets from Vivid Seats, a 100-percent buyer-guarantee platform. This ticket seller has a wide array of tickets that fit everyone's budget.

Island Boys floor seats might be some of the most expensive ticket shows. However, with such tickets, you will certainly be accorded a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sometimes, Vivid Seats offer Island Boys meet and greet VIP tickets. These tickets cost slightly more than the floor or front-row seats.


Spotify is available in over 200 countries across the globe. The site has slightly over 433 million users, of which 189 million are premium members.

The American twin brothers have their music on this digital streaming platform, which allows them to share their art with the world while making additional cash.

The Island Boys get 84,927 monthly listeners from Spotify. Assuming that every 1,000 monthly listeners earn them $3, they make an average of $254.78 per month from Spotify alone.

How Do the Island Boys Spend Their Money?

How Do the Island Boys Spend Their Money


For the pleasant twins, music was their way of speaking about their everyday lives. The twin rappers accrued considerable money and made more than a few remarkable buys with their recently discovered riches.

Here, we highlight some pricey items the duo owns. Trust me; you would rather not miss this.

$60,000 Custom Diamond Grill

Seasoned rappers feel incomplete if they have no classic grills. Like most celebrities, the Island Boys do everything possible to ensure they look like successful rap artists to match their millions of streams and views. On many occasions, fans would spot the twins wearing their custom jewel barbecues.

Some experts estimate that each Twin's diamond grill costs around $30,000. If this is anything to go by, the duo spent $60,000 on these binged-out pieces alone. Of course, a celebrity with a deep pocket wouldn't resist spending this much on the best item their cash can purchase.

$82,00 Chain

When the duo rose to popularity, they needed to up their chain game as fast as their views counted. The rap twins spent roughly $82,000 on only one chain. On the off chance, that's where the two rappers began their chain assortment. It's difficult to envision their collection's worth over the long haul.

$200,000 Iced Out Audemar Piguet Skeleton watch

The Audemar Piguet Skeleton is one of the Island boys' more extravagant purchases. Ideally, this watch gives off high-end steampunk vibes. The face of the watch has no numbers at all, but instead, the Audemar Piguet surrounds itself with a rim of notches that indicate the time, a big notch indicating each hour, and four small notches in between to indicate brief spans.

As the watch ticks, the expression on the face changes marginally. The Brilliant Silver Pinion set in the watch's face moves steadily with each passing. The hour and minute hands are the only other moving parts on this wristwatch's face.

The face of the watch is covered with countless sparkling diamonds and chain link straps. While it might sound crazy to drop $200,000 on a watch, you might change your mind once you lay eyes on one of these beauties in person.

$25,000-Cartier Santos VVS Diamond Watch

The duo truly appears to feel weak at the knees over wristwatches. The third piece on our list of valuable wristwatches they wear is the $ 25,000 Cartier Santos. While this diamond bedazzled watch might seem like no big deal compared to the two auto Mars per gay watches, you'd agree that spending $25,000 for one watch is no small boatload of cash.

It's relatively hard to find a higher quality watch than those made by Cartier. Cartier watches are masterfully created and beneficial since they generally hold their worth for the longest time.

If the Island Boys, at any point, attempted to sell this piece, it'll be worth more than whatever they paid for it. We need to concede that with nearly $300,000 in watches, these folks have no real reasons for truly being late.

$72,000 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Car

Apart from the Island Boys having the bling, they also have the ride. The duo reportedly spent $72,000 on a brand new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Red Eye.

This car boasts 800 horsepower and moves as quickly as the Island Boys' rap career. This high-performance car is easy on the eyes. It also comes with dedicated equipment for drag racing. Road tests show that the Hellcats can go from zero to 96 kilometers per hour in 3.6 seconds.

How the Island Boys Got on This Path

How the Island Boys Got on This Path


The Island Boys are twin brothers born in Florida, United States of America.

The parents were originally from Cuba. Franky and Alex became internet sensations thanks to their song “Island Boys.” From the time the pair stirred things up on TikTok with their melody “Island Boys,” the South Florida twins have increasingly surprised the rap world.

The siblings made speedy progress after an extremely harsh youth, during which time they encountered various spats with the law, notwithstanding continuously having enormous fantasies about becoming rap stars. Since striking it large on the web, the dollars began coming in, turning their lives around completely.

Island Boys’ Net Worth, Final Thoughts

The Island Boys from Florida went from Rap hopefuls in and out of jail to bonafide stars seemingly overnight by showcasing their talents on social media. They gained great fortunes from their talent and proper use of virtual space, affording them blinged-out watches, among other stuff. Their estimated net worth of $2.5 million is no mean achievement.

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