City Girls Net Worth

Net Worth: $11 million

Date Of Birth: February 11, 1994 (Yung Miami) and December 3, 1992 (JT)

How They Make Money: hip-hop artists, album sales, performances, festivals, social media influencers, modeling, fashion

City Girls are an American rap and hip-hop duo comprised of two female rappers: JT and Yung Miami. The City Girls have an estimated combined net worth of $11 million, earning more than half a million annually.

If you're wondering, “how much money do City Girls make?” this article will explain how City Girls became famous, how they make their money, what they like to spend their money on, and more. Because both rappers in City Girls are also independent artists, each section will also detail how each girl spends their money, makes extra money, and more related information.

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about the City Girls net worth!

How City Girls Make Money – Their Career

How City Girls Make Money


The City Girls primarily make their money off their fast-paced and saucy music. They mainly make their money off song and album revenue, but they also tour and perform at festivals.

Both girls also date big names in the industry, often receiving pricey presents like cars from their rich boyfriends. It may not be technically income, but the gifts from guys like P Diddy and Lil Uzi Vert contribute to the City Girls’ net worth.

They also make money doing some modeling for music magazines and similar publications. They’ve also appeared in major magazines, including Vogue.

City Girls have nearly 5 million monthly listeners on the music platform Spotify. Assuming they earn $3 for every 1000 monthly listeners, the girls earn almost $15,000 monthly from Spotify.

While both girls make money from music and social media, they do have slightly different interests. Keep reading to learn more about how each City Girl makes her dough.

Yung Miami

Yung Miami mostly makes her money from performing and creating music within the rap duo. However, she also has an independent, albeit less successful, rap career. She’s released singles like Rap Freaks and Strub Tha Ground.

In addition to her music, she is also a social media personality, as she has millions of followers on platforms like Instagram.

One money-making move that sets her apart from her rapping counterpart is that she’s a fashion designer. While her design career and aspirations have taken a backseat to her music career, she remains a style icon.

Yung Miami has also made money from partnerships with REVOLT and Netflix, as she hosts and performs at special events. This partnership is only one example of the many sponsorships or promotions she’s been a part of, from alcohol brands to fashion companies.


JT is also an independent rapper and social media influencer. Like Yung Miami, her solo rap career has not been as successful as the duo’s career. But she has released solo singles, including Super Freaky Girl and JT First Day Out.

She does more Instagram ads and partnerships than Yung Miami, making substantial money this way. But in recent years, JT has pivoted to focus more on her music career and solo career, pausing sponsorships to make bops.

How Do City Girls Spend Their Money

How Do City Girls Spend Their Money


The number one answer is clothes. The City Girls always step out looking fly from head to toe, which takes funds. A quick peek at City Girls’ Instagram will give you an idea of the bold and expensive fashion choices these two make.

Along with stunning clothes and costumes, the girls keep their hair, nails, and makeup close to perfection, which can cost a pretty penny. Along with the material items, they also often party and go to fancy restaurants, likely dropping hundreds if not thousands on a casual dinner.

Yung Miami

While Yung Miami clearly loves the finer things, especially fashion, she also has two children. It’s safe to assume she spends substantial money on making her children happy and comfortable as they attend private school.

In July 2022, Yung Miami and her two kids moved into a new house, which is likely massive and stunning. Her property in Miami, Florida, is estimated to cost $1.3 million. It’s no surprise she lives in Miami, as her rap name comes from her love for the city. The rapper is also known for owning a red Mercedes truck, which costs around $200k.

Overall, Yung Miami spends her wealth on typical things, like nice clothes, homes, cars, food, and more. She doesn't have any funky investments or weird purchases worth noting here.


When comparing the two girls’ Instagrams, you’ll notice JT seems to travel around the world more than Yung Miami. JT has no children, although she said she wants to become pregnant soon. But for now, she’s still spending her money on expensive private flights and exciting and luxurious vacations.

Unlike her partner Yung Miami, JT says she loves the hustle and bustle of the city, specifically New York City. She permanently lives in NYC in a condo which she discloses very little about. While she keeps the location and details of her condo secret, it’s safe to assume it costs a pretty penny, as most real estate in NYC does.

Like Yung Miami, JT doesn't spend her money on odd or random things fans would not expect. She sticks to buying clothes, planning extravagant vacations, and generally pampering herself and living her best life.

How City Girls Got on This Path

How City Girls Got on This Path


The two rappers formed the duo in 2017 and have found phenomenal success. Their first big song was a diss track at their ex-boyfriends for being stingy with their money. The girls didn't have a record label or agent yet. The song garnered attention because Yung Miami promoted it on social media and paid DJs at clubs to play the song.

The song eventually had thousands of listens, and the official music video featured famous rapper Trina. This song and video were the major jumping-off point for their now-successful rap career.

However, the duo’s rise to success took a brief hiatus on hold as JT was convicted of aggravated identity theft and sentenced to 24 months in prison. She took a plea deal to avoid a ten-year sentence.

Uring her sentence, Yung Miami did not slow down. She kept pushing their music on social media and trying to get DJs in nightclubs and strip clubs to play their songs. Her persistence despite her rap partner’s incarceration shows her determination and dedication to her music. If Yung Miami had not continued promoting and sharing their music while JT was away, the girls might not be as famous and successful as they are today!

They were noticed by Drake soon after stepping onto the rap scene and were featured on his popular single In My Feelings. While this was an uncredited feature, which Drake is known for doing, their unique voices and seamless flow caught listeners' attention and helped them rise to fame. Funny enough, their quick feature on the song is them demanding to know a man’s net worth. Fans got a taste of their no-BS lyrics and flow and wanted more!

They signed a record deal with Quality Control Music and Capitol Records a year later. They soon released several albums and mixed tapes that fans quickly fell in love with, including Girl Code, PERIOD, and City On Lock. They also collaborated with top names in the music industry, like Usher, Doja Cat, and Cardi B.

Yung Miami

Yung Miami’s legal name is Caresha Romeka Brownlee, and she was born and raised in Miami, Florida, unsurprisingly. She grew up in a tough neighborhood, and her mother was sent to prison in 2009 when she was just 15 years old.

She and JT met in middle school together in Miami-Dade County and became good friends. Yung Miami was already trying to reach her goal of being a famous rapper, and she had a decent following on her MySpace account, and her name received recognition. It also helped that she is the goddaughter of famous American rapper Trina.

Supposedly, JT and Yung Miami were inseparable from the moment they met and only grew closer through their teen years and early twenties. While each attempted a solo career, they were more successful as a duo.

Before making it in the music industry and pivoting hard toward being a rap duo, Yung Miami found moderate success as a social media personality, especially because she already had a following on MySpace. Today, she has over 6 million followers on Instagram.


JT, born Jatavia Shakara Johnson, was born and raised in a different neighborhood in Miami. However, her neighborhood was equally as rough as Yung Miami’s, which is how they settled on their duo name City Girls. JT has been open about her mother’s struggle with drug addiction, which she says ruined her childhood.

She’s told stories of growing up in an unsafe neighborhood and starting fights at school with her BFF Yung Miami. This rough upbringing led the girls to turn their stories into music and rap. There is little info on JT before she met Yung Miami; the friendship is a driving reason she entered the music industry.

But before getting into music, JT was striving to be an Instagram influencer and model, which she was decently successful at. As mentioned, she still makes money via her social media posts and massive following, but music is her main source of income.

City Girls' Net Worth, Final Thoughts

The City Girls are not only rap icons but fashion icons people love to follow on social media. Despite incarcerations, kids, and drama, they continue to create bangers. With an estimated net worth of $11 million, the City Girls have done quite well for themselves and show no signs of slowing down.

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