31 Best Girl Bands With 3 Members – All Famous Female Trios

The Three Degrees

Many multi-singer-fronted groups from the 1960s have become legacy groups, continuing to the present day despite lineup changes. The Three Degrees is one of these perpetual groups still performing almost 50 years after the release of their biggest hit, When Will I See You Again.

As far as reach goes, The Three Degrees seemingly found just as large of an audience in the UK as they had in the US. Astonishingly enough, Valerie Holiday is the group’s longest-standing current member, having joined the group in 1967. 

Destiny’s Child

Just about everybody living in today’s connected world of modernity is at least familiar with Destiny’s Child to a degree. The group did not initially begin as a trio but ended up as such as a result of various member changes just after the dawn of the new millennium. 

Destiny’s Child produced 2 of the greatest female singers of all time, including Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland. Songs like Say My Name, and Survivor helped to pave the way for the evolution of female-driven pop music at that time and beyond. 


One female trio that currently has one of the largest followings is boygenius, which consists of members who all have had successful solo careers before the group’s formation. Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, and Phoebe Bridgers came together simply because they admired each other’s work.

The group’s debut album, The Record, was an international success in 2023, topping the top 5 in the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. 


Female trios comprised of sisters are not just a thing of the 1960s, with HAIM being the most notable current instance. The Haim sisters grew up playing music but began to make it a serious endeavor once Danielle gained some touring experience and learned how the industry works.

Since 2012, HAIM has been building massive momentum by opening for some of the largest international acts including Taylor Swift (2015, 2023), and Rihanna (2013). Their latest album, Women in Music Pt. III even received a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. 


The Emotions

During its heyday, Stax Records had an impressive roster of artists, many of whom would go on to be ridiculously influential. Formed by a trio of sisters, The Emotions was one of these groups and eventually became an international success in the decades following the collapse of Stax Records.

Not only have many of today’s modern pop artists and rappers sampled their music, but The Emotions have influenced many of today’s current generation of pop groups and solo stars. The group also collaborated with numerous artists, including Earth, Wind & Fire for the smash hit, Boogie Wonderland. 

The Paris Sisters

Phil Spector’s legacy as an innovative music producer may not have been possible without the iconic recording of I Love How You Love Me, by The Paris Sisters. The song would be the culmination of 7 years of recording experience up until that point and helped the sisters gain recognition throughout the early 1960s.

Aside from this song, along with a handful of fairly modest hit singles, The Paris Sisters also contributed a jingle for a Diet Rite soda commercial and had a cameo in the film, It’s Trad, Dad!

The Pointer Sisters

For roughly 12 years spanning the 1970s and 1980s, The Pointer Sisters were a common name on the pop charts. Beginning as a quartet, the group actually won a Grammy for country vocal performance in 1975, which might be surprising to those who know the group as an R&B/soul powerhouse. 

Today, The Pointer Sisters are still active, though none of the members are its original founding members. With that being said, Ruth Pointer has been in the group since 1972, with the other 2 members consisting of her daughter (Issa), as well as her granddaughter (Sadako). 

The Andrews Sisters

Up until this point, most of the influential trios mentioned have formed in the 1950s and beyond. Pre-dating most of the groups in this article, The Andrews Sisters began their meteoric career in 1938, releasing a steady stream of hits until 1955.

The group is responsible for exposing audiences to other styles of music, whether it be through language or regional music dialects. Some of their biggest hits include Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out the Barrel), as well as Rum and Coca-Cola. 

The McGuire Sisters

One group that was considered to be very reminiscent of The Andrews Sisters was The McGuire Sisters. In fact, members of The Andrews Sisters have openly criticized the group during interviews for trying to cop their sound. 

This group began releasing music around 1953, though it would be 1955’s Sincerely that would establish them as an important group. By 1958, The McGuire Sisters were at the height of their career after the success of their track, Sugartime. 

Wilson Phillips

Have you ever wondered what the children of some of the most prominent music figures of the flower power era would be up to? The family DNA of The Beach Boys and The Mamas & The Papas converge into the trio that is Wilson Phillips. 

The members all grew up together as children, making a serious music collaboration a no-brainer next move, with their debut single, Hold On topping the charts. While Wilson Phillips has been active throughout the years, they are mostly known for their work from the early 1990s. 

Wilson Phillips

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