37 Best George Strait Songs

“Cowboys Like Us”

Song year: 2003

Penned by Bob DiPeiero and Anthony Smith, George Strait released the song “Cowboys Like Us” as the second single from his album Honkytonkville. It peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

Strait wrote several songs about being a cowboy, rodeos, and the great state of Texas. However, this one is a little different, with cowboys who ride on steel horses with wheels, AKA motorcycles.

“You'll Be There”

Song year: 2005

Written by Cory Mayo, “You'll Be There” was the lead single from George Strait's album, Somewhere Down in Texas. The song peaked at number 4 on, you guessed it, the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks and 54 on the Hot 100 charts.

The lyrics are an ode to someone who has died, with the narrator talking about the journey to Heaven and seeing them on the “other side.”

“Living For The Night”

Song year: 2009

“Living For The Night” was the debut single from Strait's album, Twang and his 88th single release in his career. He wrote this with his song, Bubba Strait.

In this track, the male narrator expresses his feelings after losing someone in his life. He describes going to the bar at night and drinking whiskey to dull the pain and forget his problems.

“It Just Comes Natural”

“It Just Comes Natural”

Song year: 2006

George Strait released “It Just Comes Natural” on his twenty-fourth studio album of the same name.

It Just Comes Natural also topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in the US and Canada and became Strait's 42nd number-one single.

This mid-tempo track features a narrator discussing things that happen naturally in life. He talks about how his love for his significant other comes naturally.

“I Just Want To Dance With You”

Song year: 1998

“I Just Want To Dance With You was a song written by John Prine and Roger Cook and initially recorded for Prine's '86 album, German Afternoons. Strait Covered the track for the lead-off single to his album, One Step at a Time.

As the song suggests, the narrator wants to dance with someone he's attracted to. The song became Strait's 34th number-one hit on the Country charts.

“Every Little Honky Tonk Bar”

Song year: 2019

“Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” is another song Strait penned with his son Bubba and his frequent songwriter Dean Dillon. Bubba suggested the song nearing the end of their writing session, and the other two knew they couldn't pass it up.

Thankfully for them, they got to work on the song. It was Strait's biggest hit in six years, peaking at number 20 on the US country chart.

“What Do You Say To That”

Song year: 1997

“What Do You Say To That” was initially written and recorded by Lauderdale for his album, Whisper. George Strait released his version as the third single for his Always Never the Same album.

The song performed well, peaking at number 4 in the United States and 2 in Canada. It's a love song, with the narrator emphasizing the importance of his lover in his life.

“I Gotta Get To You”

Song year: 2009

“I Gotta Get To You” was George Strait's 90th single in his career and the third single from his album, Twang. The song is an upbeat track about a man wanting to romance his significant other.

When this tune hit number 9 on Billboard's Top Country Songs chart, Strait became the first to hit the top 10 on any Billboard chart every year for 30 consecutive years. This song was his 82nd top-ten hit.


Song year: 1981

“Unwound” was Strait's debut single, where he describes going on a bender when his relationship unravels. He talks about how his love was wrapped around his finger, causing him to come unwound.

Strait's go-to songwriters, Dean Dillon, and Frank Dycus, wrote the song in roughly 45 minutes. The track peaked at number six on the Country Singles chart and became Strait's first top-ten hit.

“Round About Way”

Song year: 1997

“Round About Way” is a song where Strait is a heartbroken tough guy who tells his friends that he's doing okay, though he's crying at night thinking about the woman he lost.

He tells his friends he misses her in a “round-about way,” actually meaning that he misses her around midnight. This was Strait's 33rd number-one hit on the US Country Singles & Tracks chart.

“Fool Hearted Memory”

Song year: 1982

“Fool Hearted Memory” was George Strait's first number one Country single and the song on the ASCAP award for the most-played Country song of 1982.

The film, The Soldier included this tune on the soundtrack, and Strait makes a cameo. Songwriter Byron Hill recalled writing this song for the movie, stating they'd only commit to it if it were released as a single.”

“Ace in the Hole”

“Ace in the Hole”

Song year: 2009

“Ace in the Hole” is a song written by Dennis Adkins and released on George Strait's album Blue Neon as the third single from the LP. It would become his 18th number-one Country single and his 11th chart-topper in a row.

The lyrics describe keeping tricks up your sleeve to get ahead in life. Its title is a phrase meaning having a powerful advantage, specifically relating to poker.

Top George Strait Songs, Final Thoughts

George Strait is one of the most famous Country music artists whose written over 100 charted singles. However, George Strait songs aren't only popular amongst Country music fans, with some songs hitting the Billboard Hot 100. No matter what type of track you like, Strait likely has one for you.

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