17 Best Songs About Houston

Houston is a famous city in Texas and the Southern United States, rich in its thriving music scene – especially legendary for the iconic rappers it has produced. The most famous theaters in the country are located here.

Find below what we consider to be the best songs about Houston below.

“Houstonfornication” by Travis Scott

The One Time in Houston by Wale

Song Year: 2018

“Houstonfornication” is an obvious reference to Californication. This Travis Scott track was largely considered a contemporary hit, and features on his album, “Astroworld,” as he narrates his experiences with drug use and relationships in Houston.

Travis mentions that he needs a break from all the pressures he finds in his life, hence the title of the track. The song expresses a desire for a break from his current situation, one of celebrity status and a longing for a temporary respite.

It blends the idea of seeking breathing room or mental relief with the notion of vacation, while also referencing the allure of Houston. The song frequently calls back the harmful and reckless activities ‘young’ Travis would engage in.

“Houston” by Dean Martin

Song Year: 1964

The song “Houston” was composed by Lee Hazlewood and was initially performed by San Clark in 1964. Later, Dean Martin re-recorded it, and it became a Billboard hit in 1965. Dean Martin's daughter revealed that striking an empty Coca-Cola bottle with a spoon spawned the track’s original sound.

This song’s lyrics express the feeling of melancholy as the writer describes the tragedies of a Houston native. It is also evident that he wants to return to his love, Houston.

“Heaven, Hell or Houston” by ZZ Top

Song Year: 1981

The prolific American rock group ZZ Top released the song “Heaven, Hell, or Houston” on their 1981 album, El Loco. Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard, three band members, wrote the track. The track features distorted vocals, harmonious guitar riffs, bells, and references to the streets of Houston.

“The One Time in Houston” by Wale

Song Year: 2015

In his song, “The One Time in Houston,” Wale proclaims he is in a fight with love and passion in Houston. This hit was released on March 31, 2015, on the Album About Nothing, an obvious nod to Seinfeld. The song sampled New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love” and the album features frequent incorporation of (sampled) scenes from Seinfeld

The narrator of the track – who we can presume to be Wale, gets apprehensive about women that lure men into love. Wale gets seduced by the strippers and the nightlife of Houston, and despite knowing they don't love him, he finds it impossible to resist.

“Houston Is Hot Tonight” by Iggy Pop

Song Year: 1981

Legendary proto-punk rocker Iggy Pop released “Houston Is Hot Tonight” in June 1981. The song's bouncy speed, jive, and grooving riffs capture the frantic energy of Houston's night and party life. Compared to the other tracks on this list, this is the most aggressive and rock-oriented.

The song's lyrics equate the city's reputation with a destination to party and have a good time. Fans of Iggy Pop, punk, or garage rock will definitely dig this track.

“I Can Almost See Houston From Here” By Bobby Bare

Song Year: 1980

This heartfelt track was released by Bobby Bare, a country music singer, on his album Drunk and Crazy (1980). The lyrics portray a nostalgic feel and lamentation of Bobby Bare, as he decries missing his home in Houston.

Bobby Bare reveals in the song that he moved to Denver for that cliche hope of making it big – chasing his dreams. He was never successful (at least as the protagonist of the song). And yet, he enjoyed great moments with friends and family back in Houston.

The song expresses the deep sadness of missing home and the inherent longing you feel after you move away from your home or birthplace.

“My Block” by Scarface

Song Year: 2002

Scarface, a rapper from Houston, wrote and released “My Block” back in 2002. He grew up in Houston, where he drew his inspiration from the local Houston rap scene and his contemporaries. The song is explicitly dedicated to his small-town Houston Community.

Scarface looks back at his youth in Houston, where they had to work hard and hustle to attain any measurable amount of success.

“Died and Gone to Houston” by Mike Stinson

Died and Gone to Houston by Mike Stinson

Song Year: 2000

Mike Stinson probably got tired of people asking him why he moved to Houston. He wrote a comeback song posed to everyone pestering him, which was released in 2000.

His decision to move to Houston was self-described as one of his best decisions. Recounting all his ‘poor choices’ in life, his decision to move to Houston is presented as a saving grace in his life. Houston is viewed as a haven (heaven) and home, where he has been metaphorically taken by the honky tonk angels.

“Bloody Mary Morning” by Willie Nelson

Song Year: 1974

This song was first written in 1970 by good ol’ Willie Nelson and later re-recorded, after changing its context to a man left by his girlfriend. He decides to relocate to Houston to get over her – talking about taking a plane out to Houston to restart his life.

The man characterized in the song chooses to move to a Texan city because of its Southern charm and comfort. In 1974, “Bloody Mary Morning” peaked at 17 in Billboard‘s Country Singles.

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