37 Best George Strait Songs

“Give It Away”

Song year: 2006

Conway Twitty held the record for having the most number one's on the Hot Country Songs chart for over 20 years. However, “Give It Away” hit number 1, making it Strait's 41st number-one hit and breaking the record.

The lyrics come from the point of view of a man whose wife is leaving him. When she heads out, he asks why she isn't taking any possessions and what he should do with them. Her reply to each is to “give it away.”

“The Best Day”

Song year: 2000

Written by Dean Dillon and Carson Chamberlain, “The Best Day” is the first single on Strait's compilation album Latest Greatest Straitest Hits. It peaked on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart.

The track is about a father recalling his son describing activities throughout his life, like a father-son campout, getting his first car, a Chevrolet Corvette, and finally, the son's wedding day.

“Give It All We Got Tonight”

Song year: 2012

“Give It All We Got Tonight” is George Strait's 28th album's first single. It's a romantic ballad who wasn't sure if he could pull it off initially.

Thankfully he took on the song, as it led to a historic milestone; his 60th number-one single day before his 61st birthday. Strait became the first music artist in any genre to place 60 songs at the top of the charts.

“Baby Blue”

Song year: 1988

George Strait's daughter, Jennifer, was killed in a car accident when she was thirteen. It's rumored that the song “Baby Blue” is dedicated to her.

However, some view the song as a love song, much like many of Strait's hits. The song describes a beautiful lady with baby blue eyes.


Song year: 1992

“Heartland” was the theme song to the film Pure Country, starring George Strait himself. It was his movie debut and is his only major motion picture. The movie begins with the song sung by Strait's real-life son.

The song is about the heartland of America and feeling at home there. The song topped the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

“Living And Living Well”

Song year: 2002

Penned by Tony Martin, Mark Nesler, and Tom Shapiro, “Living And Living Well” is the second single from Strait's album, The Road Less Traveled.

The song peaked on the United States Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart and peaked at 27 on the Hot 100 chart, making it a crossover hit. The lyrics describe the difference between living and living well, with the difference being with your significant other.

“I Hate Everything”

Song year: 2002

In this song, Strait sings about meeting a guy in a bar who tells the story of divorcing his wife and currently hating the conditions of his life. By the song's end, Strait realizes he doesn't want to be like that guy and works things out with his wife.

This was the lead single from his compilation album, and topped the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks in October, then peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“I Saw God Today”

“I Saw God Today”

Song year: 2008

In this song, the narrator tells the story about how a newly born little girl helps him pay more attention to all God created. The song entered the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at number 19, the highest debut in his career.

The lyrics remind us to not take things for granted. It describes small moments of gratitude, like seeing the colors of the sunset, flowers, and more significant moments, like being with his daughter.

“How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls”

Song year: 2007

“How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls” was released as the fourth single from Straights album, It Just Comes Natural. The album title seems valid, with this song reached number three in the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, as well as 49 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

It's a mid-tempo song in which the narrator talks about how he's been all over the country and seen a lot along the way, but all he can think about is “them cowgirls.”

“Here For A Good Time”

Song year: 2011

“Here For A Good Time” is George Strait's 89th career single, penned by Strait, his son, Bubba Strait, and one of his songwriters, Dean Dillon. The song debuted at number 29, his highest debut since “I Saw God Today.”

It's a song of optimism and not letting the little things get you down. The narrator states that since he won't be here long, he will have a good time.

“River Of Love”

Song year: 2008

“River Of Love” is a country song mixed with a Caribbean and R&b tune, with the title using “river” as a metaphor for love. Strait encourages a woman to go on a romantic ride in his boat.

This was Strait's 44th number 1 hit on the Hot Country Songs chart. Strait also performed this song live at the 2008 CMA Awards.

“The Breath You Take”

Song year: 2009

“The Breath You Take” is the fourth single from Strait's 26th studio album, Twang, and is the 91st single of his career. It was a Top 10 Country hit song and was nominated for Best Country Song at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

The lyrics describe the importance of savoring the critical moments in our lives, both large and small. He tells the story through fatherly love, sharing happy and emotionally jarring moments.

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