31 Best Tim Mcgraw Songs

Best Tim Mcgraw Songs

Having won three Grammy Awards, Tim Mcgraw has cemented his position as a country music legend. The Louisiana-born music icon has sold over 40 million record sales, including 38 million in the United States, making him one of the most successful musicians ever.

We’ve compiled the best Tim Mcgraw songs to help you choose the perfect song for your playlist.

1. Don’t Take the Girl

Song Year: 1994

“Don’t Take the Girl” talks about Johnny and his love for a girl. Johnny and his partner have to deal with challenging scenarios in their lives. The guy tries everything to ensure the girl doesn’t leave. The song begins by showing the two lovers’ lives as teenagers, and Johnny prioritizing his lover’s safety when they engage a stranger at gunpoint.

This country song reflects the power of love and the challenges those in relationships go through. In 1994, the song debuted at position seventeen on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles.

2. Real Good Man

Song Year: 2003

Recorded in 2002 and released in 2003, “Real Good Man” explains how boys aren’t always bad men. The singer continues that although he drinks too much and hangs out with the rowdy crowd, he still respects other people.

Days after its release, the hard-hitting country song appeared as number one on the US Billboard Country Singles and Tracks. “Real Good Man” was also ranked twenty-seven on US Billboard Hot 100 in 2003.

3. Live Like You Were Dying

Song Year: 2004

“Live Like You Were Dying” took the world by storm with the singer’s story about his experience with his father. Tim Mcgraw tells the story of a man diagnosed with a life-threatening chronic illness. The main message in the song is why people should enjoy their life because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Tim Mcgraw won several awards with this song, including the Single of the Year Award in 2004. In addition, he has sold over two million records in the United States since its release in 2004.

4. Please Remember Me

Song Year: 1999

“Please Remember Me” is about a breakup with a person the singer finds hard to reveal. Tim Mcgraw is leaving her lover but reassures her she will find someone better like him.

Although they have both cried in their relationship, he still wants her to feel happy in her next relationship. The hit held position one for five weeks on Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks.

5. My Next Thirty Years

Song Year: 2000

Released in 2000 as the last single of his album, A Place in the Sun, “My Next Thirty Years” is about what Tim Mcgraw wishes to accomplish in 30 years. The song will help listeners realize their journey and reflect on their lives in the past and future.

The song reached number six on Canada Country Tracks and position one on the US Hot Country Songs in 2000.

6. The Cowboy in Me

Song Year: 2001

“The Cowboy in Me” focuses on the singer’s vocals and why we should always be happy with ourselves. At one point, Tim Mcgraw agrees that he has a selfish personality. The song discusses how we act and how those actions bring out the cowboy in us.

Immediately after its release in 2001, the song reached position one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs.

7. I Like It, I Love It

Song Year: 1995

The song “I Like It, I Love It” is about a guy’s dedication to his girlfriend and desire to treat her well. The hit starts with the singer narrating how he bought his girlfriend a teddy bear. Although his shoulder had injuries, the singer is happy to see the joy on his girlfriend’s face.

The singer claims he is ignoring other crucial aspects of life, including his job, to be with his girlfriend. “I Like It, I Love It” has earned Tim Mcgraw position three on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart.

8. Just To See You Smile

Song Year: 1997

“Just To See You Smile” depicts a story of two high school lovers who would later break up due to different life paths. After several years, the lady approaches his ex-boyfriend with her husband, seeking his approval. The man gives her ex-lover the approval to see her smile. Although he let the lady go, he still wants her happy.

The song appeared on the Billboard Chart for 42 weeks, becoming the longest-running single in the 1990s.

9. It’s Your Love

Song Year: 1997

The Single of the Year and Song of the Year winner is considered the perfect song for marriage proposals by many country music lovers. “It’s Your Love” entails how love makes Tim Mcgraw happy and how he feels in the relationship.

The lyrics state that the singer believes that love is a beautiful thing and is worth the effort. After its release in 1997, the song received numerous nominations, including the Vocal Event of the Year in the Country Music Association.

10. Something Like That

Song Year: 1999

With its catchy lyrics, “Something Like That” is undoubtedly one of the most loved songs from Tim Mcgraw. The song talks about the memorable events we always have with our first love. The singer recounts how he met his first lover at a county fair at only seventeen years. Later after five years, he sees the girl on a plane when traveling to Mardi Gras.

Like other songs from Tim Mcgraw, “Something Like That” has reached top positions at the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks and Canada Country Tracks.

11. Southern Voice

Song Year: 2009

The song tells a story that happens in the United States daily and credits modern legends like Rosa Parks and Jerry Lee for their immense contribution to ensuring that left-leaning outsiders don’t mistreat the South. The singer shows the identity practices his neighbors do in the north.

12. If You’re Reading This

Song Year: 2007

“If You’re Reading This” entails a soldier who writes a letter for his loved one, hoping he could get one more kiss. The song takes a heartbreaking turn when the soldier tells his wife that he won’t be there when she gives birth, but she has his blessing if she wants someone else.

Tim Mcgraw has performed the song in multiple events including at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas in 2007.

13. Shotgun Rider

Song Year: 2007

When Tim Mcgraw first wrote the romantic song, he claimed it was up-tempo. The man mentioned in the song wants his loved one to ride a shotgun and will not love anyone else but her.

“Shotgun Rider” has reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs and thirty-eight on the Billboard Hot 100.

14. Highway Don’t Care

Song Year: 2013

Tim Mcgraw writes about someone he loves, and he finds it difficult to live without her. The woman has a habit of texting while driving, crashing her car. The lady is in a fatal condition, but the doctors save her life.

“Highway Don’t Care” has received over ten awards, including the Musical Event of the Year in the Country Music Association Awards in 2007. Other awards Tim Mcgraw has received for this hit include the International Video of the Year and Collaborative Video of the Year in 2014.

15. Humble and Kind

Humble and Kind

Song Year: 2016

“Humble and Kind” narrates the story of a lady who takes her kids to school and returns home. While sitting in the dining room, the lady sees a guitar and starts playing it. The couple is tired and has no choice but to eat spaghetti, which takes around 10 minutes to cook. They write the song because the kids may not understand why they cooked it for dinner.

The inspiring song has won multiple awards, including the Best Country Song at the 59 Annual Grammy Awards.

16. Better Than I Used to Be

Song Year: 2012

“Better Than I Used to Be” is about being open with your partner and accepting your weaknesses. In some lines, the narrator regrets his past and is willing to become a better person. The songwriter adds that he still has bad habits and is trying to be an angel to his family and friends.

17. Where the Green Grass Grows

Song Year: 1997

The songwriters were inspired by the need to change the scenery. The song is about a man about to leave his city for his hometown. Initially, the man left his hometown hoping to find greener pastures. However, it’s now time to return to his home, raise his young family, and live the simple life he has always desired.

18. She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart

Song Year: 1996

Tim Mcgraw released “She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart” before he married Faith. The singer narrates about a lady who remains humble despite instant fame and never lets success change her personality. He says that everyone loves her woman wherever they go. The singer trusts her woman because she is always loyal and never lets anyone come between them.

She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart” is the singer’s 4th single to have reached position one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs.

19. Angry All the Time

Song Year: 2001

The ballad tells about a couple growing apart as they raise kids. At first, their relationship was perfect, but now it has become toxic. The man still loves her partner but must leave because he thinks the woman no longer loves him. He is hurt since his marriage isn’t working, and his significant other is becoming aggressive.

In July 2001, the song debuted at number forty-eight on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Track. It has also appeared on US Hot Country Songs (Billboard) at number one.

20. Indian Outlaw

Song Year: 1994

Featured on the singer’s 2nd album, Not a Moment Too Soon, the song is about a rebellious American Indian character. The man in “Indian Outlaw” is proud to be a Native American and regularly identifies as an Indian outlaw. He remembers his roots and their participation in unique practices like smoking a pipe and making tom-toms.

“Indian Outlaw” was the second fastest-selling hit after “Achy Breaky Hearty” in 1994.

21. Back When

Song Year: 2004

The songwriters were inspired to write “Back When” when Stephony Smith saw a snake while making breakfast. The up-tempo song narrates how the singer remembers the past and how modern slang couldn’t be used for sexual and drug references. The singer argues that life in the 60s was simpler but outdated.

22. My Best Friend

Song Year: 1999

Tim Mcgraw expresses how he feels about the lady who has come into his life. The lady is more than a lover; the singer can depend on him. The singer believes that his feelings for her have grown stronger, and she makes his life simple and worth living. “My Best Friend” celebrates why we should have faithful companions and fruitful friendships.

The popular wedding song has reached number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks.

23. Things Change

Song Year: 2001

“Things Change” reflects a guy still in love with his ex-girlfriend, despite breaking up long ago. The man promises his ex-lover that he will love her forever and never hurt her again. Although he knows one day he will get over her, he continues to miss her.

The song urges listeners to feel the pain after a breakup because they will eventually get tired.

24. I Called Mama

Song Year: 2020

“I Called Mama” explains how people feel when calling their mothers. When writing this song, the singer aimed to invoke people’s feelings and nostalgia so that they feel connected. According to the singer, we should call our mothers when something terrible happens. He adds that our families are ready to support us despite being far from them.

On May 11, 2020, “I Called Mama” reached number 20 on Billboard Country Airplay.

25. Meanwhile Back at Mama’s

Song Year: 2014

Tim Mcgraw reminisces about his childhood and the happiness of returning home with his family. “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” talks about the small pleasures of life and the importance of a family setting.

The singer describes how he loves city life but eventually finds solace in his original home. The song is a reminder that while country music may continue to evolve, it’s the simplest things that matter.

26. Grown Men Don’t Cry

Song Year: 2001

“Grown Men Don’t Cry” is the story of the songwriter’s father, who passed away a year ago. A mother and son facing challenges inspired Tom Douglas and Steve Seskin.

Douglas was returning home from shopping when he saw a woman holding a payphone with mascara tears. He wants to tell the woman that, eventually, everything will be okay, but he drives away. The singer believes that men crying isn’t a sign of weakness but their hardships.

27. Everywhere

Song Year: 1997

In the song “Everywhere,” the singer talks about his old lover who can’t get out of his head no matter where he goes. Tim Mcgraw claims that he sees his lover in spirit, appearing in every destination he visits in North America.

His ex-lover decided to end their relationship after disagreeing over their future. The man is informed that his ex-girlfriend has found someone else, and they have a family together. The song reached position 72 on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks in the first week of its release. In addition, it has reached number 32 on the Canada Country Tracks.

28. Watch the Wind Blow By

Song Year: 2002

Written by Dylan Altman and Anders Osborne, “Watch the Wind Blow By” is the final single from the singer’s album Tim Mcgraw and the Dancehall Doctors.

The singer claims he only wants to relax and see the wind blow by with his partner. In 2003, the hit reached number 48 on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks and position 32 on the Billboard Hot 100.

29. Unbroken

Song Year: 2001

“Unbroken” talks about the singer finding a new lover after a breakup. The singer remembers how his lover left him in pain, but now he has found a new partner whom he is content with. The song peaked at position sixty on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks one week after its release.

30. Felt Good on My Lips

Song Year: 2010

The singer conveys the excitement of getting his first kisses in his relationship. The singer was with his friends relaxing when a 30-year-old lady walked in. His friends leave him with the Spanish lady. After a night of chilling together, the girl gives him a sweet goodbye kiss.

After being released in September 2010, “Felt Good on My Lips” debuted at position one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. It has also reached number twenty-two on the US Adult Contemporary Billboard. The singer has also made over one million record sales in the United States.

31. Bring on the Rain

Song Year: 2000

The narrator in “Bring on the Rain” is having a bad day, but he doesn’t allow it to let him down. Although the situation is extremely challenging, he opts to stay strong and not give up. He adds that he is always ready to face everything that comes his way. “Bring on the Rain” encourages the listeners to practice perseverance despite many challenges.

Tim Mcgraw has won many awards through this song, including a nomination to the Grammy Awards for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.

Top Tim Mcgraw Songs, Final Thoughts

From “Please Remember Me” to “I Called Mama,” there are multiple songs to listen to if you believe in good music. Whether you want a song that takes you back to your previous relationship or one to play at your wedding, we’ve got you covered. We hope our list of the best Tim Mcgraw songs was insightful.

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