31 Best Tim Mcgraw Songs

Having won three Grammy Awards, Tim Mcgraw has cemented his position as a country music legend. The Louisiana-born music icon has sold over 40 million record sales, including 38 million in the United States, making him one of the most successful musicians ever.

We’ve compiled the best Tim Mcgraw songs to help you choose the perfect song for your playlist.

1. Don’t Take the Girl

Song Year: 1994

“Don’t Take the Girl” talks about Johnny and his love for a girl. Johnny and his partner have to deal with challenging scenarios in their lives. The guy tries everything to ensure the girl doesn’t leave. The song begins by showing the two lovers’ lives as teenagers, and Johnny prioritizing his lover’s safety when they engage a stranger at gunpoint.

This country song reflects the power of love and the challenges those in relationships go through. In 1994, the song debuted at position seventeen on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles.

2. Real Good Man

Song Year: 2003

Recorded in 2002 and released in 2003, “Real Good Man” explains how boys aren’t always bad men. The singer continues that although he drinks too much and hangs out with the rowdy crowd, he still respects other people.

Days after its release, the hard-hitting country song appeared as number one on the US Billboard Country Singles and Tracks. “Real Good Man” was also ranked twenty-seven on US Billboard Hot 100 in 2003.

3. Live Like You Were Dying

Song Year: 2004

“Live Like You Were Dying” took the world by storm with the singer’s story about his experience with his father. Tim Mcgraw tells the story of a man diagnosed with a life-threatening chronic illness. The main message in the song is why people should enjoy their life because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Tim Mcgraw won several awards with this song, including the Single of the Year Award in 2004. In addition, he has sold over two million records in the United States since its release in 2004.

4. Please Remember Me

Song Year: 1999

“Please Remember Me” is about a breakup with a person the singer finds hard to reveal. Tim Mcgraw is leaving her lover but reassures her she will find someone better like him.

Although they have both cried in their relationship, he still wants her to feel happy in her next relationship. The hit held position one for five weeks on Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks.

5. My Next Thirty Years

Song Year: 2000

Released in 2000 as the last single of his album, A Place in the Sun, “My Next Thirty Years” is about what Tim Mcgraw wishes to accomplish in 30 years. The song will help listeners realize their journey and reflect on their lives in the past and future.

The song reached number six on Canada Country Tracks and position one on the US Hot Country Songs in 2000.

6. The Cowboy in Me

Song Year: 2001

“The Cowboy in Me” focuses on the singer’s vocals and why we should always be happy with ourselves. At one point, Tim Mcgraw agrees that he has a selfish personality. The song discusses how we act and how those actions bring out the cowboy in us.

Immediately after its release in 2001, the song reached position one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs.

7. I Like It, I Love It

Song Year: 1995

The song “I Like It, I Love It” is about a guy’s dedication to his girlfriend and desire to treat her well. The hit starts with the singer narrating how he bought his girlfriend a teddy bear. Although his shoulder had injuries, the singer is happy to see the joy on his girlfriend’s face.

The singer claims he is ignoring other crucial aspects of life, including his job, to be with his girlfriend. “I Like It, I Love It” has earned Tim Mcgraw position three on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart.

8. Just To See You Smile

Song Year: 1997

“Just To See You Smile” depicts a story of two high school lovers who would later break up due to different life paths. After several years, the lady approaches his ex-boyfriend with her husband, seeking his approval. The man gives her ex-lover the approval to see her smile. Although he let the lady go, he still wants her happy.

The song appeared on the Billboard Chart for 42 weeks, becoming the longest-running single in the 1990s.

9. It’s Your Love

Song Year: 1997

The Single of the Year and Song of the Year winner is considered the perfect song for marriage proposals by many country music lovers. “It’s Your Love” entails how love makes Tim Mcgraw happy and how he feels in the relationship.

The lyrics state that the singer believes that love is a beautiful thing and is worth the effort. After its release in 1997, the song received numerous nominations, including the Vocal Event of the Year in the Country Music Association.

10. Something Like That

Song Year: 1999

With its catchy lyrics, “Something Like That” is undoubtedly one of the most loved songs from Tim Mcgraw. The song talks about the memorable events we always have with our first love. The singer recounts how he met his first lover at a county fair at only seventeen years. Later after five years, he sees the girl on a plane when traveling to Mardi Gras.

Like other songs from Tim Mcgraw, “Something Like That” has reached top positions at the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks and Canada Country Tracks.

11. Southern Voice

Song Year: 2009

The song tells a story that happens in the United States daily and credits modern legends like Rosa Parks and Jerry Lee for their immense contribution to ensuring that left-leaning outsiders don’t mistreat the South. The singer shows the identity practices his neighbors do in the north.

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