All Taylor Swift Songs About Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Lautner

While Taylor Swift has only written one song about her ex Taylor Lautner that we know of, she’s also written a number of songs about her ex Tom Hiddleston.

In this article we look mainly at all Taylor Swift songs about Tom Hiddleston. But before that, let’s look at Taylor Swift’s song about Taylor Lautner.

1. “Back to December” by Taylor Swift – About Taylor Lautner

Song Year: 2010

From the Speak Now album, “Back to December” is the only confirmed song about Taylor Lautner – and it's one of her sweetest and most heartbreaking.

Taylor's breakup songs usually point out the flaws of her relationship and, specifically, what her ex-partner did wrong. She might talk about how they mistreated her, cheated on her, didn't care enough, or simply weren't a good fit for her.

However, in “Back to December,” Taylor puts all the blame on herself. She writes about how Lautner was an amazing partner and didn't know what she had until after she left him.

She even swallows her pride and explicitly apologizes for breaking up with him (presumably breaking his heart) on a night in December. The song conveys that she did this because she wanted “freedom,” but now she misses everything about him.

Fans knew that this song was about Taylor Lautner because they broke up in December, and she leaves specific hints in the song that it's him, such as his “tan skin” and “sweet smile.”

Ultimately, this is a powerfully emotional song from Taylor about not knowing what you have until it's gone and regretting breaking up with someone you love. The only Taylor Swift song about Taylor Lautner, now let’s move onto Tom.

2. “Getaway Car” by Taylor Swift – About Tom Hiddleston

Song Year: 2017

In order to understand how “Getaway Car” is about Tom Hiddleston, it's important to have a little background on how their relationship started.

Tom Hiddleston started dating Taylor in 2016 after her breakup with Calvin Harris. She met Tom Hiddleston (and her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, by the way) at the 2016 Met Gala when she was still dating Calvin Harris.

Some of her fans think that “Getaway Car” is about her – either literally or metaphorically, in her mind – sneaking away with Tom Hiddleston. She compares this “escape” to fleeing from the scene of a crime.

She mentions in the song that the event they escaped had black ties, which could be a direct reference to the fancy Met, and that there were white lies, which refers to her not explicitly lying or doing anything “wrong” but deep-down wanting to leave the relationship she was in.

The other reason this song seems to be about Tom Hiddleston is that their relationship was short-lived. In the song, she mentions that the relationship that got started from this runaway was doomed from the beginning, or “cursed,” because it started on the tail of a failed relationship.

Essentially, one can imagine that in the song, she's essentially saying that she ran away from her ex (Harris) and needed a reason to leave him, which ended up being Hiddleston's role. He was a rebound option, and she knew it wouldn't last.

This short timeline is likely why Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were seen together in public only a few weeks after her breakup from Harris. They had a whirlwind romance in the summer and then ultimately called it quits by September 2016.

3. “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift – About Tom Hiddleston

Song Year: 2019

Many Swifties (the name for Taylor Swift's die-hard fans) not only think that “Cruel Summer” is one of her most underrated songs from the Lover album but also have created many theories around it regarding Swift's relationship with Tom Hiddleston and Joe Alwyn.

It's now common knowledge that Swift also met Joe Alwyn at the 2016 Met Gala and that they also had a fling (or at least a friendly interest in each other) the summer following the Met.

“Cruel Summer” is about being caught in a bit of a love triangle, keeping secrets, and feeling frustrated by the situation you're in when you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

She also references sneaking in through a gate every night to seal her fate, which some people think means she would secretly go to Alwyn while she was with Hiddleston, thus sealing their destiny to be together in the end.

This song doesn't necessarily mean that she was cheating with Hiddleston the whole time or that she did any of this.

Taylor tends to write both from her heart and from her imagination, so she could simply be sharing the story of what she wanted to do or what she was tempted to do at the time.

Only Swift, Hiddleston, and Alwyn understand the dynamics of their relationships at that time, and the connection is mainly speculation.

But with lyrics that reference the timeline that this love triangle was happening, and along with the other songs about both Hiddleston and Alwyn, it's hard not to draw this connection.

4. “I Did Something Bad” by Taylor Swift – About Tom Hiddleston

Song Year: 2017

According to Swift's interview with Entertainment Weekly, she wrote the song after watching season 7 of Game of Thrones.

So, “I Did Something Bad” could very well be about that – imagining doing something bad but feeling good about it, as was the case in many scenes from the hit series.

However, she specifically talks about dating a playboy, which could reference any of her exes, but some presume she's either talking about Harris or Hiddleston.

In “Cruel Summer,” mentioned above, she also calls someone a “bad, bad boy,” and if that's about Hiddleston, it would've made sense for her to then call him a “playboy” in “I Did Something Bad.”

Plus, this “bad thing” she did could be a reference to her sneaking out to see Joe Alwyn or accidentally falling in love with him, as he was just a friend at the time but quickly became her lover soon after breaking up with Hiddleston.

5. “Midnight Rain” by Taylor Swift – About Tom Hiddleston

"Midnight Rain" by Taylor Swift - About Tom Hiddleston

Song Year: 2022

In “Midnight Rain,” Swift writes about a past relationship in which her partner wanted commitment, marriage, comfort, and stability, while she wasn't ready for it.

Instead, she wanted to continue pursuing her career and making a big name for herself, which caused the relationship to ultimately crumble.

Although not confirmed, this sentiment of blaming herself for giving up a good thing is reminiscent of “Back to December,” so some have speculated the song is about Taylor Lautner.

However, the song could also be about Tom Hiddleston, as it references the partner wanting a bride, and Hiddleston went on to marry Zawe Ashton after his relationship with Swift ended.

Either way, this song speaks to the common struggles of modern-day relationships and how sometimes one person wants something vastly different than the other, causing a great deal of pain for both parties.

It's a realistic song about being in love, wanting it all, but ultimately being forced to sacrifice one thing or another.

6. “Gorgeous” by Taylor Swift – About Tom Hiddleston

Song Year: 2017

In terms of what the song is about, “Gorgeous” is one of the most debated Taylor Swift songs.

Often, Swift will make it quite clear who the song is about, either by stating a specific month, a specific physical feature or a specific circumstance about a person she's dated that stands out from the rest.

However, the references she makes in this song could be about both Tom Hiddleston and Joe Alwyn.

First, it's safe to say that she probably believes that both Hiddleston and Alwyn are gorgeous.

They both have “blue eyes,” which she points out in the song. And she also speaks about making fun of the way this person talks, which likely refers to a British accent – but both Hiddleston and Alwyn are British!

However, she does mention that she has a boyfriend who is “older” than the person she is referring to and is “in the club,” referring to Calvin Harris. This line makes people lean towards it being about Alwyn.

But what's real and what's for lyrical purposes is something that only Taylor Swift will ever really know.

Regardless of who it's about, this song speaks to feeling awe-struck by her partner's good looks and getting all giddy inside when you see them.

It's a cute, upbeat song that's fun to sing along to, especially when you're in the honeymoon stage of a relationship when you think the person you're with is almost too stunning to look at!

7. “Long Story Short” by Taylor Swift – About Tom Hiddleston

Song Year: 2020

“Long Story Short” is a sentimental, lyrically intricate song from her evermore album.

Swift speaks about a time when she fell from a pedestal, which is another way of saying she was at a low point in her life.

Many people assume she's referring to the public drama she was caught in with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in 2016, which was also when she was dating Tom Hiddleston.

Therefore, in addition to “Getaway Car” and perhaps “Cruel Summer,” Taylor Swift made another song about how Tom Hiddleston was an emotional crutch, a rebound, and simply not the right person for her in the summer of 2016.

The song is full of metaphors and allusions to her fame, and she speaks about how the person she was with didn't understand what it meant for her to be successful. For example, she said she would scream in her sleep, but this person would just pass by as if nothing was wrong.

She also mentions that during this bad time, she clung to the closest lips, which, again, seems to be referring to using Tom Hiddleston to feel better at a rough moment in her life when she was being publicly shamed for everything.

8. “evermore” by Taylor Swift, featuring Bon Iver – About Tom Hiddleston

Song Year: 2020

Another song off Swift's evermore album that likely draws inspiration from her summer fling with Hiddleston is the title track “evermore.”

She says that she's been down, or in a bad place, since July, which is around the time of their relationship, starting around June. She also says that she was in a bad light, which seems similar to her lyrics in “Long Story Short” about falling off the pedestal due to public drama.

Finally, Taylor Swift also mentions rewinding tapes and feeling double-crossed, which many people think refers to the drama between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

They essentially said that she was lying about what she agreed to on the phone with Kanye West, which started a trend to publicly shame Swift and call her a snake.

She was upset about being called the B-word in West's song “Famous,” and Kanye's version of the story was that she agreed to the whole thing.

Later, the full video was released, and the public found out that she wasn't lying after all. Swift had said that she'd think about it and wanted to hear the lyrics.

West never indicated that he would call her the B-word. Kim had edited a version to make Taylor look bad, but the full version of the call proved that Taylor was right all along.

Again, the timing of that public shaming lines up with the timing of her relationship with Hiddleston.

However, the remaining lyrics are intentionally vague, capturing the sense of feeling lost for an extended period of time and wondering if the person she was with during that time would be there for her evermore.

Despite whom it may be about, “Evermore” is a melancholic and beautiful masterpiece.

Taylor Swift Songs About Tom Hiddleston, Final Thoughts

Taylor Swift is the Grammy-award-winning country-turned-pop singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer you've likely heard of.

Given her talent, she's known for many things, but something that makes her stand out in the public eye is her notable list of celebrity boyfriends

Let us know which Taylor Swift song about Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift song about Taylor Lautner you like the most in the comments!

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  1. You belong with me from the fearless album has always been rumored to be about taylor lautner for as long as i can remember

  2. Taylor told her secret sessions in 2017 that all the love songs on it were about Joe. I really think Tom was only the main subject in Getaway Car. The song is about getting away from CH and TH. Many people theorize they were just about broken up when they left Oz, but she broke up with him in Aug. Sept 6 was only the announce date after she started seeing Joe in late Aug. They are references to older guy in a couple of songs where she just puts both CH and TH together in a dismissive way. TH also is not a boy and Taylor Lautner was 17 when T & T were an item, and was a boy like was said in Midnight Rain. TS met Joe in April 2016. This has been a theory since 2017 because he was in town for Billy Lynn reshoots. Gorgeous gives an address for the meeting in LA. JA has deep opal blues unlike the greyish blue of TH. Gorgeous is not about TH.

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