33 Best Songs About Blue Eyes

Blue is a color symbolic of many things, from sadness to serenity. So, it's no wonder many artists record songs about blue eyes that resonate with their fans.

We compiled some of our favorites, regardless of genre, that we recommend adding to your music library.

“Hey Blue Eyes” by Bruce Springsteen

Song year: 2014

First up on our list of the best songs about blue eyes is Bruce Springsteen's “Hey Blue Eyes.” This country song has a slow tempo that grabs any listener's attention.

Although the lyrics tell the story of the narrator trying to be intimate with a blue-eyed woman, they have a darker, political tone behind them.

Springsteen initially wrote this song as a metaphor for the US government's actions after the invasion of Iraq. The imagery of the blue-eyed woman disregarding the death of others embodies this idea hauntingly.

“Baby Blue Eyes” by A Rocket to the Moon

Song year: 2009

“Baby Blue Eyes” is a slow-paced alternative song that lifts my spirits whenever I listen to it on a busy day. The song's lyrics revolve around the narrator being in love with a girl with blue (not brown eyes) and wanting her to be his.

The song's acoustic guitar emphasizes the narrator's feelings about how he views her as the most fantastic person in the world and always thinks about her. It's a featured single in the group's debut album, On Your Side.

“My Blue-Eyed Jane” by Jimmie Rodgers

Song year: 1930

Another classic song about blue eyes is J”My Blue-Eyed Jane” by Jimmie Rodgers, one of the earliest country music stars in the US. Rodgers' song tells the straightforward tale of a man in love with a beautiful woman, asking her hand in marriage before he has to leave. It's uplifting but has a bittersweet tone.

Since its release, other country artists have recorded covers for this classic song, including Hank Snow's variation in 1953 and Bob Dylan's version in 1997.

“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” by Willie Nelson

Song year: 1975

The lyrics behind “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” emphasize the narrator's feelings of a man missing a woman he previously loved. Willie Nelson's interpretation of this song, featured on his concept album Red Headed Stranger, implies that the man was responsible for the woman's death.

The song has a slow guitar accompaniment and a melancholy tone in its vocals. Nelson's iteration of this song topped Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart and ranked 21st on the Hot 100.

“Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who

Song year: 1971

One of The Who's most iconic songs is “Behind Blue Eyes.” I enjoy this track's blend of acoustic guitar and bass that give it a folksy beat before its tempo picks up a little over its halfway point and gives it a rock touch before slowing down again towards the end.

The single ranked 34th on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart. Over the years, other artists have recorded covers of this song, such as Limp Bizkit.

“Pale Blue Eyes” by The Velvet Underground

Song year: 1969

Songs about losing your love usually have lyrics or a tone that makes you feel blue, and The Velvet Underground's “Pale Blue Eyes” embodies this theme perfectly. Its slow tempo, accompanied by a strumming guitar and tambourine, gives it a melancholy tone.

The lyrics describe how the narrator remembers his former love's pale blue eyes. The main inspiration for Lou Reed when he wrote this song was his experience with his first love. I usually listen on gloomy days.

“Blue Eyes Blue” by Eric Clapton

Song year: 1999

One of my favorite songs about blue eyes I find myself returning to whenever I need something to listen to is Eric Clapton's “Blue Eyes Blue.” If you've ever experienced heartbreak, this song might resonate with you.

Clapton wrote this song for the soundtrack for the 1999 film Runaway Bride. The lyrics describing the narrator's blue eyes becoming more tearful after his heartbreak strike a chord with me. It ranked second on RPM's Canadian Adult Contemporary Chart and fourth on Billboard's US Adult Contemporary Chart.

“Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish

Song year: 2016

Billie Eilish recorded her debut single “Ocean Eyes” when she was about 14. It has a slow tempo incorporating synthesized beats that resonates with any avid music lover.

The narrator sings about how she gets lost in her lover's blue eyes, comparing them to the ocean. Besides the color motif, these lyrics also reflect her lover's manipulative and controlling side.

This song ranked on several international weekly charts, including Billboard's Hot 100 Chart and Rolling Stone's Top 100.

“Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic, Part 2” by Sista Prod ft. Powfu, Alec Benjamin & Rxseboy

Song year: 2019

Although “Eyes Blue Like The Titanic, Part 2” includes lyrics describing a man walking in on his girlfriend cheating on him with someone else, its chorus is quite hummable. It has a mellow yet fast pace and plenty of solid vocals during its rap sections.

This song might resonate with people who might've experienced a time of despair in their lives, comparing it to a sinking ship. But, sometimes, songs about negative feelings are as impactful as upbeat ones.

“Pretty Blue Eyes” by Steve Lawrence

Song year: 1959

Need help finding uplifting songs about blue eyes to listen to during a lazy weekend? Then, consider listening to Steve Lawrence's “Pretty Blue Eyes.” Despite its short length, the vocals have a down-to-earth sound, enhanced by its guitar and string instrumentation.

This simple love song is quite heartwarming, as the narrator sings about seeing a woman with blue eyes and wanting to meet her.

Other notable artists who performed covers of the song include Craig Douglas, Donny Osmond, and The Guess Who.

“Blue Eyed Boy” by Kosheen

Song year: 2003

This rock- and electronica-inspired song is the perfect one to listen to if you're looking for something new to add to your playlist. The almost echo-like vocals give it a mystic sound, emphasized by the song's lyrics about letting someone go but never forgetting their sharp blue eyes.

It was a featured track on the group's second album, Kokopelli, which ranked seventh on OCC's UK Albums Chart and 40th on Billboard's Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart.

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