29 Top Songs About Being 29 Years Old

Today we've curated a list of 29 songs about being 29 years old, spanning across different genres and themes.

From the struggles of growing up and nearly being 30, to the thrill of self-discovery, this article is your ultimate musical guide to this pivotal age.

1. “Done With Drugs” by The Dirty Nil

Song Year: 2018

This song by Canadian punk rock band The Dirty Nil talks about the struggles of addiction and the difficult road to recovery. The lyrics mention being 29 years old and feeling like time is running out to get clean and turn one's life around.

They reflect the urgency and desperation many people feel when battling addiction. With its powerful lyrics and energetic sound, “Done With Drugs” is a must-listen for punk rock fans and those dealing with addiction.

2. “Illusion of Bliss” by Alicia Keys

Song Year: 2012

This song is a soulful ballad exploring the theme of disillusionment and the search for meaning in life. One of the song's lyrics mentions the singer is 29 years old and reflects that she is still searching for answers and struggling to find her place in the world.

This lyric speaks to the universal experience of feeling lost or uncertain at a certain age and the desire to find purpose and meaning in one's life. The emotional depth and introspective lyrics of “Illusion of Bliss” have made it a fan favorite among Alicia Keys' fans.

3. “Cover Up the Sun” by Counting Crows

Song Year: 2014

American rock band Counting Crows explores themes of love, loss, and the passage of time in this “Cover Up the Sun.” The lyrics speak of trying to hold on to the past and the things we cherish.

Within the song's lyrics lies a brief reference to the age of 29 and the accompanying feelings of isolation and confusion at this point in life. This lyric effectively captures the song's overarching themes, which include nostalgia and the challenge of accepting the inevitability of time passing.

4. “Who Makes the Nazis?” by The Fall

Song Year: 1982

This song reflects on the origins of fascism and the question of who is responsible for creating the conditions that allow it to flourish.

The song's lyrics mention the singer's age, stating they are 29 years old. The lyrics also convey their frustration with the ongoing issue of fascism, despite the lessons of history. The tone of the lyrics is serious and reflective, highlighting the singer's concern for this ongoing problem.

It highlights the importance of vigilance and resistance against the forces of hate and oppression. The song's commentary on fascism and its roots continues to resonate today.

5. “29” by Demi Lovato

Song Year: 2021

Demi Lovato shares her experiences and emotions as she approaches her 30th birthday. The lyrics mention that Lovato is living life at 29. They reflect on the challenges she has faced and the lessons she has learned throughout her life.

They highlight that age brings wisdom and the importance of embracing life’s journey. With its heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals, “29” has become a popular hit among Lovato's fans and has resonated with listeners of all ages.

6. “Indefinitely” by Old 97's

Song Year: 1999

American alt-country band Old 97's shares the complexities of relationships and uncertainties of the future in this song. It’s a catchy and upbeat rock tune with introspective lyrics capturing the angst and excitement of being young and figuring out life.

One of the lyrics mentions being 29 years old and reflects that this age is a turning point when decisions become more significant, and the future seems more uncertain.

7. “OMG” by Samad Savage

Song Year: 2021

This a catchy hip-hop track featuring Savage's confident and charismatic flow over a bouncy beat, with lyrics that celebrate his success and ambitions in the music industry.

One line mentions that the rapper is 29 years old and reflects that he has come a long way from his humble beginnings. It highlights that hard work and dedication can pay off, no matter where you start.

8. “Dreamin'” by Cayton (feat. Siyiid)

Song Year: 2021

This smooth and upbeat R&B track explores the ups and downs of chasing your dreams. The lyrics touch on the challenges of balancing ambition and reality, with one line noting that the singer is “29 years old, still trying to find his way.”

The song speaks to the shared experience of feeling lost or uncertain in one's late twenties. It  encourages listeners to keep pushing forward despite setbacks or doubts.

9. “The Crowd” by Living Room Romantics

Song Year: 2021

“The Crowd” by Living Room Romantics discusses the pressure to conform to societal expectations and the desire to break free from the crowd.

The lyrics touch upon being 29 years old and feeling lost, but also realizing it's still possible to start over and find your path.

10. “29 Years” by Tori Amos

Song Year: 2009

The lyrics of “29 Years” touch on the feelings of nostalgia and reflection that often accompany milestone birthdays, such as turning 29. Amos sings about looking back on her life, choices, and the person she's become.

The lyrics also express a sense of uncertainty and the desire for a fresh start as she approaches her thirties. With its introspective lyrics and haunting melody, “29 Years” is a powerful exploration of the complexities of aging and personal growth.

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