11 Country Songs About Soldiers

Men and women fight for our country every day in different branches of the military. You may have a friend, family member, or spouse serving overseas. If you have ties to military personnel, you may have gotten teary-eyed thinking about our nation’s heroes.

Here are a few country songs about soldiers dedicated to fighting for the red, white, and blue:

1. “If You’re Reading This” By Tim McGraw

Song year: 2007

Tim McGraw takes the point of view of a soldier writing a farewell letter to his family. The painful fact is that we’re always unsure if soldiers will come home. The lyrics of this song serve as the soldier's letter, and it’s a letter that will only reach his family if the soldier dies.

“If You’re Reading This” is a beautifully written and performed testament to all soldiers. Soldiers who make the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

With the narrator describing to his loved ones, “If You’re Reading This” takes the ideology that the soldier will be home with them, even though he’s passed on. The soldier tells the listener all the ways that he’ll be there to watch over them after he’s gone.

As much as this song is about the soldiers, it’s also for those receiving these farewell letters. Loved ones pray to never read these letters, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

2. “American Soldier” By Toby Keith

Song year: 2003

Toby Keith introduced this powerful ballad about a soldier’s motivation and the strength required to adhere to the responsibility of fighting for our country.

The “American Soldier” music video is stunningly created, showing soldiers from different wars throughout U.S history. His song ventures through the different soldiers displaying the characteristics of an American soldier.

Soldiers are meant to be brave, loyal, and fearless while on the battlefield. Soldiers are responsible for carrying out their duties, and “American Soldier” perfectly displays military life and the changed lives of those who enter the military.

3. “Arlington” By Trace Adkins

Song year: 2005

Arlington National Cemetery, located in Virginia, is the final resting place of over 300,000 veterans. Fallen heroes are laid to rest surrounded by their brother soldiers.

“Arlington” is sung from the point of view of a soldier who died in battle and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

This country songs about veterans particularly pays tribute to Corporal Patrick Nixon, who died on the battlefield in 2003. His life as a soldier is shown through the lyrics. When thinking about this song, the listener can hear in his words that this is a true story and not a song dedicated to war.

4. “I Drive Your Truck” By Lee Brice

Song year: 2012

The song’s narration and story behind the lyrics are slightly different. However, no matter the context, this song brings out the emotions of family members who have lost their children or siblings in combat.

“I Drive Your Truck” has a narrator whose brother died in action in the United States Army. The narrator sits in his brother’s car after he made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Going forward with your life after losing a loved one can seem unattainable. Our narrator feels that there’s no longer meaning in his life with his brother gone.

Songwriter, Connie Harrington, heard an interview with a father who lost his son in Afghanistan. The son was killed trying to save a fellow soldier, and the dad states that on Memorial Day, he feels closest to his son when he drives his son’s truck.

5. “Some Gave All” By Billy Ray Cyrus, A Country Songs About Veterans

Song year: 1992

Have you ever thought about how much the armed forces do for our country? It’s humbling to see through song how much these men and women have given up to defend us all. Especially those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Billy Ray Cyrus based this song on the story of a veteran whom he spoke to. The man told his story, and Billy Ray Cyrus understood that this man was proud to serve his country.

6. “God Bless The U.S.A” By Lee Greenwood

“God Bless The U.S.A” By Lee Greenwood

Song year: 1984

Noted as one of the most beautiful and classic tributes to the United States. The narrator is a civilian who is remembering Americans in history that died to secure their freedom in the United States.

Throughout the song, the narrator affirms that he would fight for his country if he gets the call to do it. Never forgetting about the men and women who continuously fight for our freedom is shown through the lyrics. It also mentions cities stretching from sea to shining sea across America. Another great country songs about soldiers.

7. “Letters From Home” By John Michael Montgomery

Song year: 2004

Sometimes, letters are the only communication that loved ones have to speak to the soldiers overseas. In this song, a soldier’s mother and girlfriend constantly write to him. The song’s first two verses correspond with the first two letters sent overseas.

“Letters From Home” was inspired by writer David Lee. He saw a soldier and his girlfriend at the airport giving a tearful goodbye to one another.

The long-distance relationship between a soldier and those back home is enough to make tears fall while listening to this song.

8. “If I Don’t Make it Back” By Tracy Lawrence

Song year: 2005

Tracy Lawrence does an incredible job of describing a soldier talking to his buddies before deployment. The vibes are cheerful at first, but the soldier warns them about the possibility of him not coming back. The soldier doesn’t want him to be remembered with sadness. So instead, he tells his friends to remember him by doing the things they used to do together.

Talking to friends about what life may be like without the soldier is saddening, no matter the outcome of being overseas. His friends assure him that nothing bad will happen to him, but there is never a way to know for sure.

Tracy Lawrence paints the picture of a soldier doing his best to prepare his friends for the future that might become a reality.

9. “Still A Soldier” By Trace Adkins

Song year: 2017

Trace Adkins makes it onto this list again with another classic tearjerker about soldiers. This song differs from his song “Arlington” because “Still A Soldier” gives the point of view of a soldier who has returned home.

A soldier is always a soldier. No amount of time as a civilian can take away the life they lived while in combat.

10. “Chicken Fried” By Zac Brown Band

Song year: 2008

This song is not a ballad. At first glance, this song doesn’t seem like a solid dedication for those we lost throughout the years in the war.

However, the happy tune about home cooked meals switches to a solemn verse to honor the ones who died. Throughout the song, everyone is enjoying a happy time with loved ones.

Zac Brown Band takes a moment to pay tribute to the fallen men and women who gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice in order for us to not sacrifice the things we love in life.

This verse was added to the song after September 11, 2001.

11. “Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning” By Alan Jackson

Song year: 2002

September 11, 2001. You’ll always find someone who knew someone in the buildings or someone who was meant to be in the building that day. Everyone else has it edged into their memory of where they were on the morning of 9/11.

“Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning” is lyrically comprised of questions. Questions that were thought of by many people after one of the darkest days. Our own darkest thoughts about what happened on that day.

Alan Jackson focused the questions on other people’s reactions to what happened. He also asks questions that directly relate to the title of the song. He wonders what the answers are as to where you were on 9/11.

Country Songs About Soldiers, Final Thoughts

Country artists have an extraordinary gift when it comes to paying tribute to those who gave their lives for freedom and safety to the people of the United States.

If you’re looking for more lists like this one, check out our songs about snow and pop songs about friendship. These lists help you learn about music and the meaning behind some of the world’s greatest songs.

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  1. Sitting here, reminiscing about all the lost battle buddies I’ve served with…. After 25 years of military service… Great list! Thank you! 2023 Memorial Weekend.

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