61 Best Mother-Son Dance Songs For Your Wedding

Plenty of songs have been made about the special relationship between a mother and her son. Which is just as well, as you’re likely looking for the perfect mother-son dance song for your wedding. 🙂

Here are our favorite below. While some talk about mothers and sons, others don’t specifically, but perfectly complement the mother-son wedding dance regardless.


“What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

Song Year: 1967

Some musicians are noticeable the moment you hear their voices, and Louis Armstrong is one of those very special people.

His rendition of this heartwarming tune about the beauty of the world around us is one of the best you can find. Dancing with your mom to this sweet song will create a beautiful moment you’ll both cherish.

“Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole

Song Year: 1991

Although “Unforgettable” is sung here by a man and his daughter, this is a song that a son and mother could dance to at a wedding.

It’s a special song that tells a great story about the truest love between a parent and their child. It’s a great song to dance to because it’s a perfect speed, and the combined voices of the Coles make for a great moment.

“Have I Told You Lately” by Rod Stewart

Song Year: 1991

Rod Stewart has one of those highly recognizable voices that’s smooth, sultry, and incredibly powerful when you need to evoke certain emotions.

If you want your guests to feel a lump in their throats, try dancing with your mom to this beautiful song. Remember, you can never tell your people you love them too much.

“Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Song Year: 1973

Lynyrd Skynyrd is a Southern rock band from the 1970s. They sing about different things, usually related to partying or finding a lady or something along those lines.

“Simple Man” is different because it tells the story of a mother sitting down with her son and telling him everything that will make him a good man.

“Through The Years” by Kenny Rogers

Song Year: 1981

The bond between a mother and son is incredibly special. Your mother is the first woman you’ll ever love. Even after you’re married, she’ll still be by your side whenever you need her.

If you want to create a special moment with your mother, you should play this song while the two of you head up to the dance floor.

“I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

Song Year: 2000

Parents always want the best for their kids. When a man gets married, his mother is bound to have plenty of hopes and dreams for what her son will become and what kind of husband he will be to his special someone.

But a mother will always enjoy that special moment when she gets to dance with her son before sending him off to his future.

“Stand By Me” by Ben King

Song Year: 1962

What could be better than picking a Ben King classic for your mother/son dance at the wedding?

It’s wholesome, it’s jazzy, and people will love quietly singing along as they watch you and your mom dance.

The message of “Stand By Me” is incredibly sweet and will create a great memory for you and your mom.

“Summer Wind” by Frank Sinatra

Song Year: 1966

Frank Sinatra didn’t make the original “Summer Wind” recording, but he sang it in a way no other artist could. That’s just the benefit of being Frank Sinatra.

Dancing to this song with your mom might feel bittersweet, but it’s a great song to communicate the truth of what’s happening.

Sons don’t stay young forever. Eventually, someone will come to take them away from their mom.

“You’ve Got A Friend” by James Taylor

Song Year: 1971

James Taylor sings another great song for this list that’s all about sticking by the side of the people that you love. You know you can call your mom whenever you need someone, and she’ll be there in a heartbeat.

“You’ve Got A Friend” is a less traditional mother/son dance song, but that could make it even more special.

“Longer” by Dan Fogelberg

Song Year: 1979

If you’re looking for a dance song that’s a little different and probably not the song all your friends are dancing to, consider checking out this hit from Dan Fogelberg.

It’s more than likely that no one else is dancing to this song with their mom.

This is a shame because it’s a great song about lasting, unbreakable love that can resist time or circumstances.

“You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boone

Song Year: 1977

It would be surprising to find someone who doesn’t recognize this sappy but heartwarming tune. It’s a great song for you and your mother to dance to at your wedding.

The song can speak to you and your mother, but your mother will probably feel a much more intense connection to the song, especially if you’re her only son.

“The Perfect Fan” by Backstreet Boys

Song Year: 1999

“The Perfect Fan” is an excellent tribute to mothers everywhere who take the time and energy to teach their boys more than just how to behave.

Mothers like the one in the Backstreet Boys’ song teach their sons everything they need to know about being active and productive members of society. They teach their sons how to raise families. And they teach their sons how to be husbands.

“Mother and Child Reunion” by Paul Simon

Song Year: 1972

The bond that exists between a mother and her children is unshakable. The bond between a mother and son is particularly special.

Your mother will be highly emotional at your wedding, so give her a song that helps her release those emotions and share a special moment with her son. Paul Simon’s tune delivers both of these things.

“You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” by Stevie Wonder

Song Year: 1972

If you don’t know what song to play for that beautiful moment with your mother at your wedding, then consider adding a little Stevie Wonder to the mix.

He brings personality, class, and a lot of feelings with him when his jazzy piano rings out over the speakers. Plus, the song is a great tribute to your mom.

“A Song For Mama” by Boyz II Men

Song Year: 1997

It might be a little on the nose, but “A Song For Mama” is a great song to include in your wedding if you want your mom to feel extra special while you two dance together in front of all your guests.

With this Boyz II Men classic, your mother will feel like she’s the most important person in the room.

“Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney

Song Year: 2007

Sometimes it feels like time goes by too fast. As you get older, you tend to feel like the world is spinning faster, and you’ll miss out on many wonderful things happening around you.

That’s what Kenny Chesney is singing about, making this a great wedding dance song for you and your mom.

“I’ll Be There” by Jackson 5

Song Year: 1970

It’s a great comfort to know that someone in your life will always be there for you when you need something. Whether you need a friend, help, someone to pick you up, or just someone to listen to you, everyone needs someone.

Moms are great about this. No matter what, they’ll always find a way to be there for you when you need a helping hand.

“You’re The Inspiration” by Chicago

Song Year: 1984

“You’re The Inspiration” could come from either the son's or the mother's perspective, which is one of the reasons it's such a great choice for the dance song at your wedding.

Mothers often feel like their kids are the most important people. Similarly, it’s not uncommon for a son to feel they owe everything to Mom. Either way, you and your mother will love dancing to this song.

“Memories” by Elvis Presley

Song Year: 1968

You and your mom have shared a lot of history. She’s seen you through every up and down, helped you get through high school, and now she’s watching you get married.

A good son recognizes that his mother will always be his first love. So giving her a memorable moment on the dance floor with Elvis singing in the background is the least they could do.

“Your Song” by Elton John

Song Year: 1970

Elton John’s music is fitting for almost any occasion. He has many great songs; it’s hard to pick just one.

However, this is probably the best option for a mother-and-son dance song for a wedding. It’s pretty sappy but also incredibly heartwarming. Your mom will love dancing to Elton John, especially with her son.

“He Gets That From Me” by Reba McEntire

Song Year: 2003

“He Gets That From Me” is a touching song that features a woman singing to her husband, who has passed away, about everything their son has learned from her. Chief among them is the way that he misses his dad.

Reba’s sweet song could be a great option for any mother and son dance, especially if Dad can’t be there for the wedding.

“I Am There For You” by Huey Lewis & The News

Song Year: 2020

There are a lot of great songs out there about friends sticking by one another and showing up no matter what they need.

Huey Lewis & The News has one of the best because they add their classy spin to an old concept.

Not to mention, it’s easy to sing along with and a great dancing song because of the upbeat rhythm.

“Let Them Be Little” by Lonestar

Song Year: 2004

Country music artists like to write about time moving too fast, encouraging listeners to take a moment and appreciate things the way they are before it’s too late.

“Let Them Be Little” is the perfect dancing song for a mother and son, especially if the mom is a little more sentimental. She’ll be able to get all her tears out when this song plays.

“Mama” by the Spice Girls

Song Year: 1996

The great temptation for a child, especially in the teenage years, is to feel like their mom never lets them do anything fun. They might even feel like their mom is unreasonable.

But when kids grow up and start having kids of their own, Mom’s decisions suddenly make a lot more sense. The Spice Girls do a great job of commemorating this in “Mama.”

“Send ‘Em On Down The Road” by Garth Brooks

Song Year: 2014

Parents want to protect their kids from anything that might hurt them or make life difficult. It’s an instinct that most people experience when they have children.

The truth is parents can’t protect kids from everything. They can take care of them and give them a great home life and a safe environment, but the kids have to go out on their own at some point.

“When You Need Me” by Bruce Springsteen

Song Year: 1998

The world is a hard place to live. So many tough things about life make it difficult for parents to feel comfortable when kids grow up and move out.

One of the most beautiful things a mother can give her son is the assurance that there will always be a home for him if he needs it. That’s what makes this Springsteen tune a perfect wedding song.

“Child of Mine” by Carole King

Song Year: 1970

Mothers try to raise their sons to know how to make good decisions and be confident out on their own in the world.

When the time comes for a son to commit his life to another woman, for better or for worse, a mother can rest easy knowing that she’s done all she can to prepare him.

“Humble And Kind” by Tim McGraw

Song Year: 2016

Parents want many things for their kids, but they want their kids to be good people.

Mothers will wish for many things throughout their son’s childhood, but when it comes time for marriage, they’ll start hoping for more specific things.

“Humble And Kind” is a great perspective for any mother watching their son get married.

“I Wish You Love” by Dean Martin

“I Wish You Love” by Dean Martin

Song Year: 1996

“I Wish You Love” has seen many artists take on the challenge of singing it, but few have performed quite as well as Dean Martin.

Dino delivers the perfect combination of charming, emotional, and jazzy. You’ll love dancing with your mom to this old standard at your wedding. She’ll love it, too.

“In My Mother’s Eyes” by Willie Nelson

Song Year: 1991

Mothers see the world differently, especially when it comes to their sons. No one will fight for a son as much as a mother will.

Dancing to this sweet song from Willie Nelson will make your mother feel like the special woman she is to you. It’s the least you can do on your wedding day.

“The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert

Song Year: 2009

Miranda Lambert’s song about home and going back to your roots isn’t specifically about mothers and sons, but it could still be an awesome wedding dance song.

You and your mother will both be feeling a little sentimental when “The House That Built Me” starts playing. The best thing to do is simply embrace the emotion.

“Mother Like Mine” by The Band Perry

Song Year: 2013

Many people in the world think that life would be easier and people would be better off if everyone had a mother like their mother.

If you want your mom to feel particularly special, consider playing this song from The Band Perry for your wedding dance. She’ll never have to wonder how highly you think of her.

“You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins

Song Year: 1999

Phil Collins wrote this amazing song for an animated film, but it’s easily one of the best songs for dancing with your mother at a wedding.

What could be sweeter than “You’ll Be In My Heart” playing in the background while you honor your mother on the most important day of your life? You’ll both love the choice.

“Wild World” by Kip Moore

Song Year: 2020

A good mother will repeatedly take time out of her day to tell her son the truth about the world and how he can interact with it in a meaningful and healthy way.

She’ll tell him exactly how important it is to find a good wife who will love him unconditionally and take care of him for the rest of his life.

“Baby Mine” by Alison Krauss

Song Year: 1996

Alison Krauss sings one of the simplest and most beautiful songs about motherhood, “Baby Mine.”

It’s straight to the point and comes from the perspective of a mother singing directly to her child. It almost sounds like a lullaby. It communicates the importance of a mother’s love, making it a great wedding dance song.

“A Mother’s Prayer” by Céline Dion

Song Year: 2004

“A Mother’s Prayer” is another song that comes across as a mother telling God everything she hopes will happen for her child.

Adding Céline Dion’s outstanding voice to these touching lyrics will make you and your mother feel a little emotional while you dance to this song at your wedding.

“You Bring Me Joy” by Carolyn Arends

Song Year: 1999

A good mother loves her son no matter what. Everything he does becomes a cherished memory she will hold on to for his entire life. She’ll think of him and smile because of those memories.

Dancing to this Carolyn Arends song with your mom will help her find closure as she lets another woman come into your life.

“Mom” by Garth Brooks

Song Year: 2014

While this song doesn’t make much sense from a biological standpoint, it certainly has an emotional value that makes it an excellent song for mothers.

The song centers around a baby about to enter the world, telling God all of the things he’s afraid of because the world is just so scary.

God assures him that he’ll be just fine because God is giving him a wonderful being to take care of him: a mother.

“Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)” by Billy Joel

Song Year: 2005

The lullaby song style doesn’t exist in popular music anymore, but there are still a few great examples that communicate something special to the listener.

This Billy Joel tune is a great song to dance to at your wedding because it perfectly embodies the special love between a mother and her son.

“Boy” by Lee Brice

Song Year: 2017

“Boy” features parents singing to a baby boy to sleep, telling him everything he will experience as he grows into a young man.

If your mother ever struggled to sing you to sleep, she’ll appreciate everything about this song. Consider playing this at your wedding so you and your mom can dance, laugh, and maybe cry.

“You’ll Always Be My Baby” by Sara Evans

Song Year: 2005

A mother never stops being a mother, even when her son grows up, gets married, and starts having kids of his own. His mother will always be an important relationship in his life.

That’s one of the most beautiful things about motherhood and why making your mom feel extra special on your wedding day is important.

“What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” by Carrie Underwood

Song Year: 2015

Carrie Underwood delivers a heartfelt and emotionally vulnerable song with “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted.”

She tells her audience how she never realized that being a mom was something she truly and desperately wanted for her life. Try not to cry too much as you dance with your mom to this song.

“Somebody’s Hero” by Jamie O’Neal

Song Year: 2005

Jamie O’Neal sings a classic country song about the world’s most important superhero: a mother.

There’s nothing quite like a mother who takes intentional care of all her children. She gives her kids everything, including pieces of her soul, as she protects them. You can make your mother feel special if you dance to this song. 

“Young Man” by Justin Timberlake

Song Year: 2018

Men need the firm but gentle guiding hand of a mother. A mother is the first person in his life who should always be there for him and stand up for him. She’ll also be sure to tell him when he messes up.

Recognizing the importance of the relationship between a mother and son makes the mother-and-son dance even more memorable.

“A Letter To My Mama” by Vince Gill

Song Year: 2019

There are a lot of songs out there about mothers and sons, and so many of them come from the mother's perspective.

Vince Gill delivers a beautiful and touching song from his perspective about how special his mother is and how sorry he is for how he behaved toward her.

Your mom will feel loved with this song playing.

“Wind Beneath My Wings” by Kenny Rogers

Song Year: 1996

A mother is so often the driving force behind her son’s success. That’s partly why the mother and son dance at a wedding is so important.

When a man can recognize his life is different, even better, because of his mother, he will truly understand what it means to be a good husband.

“Days Like This” by Van Morrison

Song Year: 1995

Van Morrison has a distinct voice that most people can recognize instantaneously. It’s really hard to mistake Van Morrison for anyone else.

He also sings songs that are potent and meaningful. “Days Like This” is a great example, as it delivers a very hopeful message to anyone who struggles to believe things will get better.  At the root of it all is the wisdom of a mother.

“You’re Gonna Be” by Reba McEntire

Song Year: 2005

Reba sings this beautiful song with every ounce of love and adoration you would expect from a mother. It was such a meaningful song that she and her son danced to it at his wedding.

Don’t worry about copying Reba. The song is exactly the heartfelt tune you and your mother will love.

“Like Jesus Does” by Eric Church

Song Year: 2011

Eric Church most likely wrote this song for his wife, but the lyrics could be used interchangeably for a man who wants to dedicate it to his mother.

There are a lot of special things about the relationship between a mother and son. However, the best thing is that a mother loves her son no matter what.

“Loves Me Like a Rock” by Paul Simon

Song Year: 1973

Paul Simon has a lot of quirky songs, but “Loves Me Like a Rock” is one of those exceptional tunes you’ll love no matter what.

Not only does the song have a great theme, but the bouncing tune will give you and your mom a unique way to celebrate the wedding dance tradition.

“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman

Song Year: 1995

Randy Newman sings this song for a children’s movie, but it could be a great song for you and your mom to dance to at your wedding.

It tells a classic tale about always being there for the people you love while delivering a more upbeat and jazzy tune.

“My Love is Your Love” by Whitney Houston

Song Year: 1998

The best thing that a mother can give to her children is unconditional love. Among other things, such affection teaches her kids how they should treat others.

Dancing to Whitney Houston at your wedding is always a good idea, and making this your mother-and-son dance song will be a crowd-pleaser.

“In My Life” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1965

It’s hard to go wrong when you pick a song from The Beatles, especially for your wedding. They have so many great love songs that you’ll enjoy playing for your guests and your family.

If you need a song from The Beatles for your mother and son dance, consider “In My Life.” It’s simple, heartfelt, and ambiguous enough to be about anyone.

“Because You Loved Me” by Céline Dion

Song Year: 1996

Love gives people an amazing kind of power. When you’re loved by someone, especially someone like a mother, you feel like you can do just about anything.

A mother’s love is particularly important because it nourishes kids when they’re little and supports and sustains them as they grow.

Honor your mother the right way with this Céline Dion song at your wedding.

“Forever Young” by Rod Stewart

Song Year: 1988

Mothers will probably agree that a small part of them will always think of their kids as the babies they spent so much time raising.

“Forever Young” honors that in a way that isn’t too regretful and doesn’t idealize youth unnecessarily. It simply speaks to the truth that mothers will always have a place in their hearts for their sons.

“Call Your Mama” by Seth Ennis with Little Big Town

Song Year: 2018

Who is the first person you want to call when life gets hard? Most likely, the answer is your mother. “Call Your Mama” is a cute song and great advice.

Make sure your mother feels extra special on your wedding day by dancing with her to this sweet song.

“If I Didn’t Have You” by Thompson Square

Song Year: 2013

“If I Didn’t Have You” is more of a love song than a song about mothers and sons, but it can apply to mothers and sons.

Mothers and sons especially rely upon each other. The relationship is unique and beautiful, making their wedding dance particularly important.

“My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

Song Year: 2006

Rascal Flatts sings some great songs about parenthood and the love between parents and their kids.

“My Wish” is one of the sweetest examples of those songs. Dancing to this one with your mom is one of the best decisions you can make for your special day.

“Teach Your Children” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Song Year: 1969

The fantastic Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young quartet delivers a great ballad about teaching your kids how to live honorably.

Your mother probably taught you how to live, so dancing to a song like this at your wedding is a way to honor her teachings.

“The River” by Garth Brooks

Song Year: 1991

Garth Brooks has a way of turning a vague concept into something beautiful, heartfelt, and incredibly meaningful.

Dancing to “The River” with your mom will create a special moment you can share for years.

“Mommas” by The Swon Brothers

Song Year: 2020

The Swon Brothers released a lovely tribute to mothers everywhere and the song is perfect for dancing with your mother at the wedding.

Be warned, however, it’s likely that both of you will tear up during your dance, as the lyrics of this song are going to strike a chord with both moms and sons. What better way to end your dance than to tell your mom that you love her?

Top Mother-Son Dance Songs For Your Wedding, Final Thoughts

Whether you pick a country song, an old jazz classic, or an alternative-style tune, your mother-son dance song is sure to be a hit.

Make sure you pick something slow and sweet so that Mom can tell you everything she’s been waiting to say.

After all, a mother-and-son dance should bring a tear or two to the eye.

P.S. Check this out if you need a father-daughter dance song as well!

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