33 Best Country Songs About Dads

Country music lovers have a plethora of songs to add to their playlist when they want specific tunes with a theme. So, if you are searching for the best country songs about dads, this list provides a diverse collection of music you will love.


1. “Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn

Song year: 1986

“Daddy’s Hands” is a terrific depiction of the many elements that make up a father by examining his hands. 

She describes the love and devotion in his arms while caring for her and her mother. In contrast, the lyrics depict hands that work hard each day and are strong while still holding love within them.

2. “Love Without End Amen” by George Strait

Song year: 1990

George Strait tells how a father’s love is never-ending, even when children get into trouble at school or misbehave.

The lyrics follow a young boy through his life as he learns about his father’s love and being a father.

3. “My Old Man” by Zac Brown Band

Song year: 2017

“My Old Man “is a heartwarming tribute to a father with a massive presence in his child’s life. It talks about the loving and careful decisions he took while raising his child, resulting in his son wanting to be just like his dad.

The melody ends with the singer now as a father and with a desire to learn everything from his dad and be like him.

4. “You Had To Be There” by Tim McGraw

Song year: 2009

Tim McGraw tells a sorrowful tale of a 21-year-old man meeting his dad as he sits in prison. The lyrics describe the man's frustration seeing his father after so many years of absence.

Although the father tries to justify his leaving, the man reiterates that it is too late to go back and that he needed him from the start.

5. “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like My Daddy Anymore” by Loretta Lynn

Song year: 1974

Loretta Lynn showcases the many attributes she feels her dad possesses that you don’t find in others anymore. His hard-working ethic and morals set him apart from those who complain and take handouts when they can.

6. “Drive (For Daddy Gene)” by Alan Jackson

Song year: 2002

“Drive (For Daddy Gene)” encompasses many highlights of a boy’s life that he remembers fondly. From driving an old wooden boat to a Ford truck, he cherishes the memories of taking the wheel with his dad by his side.

The song ends with the man having his own kids and letting them drive, hoping to give them the same memories he has.

7. “Just Fishin’ ” by Trace Atkins

Song year: 2011

Trace Atkins paints a picture of a father and daughter moment in time. The lyrics explore the different purposes of their fishing adventure, as the girl thinks it is about fishing while the dad is making memories. He knows how memorable little moments like fishing are and wants to soak them in before she grows up.

8. “In My Arms” by Mark Wills

Song year: 2000

Mark Wills portrays a father’s deep love for his child in “In My Arms.” The lyrics ponder the trials and tribulations the child will face throughout their lifetime but reiterates the safety of a father’s embrace.

This tune talks about how his child will grow from fairytales to broken dreams, but he will always be there to hold them safe in his arms.

9. “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

Song year: 2006

“My Wish” is an endearing story of a father who only wants the very best for his child. The lyrics describe everything the dad wishes his kid could experience, learn, and grow from throughout their life.

Additionally, the singer professes their love in every line and wishes that his child’s life is full of grace and positive experiences without too much worry or stress.

10. “Anything Like Me” by Brad Paisley

Song year: 2009

Brad Paisley perfectly captures a father’s thoughts in “Anything Like Me.” Throughout the lyrics, the singer explores his curiosity about how his unborn son will turn out.

This tune looks back on the many traits and challenges the father faced in his younger years. From skinned knees to driving too fast and skipping school, the melody covers many characteristic behaviors of a son.

11. “That’s My Job” by Conway Twitty

Song year: 1987

Conway Twitty’s song follows the life of a little boy and his father as their relationship changes over the years. The child is scared of the day when his father is no longer with him and looks to his dad for comfort and security.

As the song goes on, the boy grows into a man and learns how to continue on after his father passes.

12. “Daddy What If” by Bobby Bare

Song year: 1973

“Daddy What If” is a lyrical conversation between a boy and his father. He asks his dad several questions about the sun not shining, the wind not blowing, and the grass not growing.

The father has a creative answer for each question that involves the child bringing light and life back into the world.

13. “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” by Darius Rucker

Song year: 2008

Darius Rucker explores the emotions every parent feels as they face challenges with their child. The repetitive message that it won’t be like this for long is a ballad that parents cling to as they go through the many growth stages.

14. “A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How)” by High Valley

“A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How)” by High Valley

Song year: 2010

High Valley’s tune is familiar to many who have dads that do not express emotion openly. This song reflects on how a father never took the time to have a heart-to-heart but goes out of his way to do things for his child.

Ultimately, the singer realizes that his father was showing love the only way he knew.

15. “I’ll Be There” by Josh Turner

Song year: 2010

Josh Turner shows the deep-rooted feelings of love a father has for his child in “I’ll Be There.” Each lyric describes the father being a caregiver, a superhero, a coach, or a clown when it is needed.

16. “I Loved Her First” by Heartland

Song year: 2006

This tune is from the father’s perspective regarding his baby girl and how he has loved her from the first day and as she begins her new life with her husband.

The singer pleads for the listener to take care of his daughter and how difficult it is for him to give her away.

17. “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle

Song year: 1995

Bob Carlisle describes a dad's love for his girl in “Butterfly Kisses.” He delves into how the father looks forward to the butterfly kisses he gets each day from his daughter and how she was sent from heaven to him.

This tune follows the father’s journey as he watches his daughter grow up and live her life as a woman.

18.“Things Dads Do” by Thomas Rhett

Song year: 2021

Thomas Rhett’s song provides a picture of many typical things a man will do when he has a child, from making their son do yardwork to lending the truck or having a beer together.

As the song ends, the son becomes a man, has a child of his own, and realizes all the things that dads do.

19. “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” by Reba McEntire

Song year: 1991

In a melancholy tune, Reba McEntire shares a story of a father and daughter with a relationship that was less than ideal. The lyrics look back on growing up in a home where her father never expressed love or attention much due to his work.

In the end, the singer reflects on the many missed opportunities to get to know her father better before he was gone.  

20. “Ready, Set, Don’t Go” by Billy Ray Cyrus

Song year: 2007

Billy Ray Cyrus touches on the feelings of watching a daughter grow up too fast in “Ready, Set, Don’t Go.” His lyrics describe his child as ready to face the world on her own with excitement and anticipation.

However, the father masks his sadness about losing his baby girl, even though he wants to tell her not to go.

21. “He Didn’t Have To Be” by Brad Paisley

Song year: 1999

This tune takes a different approach to fathers by telling the story of a man who married a single mother and chose to be a dad.

The singer recognizes how his dad came into his life, stepped into the role even though he didn’t have to, and aspires to be just like him.

22. “The Walk” by Sawyer Brown

Song year: 1991

Sawyer Brown’s lyrics look at how a father walks his young son down the driveway to the school bus, sending him off on a life of his own as he ages through the years.

The father’s constant reassurance rings through that life will work out, and each generation walks in similar circumstances.

23. “My Last Name” by Dierks Bentley

Song year: 2003

Dierks Bentley pays tribute to a boy’s father and family. Throughout the lyrics, he describes the journey of his last name, how it came from his grandfather and father to him, and the responsibility it carries.

24. “Song For Dad” by Keith Urban

Song year: 2002

Keith Urban tells the story of a father’s love and actions through a child’s eyes in “Song For Dad.” The singer reflects on how he sees many of the same traits of his father in himself, from the words he speaks to the things he does.

25. “Dance Baby Dance” by Chris Cagle

Song year: 2012

Chris Cagle provides another heartwarming father-daughter song with “Dance Baby Dance”. This melody focuses on a father soaking up every minute of his daughter’s life as they dance together.

As the singer recognizes his baby girl is growing up and leaving home, he remembers the times they spent dancing together.

26. “Keep It Between The Lines” by Ricky Van Shelton

Song year: 1991

In this touching melody, “Keep It Between The Lines” explores a boy's life as he follows his father’s advice. From driving for the first time to coloring with his son, this song expresses a father’s love and guidance for his child.

27. “Mr. Mom” by Lonestar

Song year: 2004

Lonestar created one of the more playful country songs about dads with “Mr. Mom.” It tells of how a father ends up staying home to take on the role of primary caregiver for the children after a job loss.

28.“You Should Be Here” by Cole Swindell

Song year: 2016

Cole Swindell remembers a father that left his son’s life too early. The lyrics delve into the joy his father would feel and how the singer wished his dad was with him during these moments.

29. “When She Grows Up” by Craig Campbell

Song year: 2013

“When She Grows Up” puts a positive light on having a child even when leaving old dreams behind. The singer talks about how his daughter has changed his priorities and how he wants to live up to everything she believes he is.

30. “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins

Song year: 2006

Rodney Atkins describes an iconic father-son relationship. From learning curse words to praying at night, the young boy repeats everything his dad does.

The lyrics talk about how the boy watches everything his dad does so he can be just like him when he’s grown.

31. “Build Me A Daddy” by Luke Bryan

Song year: 2020

Luke Bryan’s melancholic “Build Me A Daddy” paints a picture of a boy facing the loss of his father. He reaches out to a local toymaker with the plea to build him a daddy.

The lyrics compare the boy’s father to Superman, with a crooked smile and a Southern drawl. This song tugs at the heartstrings as the boy wants his dad to return so he can do everything they haven’t done yet.

32. “He’s Mine” by Rodney Atkins

Song year: 2011

This is one of the best Rodney Atkins country songs for Father’s Day. It gives insight into a father who claims his son when he is caught misbehaving and when he’s the football star.

33. “I Know Who He Is” by William Michael Morgan

Song year: 2016

“I Know Who He Is” is an endearing song centering on a son’s love for his father and how even though his dad’s health is failing, he still remembers better days.

Best Country Songs About Dads, Final Thoughts

When building a playlist of country songs about dads, there are dozens to choose from. Do you have any favorites from this list? Is there one that didn’t make it on here? Including any of these songs will be terrific to listen to on Father’s Day.

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