9 Best Songs About Trenton

Trenton, the capital of the small state of New Jersey, is a bustling city with an extensive history. While Trenton isn't a city that musicians write about frequently like they do Los Angeles, New York, or Nashville, it still comes up in many great songs. Here are the best songs about Trenton, New Jersey.

Brasilia Crossed With Trenton by Bob Mould

Song Year: 1989

This Bob Mould song is different from most other songs about Trenton on our list. “Brasilia Crossed With Trenton” is more about a hypothetical Trenton rather than the actual city of Trenton, New Jersey.

The artist sings about how your imagination tends to run wild when you live in a small town. Anyone who lived in a small town and dreamed of getting out can relate to that line. He sings about how he has a train ticket where he's supposed to go to Brasilia, but the stub says Trenton. Of course, this isn't real but an imaginary scenario in his mind.

Bomb New Jersey by Aurelio Voltaire

Song Year: 2007

Not everyone loves their hometown, so if that's you, you'll relate to Aurelio Voltaire's song, “Bomb New Jersey.” The song is about his distaste for his Trenton, New Jersey hometown. The lyrics are hyperbolic, and the artist states how he would make a deal with the devil if he could see the town blown up.

The song is intense and does not necessarily depict Trenton as a whole but is more about the artist's personal feelings as someone who grew up there. Their experience is more negative than positive, but it shows you how everyone has a different view. If you're in the mood to hear some angsty lyrics and music, you have to listen to this song about Trenton.

Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)” by Jay-Z

Song Year: 2001

Jay-Z might be the most famous artist on our list, and he has a song that mentions Trenton, New Jersey. The lyrics are all about different things that made Jay-Z the man he is today. If you were to ask the rapper where he's from, he'd say Brooklyn, but he gives Trenton credit for helping him grow.

The song is pretty wholesome in many ways. He talks about how his mom raised him and how much he misses his dad. He mentions different people and cities that have helped shape him into his adult self. It's not one of his most famous songs, but well worth a listen.

Trenton by Bill Dunn ENTERTAINMENT

Song Year: 2012

Bill Dunn ENTERTAINMENT's song, “Trenton,” is a song the artist wrote as a joke, but it's one of the best songs about Trenton, even if it is a joke. The artist raps the song more than he sings, and the lyrics are easy to learn.

The song spells out Trenton, letter by letter, and states that that's where the artist originates. While the song repeats the city's spelling and many lyrics, the tone suggests that the artist is proud of being from Trenton. Anyone who loves being from Trenton will probably enjoy this song, even if it is a joke.

Trenton State of Mind by Skoeminati

Song Year: 2020

Another rap song about Trenton is “Trenton State of Mind” by Skoeminati. The song has a deep meaning, and despite the song having a fun beat, it is pretty sad when you listen to the lyrics. Skoeminati raps about the less fortunate areas of Trenton.

Many of the lyrics mention the ghetto, drugs, alcohol, and poverty. As you listen to the lyrics, Skoeminati states that these are one way to represent the city of Trenton, but it's not necessarily the whole picture of the town. While it's not a full picture of the city, he makes sure to share the side of Trenton that not everyone gets to see on the outside looking in.

Hey New Jersey by Shockocracy

Hey New Jersey by Shockocracy

Song Year: 2021

Shockocracy wrote what some would call a love song to the entire state of New Jersey. This is because the artist is originally from a small New Jersey town (not Trenton). While they mention plenty of other areas of the state in the song, Trenton appears in a verse of the song.

The artist doesn't spend long talking about any one city in New Jersey, but their line about Trenton talks about how historic the city is. Despite the song not solely focusing on Trenton, the song is fun and provides some fun facts about various towns in New Jersey.

Stuck Here With My Thoughts In Trenton by Iron Eyes Cody

Song Year: 2016

“Stuck Here With My Thoughts in Trenton” is an interesting song about this Garden State city. The song has a few meanings that are all up for interpretation based on your thoughts. Iron Eyes Cody tells a story about a crime committed, and the offender ends up in Trenton, New Jersey.

They state that they're miles from Memphis and stuck with their thoughts about the crime that was committed. What the crime was is what's up for interpretation and if the lyrics have any truth. Trenton is mentioned throughout the chorus, making it one of the best songs about Trenton.

Crashlyn by My Neighbor Kellan

Song Year: 2018

Despite the title of this song not hinting at any mention of Trenton, it does when you listen to the lyrics. The song's singer tells a story about their time with someone named Ashlyn, whose nickname is “Crashlyn,” hence the song's title.

Trenton gets brought up in the second verse. My Neighbor Kellan's singer is singing directly to Ashlyn and asking her if she remembers the summer they spent in Trenton together. Some of the things the singer and Ashlyn did in Trenton include riding go-karts and going to the fun park. Overall, it's a sad song, but Trenton does get a positive mention.

Garden State by Raspberry Pie

Song Year: 2016

Raspberry Pie's “Garden State” song is about their home state. They're from New Jersey and chose to write a song about it. It's a song about how nothing will compare to their home state and the city of Trenton, no matter where they go.

Many of the lyrics even state how the “bad” parts of Trenton, like the traffic and trash-lined streets, are still more appealing to them than the beaches in Florida because it's home to them. Anyone who loves where they're from will appreciate the emotion and love behind the lyrics in this song.

Top Songs About Trenton, Final Thoughts

The songs are written about Trenton and range in style, theme, and year they were released. Whether you're interested in rap, indie, alternative, or pop music, there's a song about Trenton, New Jersey, that you'll probably enjoy. Be sure to add these songs to a playlist to listen to the best songs about Trenton.

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