29 Best Football Hype Songs Ever

Best Football Hype Songs

With football season looming in, now is the time to spice up your pregame and tailgating playlist of the best pump up football songs.

Whatever you need to cheer you up for the big game, we have it!

Here are our choice of the BEST football hype songs ever written:

“Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” by Faith Hill

Song Year: 2007

This country-rock song has become the anthem for many football fans.

Even though several talented women have sung this song, Faith Hill's version of “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” is the one that resonates most with fans.

Her iconic vocals and style let you know that the wait is over! It's time for some football!

“Enter Sandman” by Metallica

Song Year: 1984

There is nothing quite like the song “Enter Sandman” by the heavy metal band Metallica blasting during a football game.

Considered to be one of Metallica's greatest songs, “Enter Sandman” is iconic. When the guitar riffs begin and the goosebumps pop, football is ready to play!

This unforgettable song will get you hyped for anything the game may throw at

“We Will Rock You” by Queen

Song Year: 1977

For four decades, this iconic song “We Will Rock You” by Queen has pumped up football fans and injected energy with the crowd stomping, clapping, and, of course, singing.

“We Will Rock You” grabs you from the first note and holds you the entire song.

Freddie Mercury makes you believe that WE can take on any opponent and rock the football out of them.

“Are You Ready for Some Football?” by Hank Williams Jr.

Song Year: 1996

Originally airing on ESPN Monday Night Football in 1996 only to be dropped, picked back up, and then dropped again, “Are You Ready for Some Football” remains one of the best songs about American football ever.

“Are You Ready for Some Football?” is a classic anthem with football fans singing along to the lyrics for nearly 26 years!

When Hank asks, all football fans answer: YES, WE ARE!

“Stronger” by Kanye West

Song Year: 2007

While many might not know that the 1988 anime film Akira inspired this Kanye West song and features Daft Punk's 2001 “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” single, everyone knows that West always means business.

These pummeled lyrics and flowing beat will get you hyped to be stronger than any football team out there.

“Jump Around” by House of Pain

Song Year: 1992

House of Pain probably did not intend for “Jump Around” to become an iconic football hype song, but it has become synonymous with pumping up football players and fans since the early 90s.

Even though “Jump Around” might be considered a one-hit-wonder, it hasn't stopped the song from being pumped through football stadiums across the United States.

The lyrics and beats are contagious, getting everyone who hears them so excited they have to jump around.

“The Boys of Fall” by Kenny Chesney

Song Year: 2010

This song is about everything football and more.

Yes, a little slower than most hype songs, but one would argue no other hype song is more meaningful.

While the emotional side of the song might seem to contradict the aggression and competitiveness of a football game, fans have latched onto the song and used it to keep the game's true meaning close at heart.

“Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne

Song Year: 1980

Released in 1980, “Crazy Train” has become a staple for football fans everywhere.

This song is about bringing craziness into the mainstream of life, and what can be more football than that?

When Ozzy commands you to climb aboard, you are hyped and ready to go. That opening kickoff can only match the energy and madness of this song!

“TNT” by AC/DC

Song Year: 1975

You are ready to explode from the first strum of the guitar when this song comes on!

Written and released by Australian rock band AC/DC, “TNT” is as fiery as the name implies.

The lyrics in “TNT” are a detonator for energy, and the rhythm hypes you up to the brink of eruption, pumping you up for any fumble or blitz that might come your way.

“Here Comes The (Boom!)” by Nelly

Song Year: 2005

Released as part of the soundtrack for the movie The Longest Yard (2005), “Here Comes The (Boom!)” is a staple for pumping up football falls.

Nelly has a style that is all his own. From the first work, you know you are ready to get excited.

“Here Comes The (Boom!)” has a beat that pulls football fans to their feet and lyrics that intensify you to drop the boom on anyone who dares get in your way.

“Jump” by Van Halen.

Song Year: 1984

This Van Halen song is a true classic and has been pumping up football players and fans since the 80s.

Released as the first single for Van Halen's album 1984, “Jump” has been driving fans to hype status ever since.

The lyrics encourage you to always give it your all. With this song hyping you up for the game, you will be jumping up to support every pass and touchdown.

“Inhaler” by Foals

Song Year: 2013

This alternative/indie hit might not be something you immediately thought of to hype you up for some football, but believe us; it will!

“Inhaler,” released by the British band Foals, is about feeling attacked and fighting back.

You find yourself singing this song when your football team is up against a 4th and long, and victory is on the line.

“Lose Yourself” by Eminem

Song Year: 2002

After last year's Super Bowl performance, this song by Detroit rapper Eminem has been returning to people's football hype playlist (not that it ever really left many).

“Lose Yourself,” released in 2002 as part of the soundtrack to the movie 8 Mile, is a hip-hop song that spits lyrics about taking every opportunity given to you and never letting it slip by.

“Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake Feat. Lil Jon

"Turn Down For What" by DJ Snake Feat. Lil Jon

Song Year: 2013

This question requires no answer.

First released in 2013 by the French DJ and record producer DJ Snake and American rapper Lil Jon “Turn Down for What” has been turning people up ever since.

The lyrics alone to this song are enough to get you pumped, but once that beat drops, there will be no holding you back.

The combination of DJ Snake's EDM and the Southern trap music of Lil Jon will have charged up for every 4th and goal play.

“Who Gon Stop Me” by Jay Z and Kanye West

Song Year: 2011

If you are looking for a song that will hype you up with its ruthless beat and brutal lyrics, “Who Gon Stop Me” is the hype song for you!

With the genius of Jay Z and Kanye West combined, how can you not get pumped?

Rapping about getting in the right mental state and always knowing you will come out on top, “Who Gon Stop Me” will hype up any football fan.

“Work REMIX” by A$AP Ferg

Song Year: 2013

“Work REMIX” is the exact song to hype up any football fan to get ready for the game's obstacles.

Released off the smash album Trap Lord “Work REMIX” features artists like A$AP Rocky and French Montana to get you hyped!

The beats and the lyrics in “Work REMIX” will get you working towards your goals and, hopefully, that touchdown.

“Can't Hold Us” by Macklemore

Song Year: 2011

“Can't Hold Us” took a little longer compared to Macklemore's first hit to resonate with people, but it has not stopped once it did.

“Can't Hold Us” features drum beats that fire you up, and piano notes that stir your soul.

This anthem will inspire you to break through anything and everything holding you back and push through to that first down!

“Let's Go Crazy” by Prince

Song Year: 1984

What better to do when getting hyped for football than going crazy?

Prince would agree there is nothing better to do! Considered to be funk-rock and from the album Purple Rain,  the song “Let's Go Crazy” electrifies your pulse and cranks you up to the next level.

The song encourages you not to let anything break you down, including those rival football teams.

“All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled

Song Year: 2010

What could be more of a hype song than this?

“All I Do Is Win” is from DJ Khaled's fourth album and has become a sports anthem. The beats flow and the lyrics' raw passion will motivate and pump you up for every game.

With artists like T-Pain, Ludacris, Rick Ross, & Snoop Dogg featured on the song, you will feel like all you do is win too!

“The Final Countdown” by Europe

Song Year: 1986

“The Final Countdown” will hype you up before kickoff and is excellent for keeping you pumped as the clock winds down at the end of the 4th quarter.

“The Final Countdown” was inspired by David Bowie's Space Oddity and has been an iconic anthem ever since.

With one of the most recognizable keyboard bars in music to start the song, you know when you hear it that it is time to tear up that gridiron.

“Pump It” by Black Eyed Peas

Song Year: 2009

Between the rhythm and the lyrics, “Pump It” does just that; it pumps you up.

“Pump It” is classic Balck Eyed Peas. It blends hip-hop rhythms and surfer vibes seamlessly woven throughout the lyrics and beats.

“Pump It” is the perfect song to throw on to keep you hyped during a timeout or a play review in any football game.

“Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen

Song Year: 1980

Another Queen classic makes our list, with the iconic “Another One Bites The Dust.”

Considered by many as one of Queen's best songs ever written, “Another One Bites The Dust” tells a tale of taking down an enemy.

With its snappy beat and unforgettable lyrics, this song is a victory cry for all football fans and players when the clock finally hits zero.

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

Song Year: 1982

Another classic! “Eye of the Tiger,” released by the rock band Survivor in 1982, has been belted out at football stadiums ever since.

“Eye of the Tiger” is a quintessential hype song.

Although written and featured in a boxing movie, nothing says getting pumped up for football more than meeting any challenges out on the field waiting for you.

“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC

Song Year: 1990

Even though this AC/DC classic is over 25 years old, “Thunderstruck” continues to electrify football fans.

Most people consider it one of the best AC/DC songs, and you won't find many who can argue with that.

The energetic and breakneck electric guitar licks combined with aggressive and choppy lyrics will have any football fan reading to bring the lighting down on their opponents.

“Rock and Roll Part II” by Gary Glitter

Song Year: 1972

Another song on our list, from a football soundtrack, “Rock and Roll Part II,” has been hyping up the game of football for over 40 years.

Even though the song is primarily instrumental, the moment you hear that first “hey,” your hands start clapping, and your body starts moving.

Whether you listen to “Rock and Roll Part II” before the game to get pumped or during the game to celebrate a touchdown, you will definitely be ready for some football.

“Hall Of Fame” by The Script And Will.I.Am

Song Year: 2012

Could there be a better song to hype you up for football than “Hall Of Fame” because that is where you want your football team to be, right?

Featuring the iconic rhythms of rapper Will.I.Am of The Black Eyed Peas fame and driving lyrics that can only be The Script, “Hall of Fame” pumps you up for anything that might want to stop your team from their goals.

“Get Ready For This” by 2 Unlimited

Song Year:1992

An excellent hype song used in almost every sporting event, “Get Ready For This” (or as you probably call it, “Y'all Ready For This) has a fast-paced tempo and a motivating rhetorical question.

Released by the Dutch group 2 Unlimited in 1992, “Get Ready For This” has become a staple to sports fans.

The moment this song comes on, football fans know that the other team is ABSOLUTELY not ready for this.

“Invincible” by Machine Gun Kelly Ft. Ester Dean

Song Year:2012

What football fan doesn't want their team to be invincible?

“Invincible,” with the lyrical style that can only be Machine Gun Kelly, speaks of his battles with critics and his passion for pushing through.

When the beat drops, your heart starts pounding along! Football fans can relate to that grit and get pumped listening to this song.

“Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns N' Roses

Song Year: 1987

It won't be all fun and games when you welcome your favorite rival football team to your jungle.

Released in 1987, “Welcome To The Jungle” has been an iconic hailing song to visiting teams.

Designed to pump you up with its aggressive lyrics and fierce style, “Welcome to the Jungle” makes a great addition to any football hype playlist.

Top Football Hype Songs Of All Time, Final Thoughts

So there you have it, our list of the best football hype songs ever written.

These songs will get you pumped for every kickoff, touchdown, and even penalty flag.

So whether you are motivated to cheer your team on by lyrics, beats, or even catchiness, this list won't leave you fumbling for your next playlist add.

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