39 Famous Punjabi Songs

Punjabi music is an integral part of the rich culture of Punjab. While Punjabi folk music is still an element of traditional celebrations, the music industry has evolved and songs have become a lot more pop.

Whether you’re new to Punjabi music or are looking for some nostalgic hits, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this list of famous Punjabi songs!

“Backbone” by Harrdy Sandhu

Song year: 2017

With hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, it’s safe to say that “Backbone” is a hit. This popular Punjabi love song features singer Harrdy Sandhu and lyrics from Jaani and B-Praak, a prolific songwriter who has contributed to many Punjabi movie soundtracks over the past few years.

The song is a touching ballad where the singer describes his significant other as his backbone. The melody is an interesting mix of modern pop music and traditional Punjabi rhythms.

“Lehanga” by Jass Manak

Song year: 2019

“Lehanga” is a popular love song with over 1.5 billion views on YouTube, making it one of the most famous Punjabi songs ever.

In spite of its upbeat melody, “Lehanga” tells the heartbreaking story of a failed relationship. The singer regrets that his significant other prefers spending time and money on her friends rather than focusing on their relationship.

“Dil Lutiya” by Jazzy B

Song year: 2005

“Dil Lutiya” remains an iconic Punjabi song of the 2000s. With lyrics in English and Punjabi, the upbeat song represents Jazzy B’s multicultural background as a Punjabi singer living in Canada.

The song features sounds inspired by traditional Punjabi music and classic instruments like table and dhol drums, but it also uses modern dance rhythms.

 “Kya Baat Ay” by Karan Aujla

Song year: 2020

Karan Aujla is one of the most successful digital Indian artists. His single “Kya Baat Ay” is about a man who discovers that his significant other has been cheating on him.

The slow tempo and expressive singing come together to convey the heartbreak behind the story the song tells. The music video features Punjabi actress Tania and tells the story of this doomed couple.

‘Mundian To Bach Ke” by Panjabi MC

Song year: 2003

Panjabi MC played an instrumental role in popularizing Punjabi music abroad with his 2003 hit “Mundian To Bach Ke,” which translates to “Beware of the Boys.” For many, this song was an introduction to modern Indian music.

The catchy song topped the charts in Italy, Germany, Belgium, and the U.K. It’s a unique mix of Punjabi folk music, 2000s dance and pop music, and rap, while the music video celebrates Punjabi culture with images of costumes and dancing.

“Haan Haige Aa” by Karan Aujla and Gurlez Akhtar

Song year: 2020

“Haan Haige Aa” was a hit for Punjabi-Canadian singer Karan Aujla was over 143 million streams on YouTube alone.

The song is a duet with Gurlez Akhtar that uses a classic call-and-answer structure between the two singers. The influence of modern rap music is obvious on this track, but the melody still makes use of traditional Punjabi string instruments.

“Keh Gayi Sorry” by Jassie Gill

Song year: 2020

Punjabi singer Jassie Gill recorded the song “Keh Gayi Sorry” during the pandemic. The emotional track tells the story of a couple who realizes their relationship is over and there is nothing they can do to save it.

The song features the vocals of actress Shehnaz Gill, who is famous for her appearance in Bigg Boss 13. Even though the two artists share the same last name, they are unrelated.

“Daru” by Amrinder Gill

Song year: 2007

“Daru” is an upbeat track from singer Amringer Gill. It also features Sukshinder Shinda and Babu Singh Maan.

The song is representative of Punjabi music in the 2000s with some recognizable influences from modern pop and dance music, while the melody also features traditional Punjabi instruments. The lyrics list the qualities the singer looks for in a potential wife.

‘Aaja Mahi” by Bimal Bhanot

Song year: 2023

“Aaja Mahi” is a recent Punjabi song from artist Bimal Bhanot. The song is a moderate commercial success, but it’s an interesting example of modern Punjabi music.

The track uses a beat that one would expect to find in a modern rap or trap song while the singer’s unique vocal style evokes Punjabi folk music and the Carnatic musical style popular in the south of India.

“Doctor” by Sidhu Moose Wala

Song year: 2020

Sidhu Moose Wala was a popular Punjabi rapper. “Doctor” was one of his last hits before his murder in 2022.

The rapper played an important role in establishing gangster rap culture as part of the Punjabi music scene and even faced legal issues for using gestures considered violent. 

“Doctor” is a slow-paced track that illustrates his unique style that mixes rap-inspired beats with classical Punjabi singing.

“Yes or No”by Jass Manak

Song year: 2020

“Yes or No” is a fun love song from Jass Manak. The song features elements of pop music, including an upbeat piano hook and an electronic melody.

The song is about a marriage proposal. The singer lists his accomplishments before asking his significant other if she will join him in the life he created.

“Filhall” by B Praak

Song year: 2019

“Filhall” is a popular hit on YouTube with over a billion views. The song also topped the UK Asian charts. It’s a sad pop song about two lovers who meet again after not seeing each other for years. The lyrics ask meaningful questions about love and loss.

The music video for the song features Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon. The video feels like a short movie that tells the story of the two lovers.

“Sakhiyaan” by Maninder Buttar

Song year: 2018

“Sakhiyaan” is a touching song that tells the story of a woman who becomes suspicious because her boyfriend is neglecting her.

It’s one of the most recent famous Punjabi songs with millions of views on YouTube. The track uses a beat that is reminiscent of a classic rap or hip-hop song while Maninder Buttar’s vocals are somewhere between rapping and traditional Punjabi singing.

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