37 Best Funeral Songs For A Grandpa

Losing a grandfather is a difficult experience. In such times, many people find solace in music.

Here are the best funeral songs for a grandpa to help express what you’re feeling for this important man in your life.


“I Wish Grandpas Never Died” by Riley Green

Song year: 2019

Ever since its release, “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” by Riley Green has been one of the most popular funeral songs for grandfathers. The track featured on Riley’s debut studio album, Different ‘Round Here. The track is a homage to his grandfathers, whom he credits as co-writers.

Nobody wants their granddad taken away from them, which makes the lyrics of this song quite relatable. The slow country music tempo is also quite soothing, especially in grief.

“Grandpa” by Justin Moore

Song year: 2009

“Grandpa” by Justin Moore is a poignant tune, co-written with Jamie Paulin and Jeremy Stover. This song is a tribute to Moore’s grandfather, who died of cancer.

Justin’s voice on this tune displays genuine, deep feelings associated with the death of his beloved grandfather. If your grandfather loved country music, this track is a great option to play during their final sendoff.

“Go Rest High On That Mountain” by Vince Gill

Song year: 1994

“Go Rest High On That Mountain” is the sixth single from Vince Gill’s album When Love Finds You. Gill began composing this eulogic ballad after the death of his friend and county music artist, Keith Whitley. However, Gill didn’t finish the song until years later, after his elder brother died of cardiac arrest.

From listening to the track, it’s clear how much emotion and anguish Gill poured into the lyrics. A great funeral song for a grandpa that gives mourners assurance their beloved is in a better place.

“Let It Be” by The Beatles

Song year: 1970

“Let It Be” is the Beatles’ final song of their last studio album. Paul McCartney composed the track when he felt alienated as the only Beatle still determined to keep the band together.

The song earned the highest debut on the Billboard Hot 100. It embodies the theme of acceptance, making it one of the common funeral songs about a grandpa dying.

“Angel Standing” by Jewel

Song year: 1994

“Angel Standing” is the 13th track from Jewel’s debut album, Pieces of You. At the time, Jewel was going through a rough patch, including homelessness. She pieced up this tune to find consolation.

Jewel’s unique voice gives this otherwise upbeat tune a gloomy element.

“Hero” by Mariah Carey

Song year: 1993

“Hero” is one of Mariah’s most personal and inspirational ballads. The track received huge commercial success, even topping the US Billboard Hot 100.

This song encourages you to be courageous and strong. If your grandfather was your hero, this is a great funeral song to grieve him and inspire you to move on.

“Angel Among Us” by Alabama

Song year: 1993

“Angel Among Us” by Alabama is a smooth ballad composed by Beck Hobbs and Don Goodman. Hops borrowed inspiration to write the track after surviving a vehicle crash.

This song conveys the message that someone is always looking out for you. One of the best funeral songs about a grandpa dying, as it’s consoling to know he hasn’t gone entirely.

“I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan

Song year: 1993

Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” is about savoring life’s pleasant moments and cherishing memories shared with your dear ones. The lyrics reflect warmly on the great times shared and express a desire to maintain that connection.

The chorus also reminds us to treasure life. A great funeral song to reflect on all the times you spent with your grandfather and reassure him that you’ll continue to push his legacy. 

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon & Garfunkel

Song year: 1964

Penned by Paul Simon and recorded solo by Art Garfunkel, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is a ballad about comforting somebody in distress. Despite the gloomy vibe of the track, it’s undoubtedly the most successful track by the American folk duo.

This track is relatable to anybody in grief as it reassures them that the deceased only depart in body and not spirit. This funeral tune also embodies hope beyond difficult times.

“Peace In The Valley” by Johnny Cash

Song year: 2014

We all desire tranquility in our lives. Unfortunately, regardless of how hard we try to find serenity, we’re constantly unsettled by life’s everyday challenges.

Thomas Dorsey originally composed the iconic ballad “There’ll Be Peace In The Valley for Me” for Mahalia Jackson. Johnny Cash’s rendition honors the calm that follows a fruitful and long life. A popular funeral song for its consolation message that your beloved is in a better place with God.

“Life Without You” by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Song year: 1985

“Life Without You” is a track Stevie composed following the tragic death of his mentor and best friend, Charley Wirz. The song demonstrates Stervie’s affection for Charley and how badly he misses him.

A great funeral song to pay tribute to your deceased grandfather and let him know how empty you feel without him.

“Believe” by Brooks & Dunn

Song year: 2005

Although the country music duo of Brooks & Dunn is renowned for upbeat tracks, they also released hearty tunes. “Believe” is a sad acoustic ballad where a guy reflects on his youth and the time spent with his neighbor, who’s a widower.

Wavering faith is common in trying times, particularly after losing a loved one. However, this song reassures you why you need to keep your faith up.

“Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd

Song year: 1975

“Wish You Were Here” is about the detachment many of us experience through life. It’s a statement on how people struggle emotionally, mentally, and physically with reality. The track’s primary inspiration was Syd Barrett, founder member of Pink Floyd, and his struggle with schizophrenia.

This longing is also common after losing a loved one. If you want to listen to some consoling words, play this during your grandpa’s memorial.

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