Chewie 2 – Where Can You Buy The Same Loop Pedal As Ed Sheeran 2024?

Buy Chewie 2 Ed Sheeran Loop Pedal

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Want to buy a Chewie Monsta Looper, or the latest model a Chewie 2 like Ed Sheeran showed off at the Grammys? Well while this is a custom made piece of equipment which can't be bought, the good news is his Chewie 2 is basically used to control a Roland FC300 MIDI Controller, which can be bought by anyone! They're in limited supply, so be quick if you're serious.

Chewie 2 is hooked up to a Roland FC300 MIDI Controller which is placed back stage. With Chewie acting as a pedal board controller, it controls the Roland FC 300. So if you want to get the same effects then you can achieve it with that.

Can You Build Your Own Chewie 2 If You Can't Buy One?

Building an exact replica of Chewie 2 would cost money, and require access to the specs of the original. And while I don't know for sure, I'm pretty certain Ed has made sure another Chewie Monsta Looper isn't made for anyone other than himself.

So in short, no.

But if you want one that's ‘close enough', there are people out there who can build you custom pedal boards.

An easier and cheaper solution however may be to look at some other top quality loop pedals like these ones. The Ditto X2 Looper is especially good.

I hope that helps. I look forward to seeing what kind of great loops you create with your Roland FC300.

Note: Details of his Chewie setup being custom was by Trevor Dawkins. And if you're on a budget, these cheap guitar pedals may be worth checking out.

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