11 Best Soundproof Curtains 2024

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If you have a window in your drum space, a lot of your drum sound may escape through and bother people around you. Windows have gaps that allow sound to escape, and those are bad news for drummers.

We’re going to look through a few soundproof curtain options to keep the sound levels down. They’re not a huge solution for soundproofing, but they help keep the volume levels down slightly.

These are mainly for the purpose of drumming, but they work perfectly for other instruments as well.

RYB HOME Soundproof Divider Curtains – Best Overall

RYB HOME Soundproof Divider Curtains

The RYB Home Soundproof Divider Curtains are one of the best options to consider if you’re looking for sound absorption along with a beautiful stylistic design.

The interesting feature of these curtains is that they’re made up of three layers. The outer layers are for blackout and room darkening purposes, while the middle layer is detachable, and that’s what does most of the sound absorption.

Having the option of removing that middle layer makes these curtains incredibly versatile. You can use them for your music room at one stage in your life and then remove that middle layer to make them more usable in a common room if you ever need to somewhere down the line.

The curtains do an excellent job of keeping low-frequency sounds away, so you’ll feel a lot more peaceful in your room with outside sounds being dampened. They also insulate a room very well, doing a similar job to sound panels.

There are several fashionable colors available, with most of them being neutral.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with these. If you pair them with other soundproofing tools in your drumming space, you’ll have a fair bit of noise being reduced.

Material: Fabric

Dimensions: 14.73″L x 8.06″W

Pattern: Solid

Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtain – Premium Option

Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtain

The Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtain is one of the best curtain options available for soundproofing. It’s incredibly thick, and Moondream has designed it very carefully to keep sound from traveling through it. The brand says it lowers the dB count by up to seven, and that’s a good number for keeping instrument noise down.

The curtain also provides thermal insulation and blackout, so you’ll feel even more at peace with no light entering your room when you don’t want it to.

The thickness of the curtain makes it quite heavy, so you’ll just need to make sure that you have a solid curtain rail to hang it on.

This would be an ideal option to use as a divider curtain as well. The thickness and weight make it great for hanging in the middle of a room to separate two parts and keep the noise levels down relatively well between them.

The big downside of this curtain is its price. You also just get one panel when you purchase it instead of getting two, as you do with most other curtains. Soundproofing and insulating always works best with multiple curtains, so I’d suggest getting more than one of these. That will boost the cost even more, though.

Material: Polyester

Dimensions: 107″L x 57″W

Pattern: Solid

NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain – Best Budget Option

NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

The NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain is an excellent inexpensive option to consider. It’s a single curtain, but you can easily buy a few of them with the cost being so low.

It’s more of a blackout curtain than it is a soundproof curtain, but it does a decent job of muffling noise that comes through it. I’d suggest getting this curtain if you’re simply trying to block outside sounds from coming in. It won’t do much to keep your inside drum or guitar sounds from getting out.

The curtain is quite light, so you don’t need to have a heavy-duty curtain rail to keep it securely supported. However, I suggest always using heavy-duty rails, as it will allow you to easily upgrade to a heavier, more soundproof curtain whenever you need it.

The curtain has amazing blackout functionality, and you’ll feel that even more if you pick one of the darker colors.

While the curtain doesn’t do much for acoustic drums, it does a fairly good job of muffling the tapping sounds when you play electronic drums with headphones on. If that’s all you want to stop people from hearing, getting a few of these curtains will do the trick.

Material: Polyester Blend

Dimensions: 84″L x 42″W

Pattern: Solid

BONZER Room Divider Soundproof Curtains

BONZER Room Divider Soundproof Curtains

The BONZER Room Divider Soundproof Curtains are designed specifically for using as a room divider. However, you can easily hang them up near windows and still utilize their sound muffling effects.

These curtains are quite thick, and you’d get an excellent insulated space if you were to hang them all around you. It’s an option to consider if you really want to keep your drum noise from bothering people. I find the dark color options to be very sleek as well, meaning these curtains won’t stick out if you’re someone who films drum videos.

Another thing I love about them is that they’re machine-washable. This means that keeping them clean will be a breeze, as you don’t need to worry about them shrinking or taking the time to handwash them yourself.

Just note that you also only get one panel here, so you’d need to buy a few if you plan on hanging them by a window. The cost is relatively affordable. It’s more than the previous curtain, but nowhere near as much as the Moondream curtain.

There are a few vibrant color options that go along with the classic black and other neutral colors.

Material: Polyester

Dimensions: 84″L x 108″W

Pattern: Solid

Deconovo Room Darkening Noise Reducing Curtains

Deconovo Room Darkening Noise Reducing Curtains

The Deconovo Room Darkening Noise Reducing Curtains are another solid option if you’re looking for something a bit lighter that can easily fit stylistically in a general living space. If you were to get these specifically for a drum room, I’d suggest getting two sets and doubling them up.

They’re made from an incredibly soft material that feels amazing when you touch it. They also do an excellent job of keeping sunlight out of your room with their blackout function.

When it comes to sound muffling, they don’t do as good of a job as most of the other curtains on this list, but they’re still good enough for me to happily suggest them. They’re inexpensive, and you get a set of curtains with a single purchase. That sets them apart from most of the options we’ve looked at so far.

The other benefit of these curtains is that you have a significantly large number of color options. There are several dark colors, as well as very vibrant colors for the more extravagant people among us.

Again, you’ll need to double these up to get any significant sound reduction, but the low price makes that very possible for most people.

Material: Polyester Blend

Dimensions: 15″L x 10.71″W

Pattern: Solid

Beauoop Lattice Soundproof Curtains

Beauoop Lattice Soundproof Curtains

The Beauoop Lattice Soundproof Curtains are a good option to consider if you’re looking for curtains that have a patterned design. Most soundproof and insulating curtains have single colors with no patterns, making it difficult for people who love patterns to find curtains that they like.

These are the perfect option, as they have a Moroccan pattern that looks very vibrant and exciting. You have the option of getting the curtains in single blue or grey colors, while all the other color options have a mixture of two colors.

The curtains are made from triple-weave double layer fabric, and that’s why they work so well as soundproof curtains. They’re very thick, stopping a fair bit of sound from passing through them. As with all the other curtains on this list, they have excellent blackout capability as well.

While I don’t think the pattern on these curtains would look good in videos, these curtains are an excellent option for people who want a bit more character from their curtains. If you’re not filming videos with these in shot, they’re a great choice.

Material: Fabric

Dimensions: 63″L x 100″W

Pattern: Moroccan Modern Fashion

Home Thermal Insulated Door Curtain

Home Thermal Insulated Door Curtain

The Home Thermal Insulated Door Curtain is a sheet of material that you hang on a single door frame. It’s a brilliant option to purchase along with soundproof curtains so that you have sound being blocked from all angles of your room.

It has Velcro at the top, so you need to attach a Velcro strip to the top of your door to attach the curtain. The curtain is quite heavy, so it’s very impressive that the Velcro does a great job of keeping it locked in place on your door.

If you pair this curtain with weatherstrips and a door sweep, it will do an amazing job of stopping sound from getting through the door. If you don’t use those things along with it, it will only insulate the sound a bit, leaving the sound to still escape through the gaps in the door.

The one downside is that the Velcro only attaches at the top. This leaves the curtain to hang and sway at the door. If the Velcro was attached on each side of the curtain, I think it would be a lot more effective. However, it still does an excellent job!

Material: Silk, Cotton

Dimensions: 83″L x 35″W

Pattern: Solid

MIULEE Blackout Velvet Curtains

MIULEE Blackout Velvet Curtains

The MIULEE Blackout Velvet Curtains are a good pick for people looking for something a bit more luxurious than standard curtains. Velvet curtains are brilliant sound insulators, even if they’re not designed with the purpose of blocking sound from getting through. This is because the velvet material is so thick and heavy.

I’d never dream of putting strong red velvet curtains in my drum room, so I love that you get different color options with these. Some of the darker color options stop you from even recognizing the velvet material from a distance, and the black option is my favorite.

The big benefit of velvet is the texture. These curtains feel so soft and welcoming, and you’ll find yourself constantly touching them if you decide to get them.

Overall, they do an excellent job of keeping noise levels down. You’ll just need to have a very heavy-duty curtain rail to ensure that they’re hanging securely. I’d also suggest using these only as window curtains and not divider curtains in a room.

Material: Velvet

Dimensions: 90″L x 52″W

Pattern: Solid

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet

The Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet isn’t exactly a curtain, but it works very similarly to a soundproof curtain, and you can hang these sheets over your windows the same way you would with curtains.

They essentially work the same way that sound insulating panels do. They clean up the harsher frequencies in the room, giving you a much better listening environment. Without those harsher frequencies, the sound will dip slightly, giving you the impression that they’ve lowered the sound a bit.

So, you can purchase several of these to hang all around your room to make the sound of your instrument a lot more pleasing to the ears. A single one is quite large, so you could also hang it over a door if you wanted to.

Audimute is a brilliant company, and I fully trust any sort of sound insulating gear that they put out. So, I encourage you to check these sound absorption sheets out to see if they’re a good option for you.

Material: Recycled Cotton, Cellulose Fibers

Dimensions: 96”L x 48”W

Pattern: Solid

NICETOWN Sound Barrier Curtains

NICETOWN Sound Barrier Curtains

The NICETOWN Sound Barrier Curtains are a much better option from NICETOWN if you’re happy to spend more money. While the budget NICETOWN curtain was decent, these Sound Barrier curtains are brilliant.

They’re quite thick, having a middle layer that does most of the sound dampening. They dampen sound up to two and a half times more than standard curtains, and they do even more dampening if you keep them bunched together.

So, these curtains will be most effective if you get two pairs and scrunch them up when hanging at your windows. They’re also brilliant at blocking out sunlight at all times of the day.

Most of the color options have single colors with no patterns, but there’s one option called Moroccan Grey that has a pattern. This means that you get the best of both worlds when it comes to aesthetic choice.

I highly suggest checking these curtains out. They’ll do a fair bit of sound dampening, especially if you get more than one set of them.

Material: Polyester Blend

Dimensions: 84″L x 52″W

Pattern: Solid

US Cargo Control Sound Blanket

US Cargo Control Sound Blanket

The US Cargo Control Sound Blanket is very similar to the sound absorption sheets from Audimute. However, they’re a bit thicker, meaning they’re more effective in controlling sound.

Their main purpose is to insulate sound, but they’ll do a brilliant job of soundproofing if you hang them all around your walls.

I love that these are black, as you won’t be able to see them at all if you film videos and change the aperture settings on your camera to suit the room the best.

They’re not the prettiest things to look at if you’re not filming videos, though. So, I wouldn’t suggest using these if you want your music room to look stylish. However, they’re a lot more effective than curtains, as they block out a lot more sound.

They have grommets in so you can hang them on your walls. It will require a bit of handiwork to get several of them up, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Another thing to mention is that one of these blankets is quite expensive, and you’ll get the best results if you cover most of the walls in your room. So, be prepared to spend a fair amount of money.

Material: Woven Cotton, Polyester

Dimensions: 96″L x 80″W

Pattern: Solid

What To Look For In Soundproof Curtains

It’s very important to note that getting soundproof curtains won’t solve your volume issues drastically. Curtains only make a slight difference to the volume going out of a room, but they do a fantastic job of keeping sounds from coming in, and they also insulate sound quite well.

Keep that in mind when looking for curtains, as you’ll most likely need to get other soundproofing gear along with them. With that being said, here are a few things that you need to check out when buying soundproof curtains.


Weight is one of the most important things to look out for with soundproof curtains. The heavier the curtains are, the more sound they’ll block from getting through them.

Denser curtains do a fantastic job of stopping low frequencies. So, your bass drum will be dampened, as well as sounds from outside sources like trucks and lawnmowers.

The weight will depend on what material they’re made from, and heavier curtains typically cost more than standard curtains.

You’ll need to make sure that you have curtain rails that can handle heavy curtains. If you have a railing with only two brackets keeping them attached to the wall, you’ll need to attach extra brackets, or you’ll need to get thicker railing.

If you have thinner curtains, you can also double them up to achieve a similar effect. However, I don’t suggest doing that, as it makes your curtain setup look very cluttered.

All the curtains that I’ve suggested above are very heavy for the purpose of reducing sound frequencies traveling through them. Some are heavier than others, though, so just make sure to check that when you’re choosing a set of curtains to purchase.


The next thing to think about is size. With normal curtains, you’d typically want to get ones that cover the space of your window plus a bit extra so that everything is fully covered at all times. With soundproof curtains, I suggest going even bigger.

Again, the benefit of soundproof curtains is that they insulate your drum sounds very nicely, so more surface area means more sound insulation. You’ll definitely want to make sure that your windows are covered in every area as well, though.

Sound loves to find small gaps to travel through, so the curtains won’t do much soundproofing if you choose ones that are slightly too small for your windows.

If you’re getting soundproofing curtains to hang against a plain wall without windows, then I’d suggest going even bigger if you can.

Just make sure not to get curtains that are too long for your wall. Having curtains draped over the ground looks very untidy, and it presents the risk of standing on the curtains and bringing their whole structure tumbling down.

If curtain widths are too small, you can always buy more than one pair of them and double them up. Doing that will also give you a stylish wave effect when you keep them all closed.


If you want curtains that do a good job of reducing and insulating sound, you’ll need to find ones that have extra fibers compared to standard curtains. These extra fibers are what make the curtains thicker and heavier.

When buying the curtains, you’ll be able to see what material they’re made from in the product description. The materials to look out for are polyester, woven cotton, and fabric. Velvet is another excellent one to get, but it has a very specific stylistic appearance that some people may not love the look of.

Another excellent material feature to look out for is when the curtains are blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are specially designed to keep light from getting through them. This feature is excellent for a drum room, especially if you want to set up your own lights to film videos with.

Blackout curtains are also typically very thick, so that helps in your search for curtains that are dense and heavy.

If you find curtains that don’t have any of the materials or features that I’ve mentioned, the chances are high that they’re standard curtains and they won’t do any soundproofing for your room.

Hanging Method

There are various ways of hanging curtains, but most soundproof curtains come with either grommets or eyelet holes. So, you should have a curtain rail that accommodates those.

If you have the curtain rails that are meant for the small plastic attachment pieces, you’ll need to take those down and hang up thicker and sturdier railing for your soundproof curtains.

If you don’t have a window and just want to hang soundproof curtains against a wall, then I also suggest hanging up thick curtain railing that can accommodate eyelet curtains.

A full rail won’t be the best idea for hanging a small curtain on a door frame, though. For that, I’d suggest hammering in a few nails and attaching hooks for a soundproof door curtain or blanket.


Your choice of color is a personal thing, and it has no effect on how much sound comes through the curtains you choose. However, it’s a very important aspect to consider in the buying process.

The color of your curtains will set the tone of your drum or music room. If you’re someone who regularly films videos of yourself playing the drums, your choice of color will be even more important.

My best tip for people who film videos would be to get black curtains. If the curtains are in the shot, they won’t take away from your drums like vibrantly colored curtains will. They’re very subtle, and that’s exactly what you need.

I’d also get black curtains if I didn’t film drum videos. However, that’s up to you. You may have a certain theme that you’re going for, and specific colors work better for different room themes.

So, make sure to check all the color options out when picking soundproof curtains. Some curtains have a lot more color options than others, and that may impact your buying decision. Make sure the curtains are thick and large enough for your space before buying them because of a certain color, though.


The final thing to take note of is pricing. The general rule of thumb is that thicker curtains do more soundproofing, and those are typically more expensive. However, there are some very thick soundproofing options that aren’t as pricey. They just don’t look as aesthetically pleasing as luxuriously designed curtains.

If you’re only needing a pair of curtains, I’d suggest getting a higher-priced pair to give you better results.

If you need a few pairs, it may be better to get lower-priced ones, but you’ll spend more money on getting several of them.

Just remember that soundproof curtains won’t make a massive difference to the drum sounds going out of the room, so don’t spend a lot of money thinking that they will.

Best Soundproof Curtain Brands

There are too many fantastic curtain brands to mention, but when it comes to soundproofing curtains, there are a few standouts. These are brands that have multiple options with varying materials, sizes, and colors.

Check these brands out, and you should find something that you like.


Audimute is a full-on room treatment company. Every product made by Audimute is designed to improve the acoustics in a room. They do soundproofing, sound insulating, and general sound improvement.

While they don’t have standard curtains on offer, they sell soundproofing sheets that work very similarly to curtains, and many drummers prefer using these over conventional curtains.


NICETOWN is a dedicated curtain brand. They offer an incredible number of curtains for various settings and decorative plans. For the sake of this article, the most intriguing offering from the brand is their list of blackout and soundproof curtains.

Their soundproof curtains all work fantastically, and the brand has several velvet options that work well for sound insulating as well.


Moondream is a brand with a wide range of curtains that all have sound reduction qualities. The goal of the brand is to make stylish curtains that keep people in a state of peace from not hearing outside things that standard curtains would typically let in.

This makes these curtains excellent for using in a music room. Some of the brand’s curtains are a bit thinner and more stylish, while others are extremely thick and built specifically for loud sources such as drum sets.

Top Soundproof Curtains, Final Thoughts

All the curtains that I mentioned on this list work well for drum rooms, but they’re also ideal for home studios where you play other instruments.

If you pair them up with weatherstrips on your windows and doorframes, they’ll do an excellent job of keeping a good amount of sound from leaving the room. Make sure to get curtains that fit the dimensions of your windows, and have fun practicing!

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