5 Best Carbon Fiber Guitars 2024 Your Friends Will Be Envious Of

Best Carbon Fiber Guitars 2021

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Carbon fiber guitars are known for being extremely durable because environmental factors such as temperature and humidity have no effect on them. These guitars also sound just as great as wooden guitars, with often very minimal noticeable differences between the two. Not to mention, they also look very unique.

In this article, we will cover the 5 best carbon fiber guitars that your friends will be envious to have in their own collection. 

Enya X4 – Best Overall

Enya X4

One of the absolute best carbon fiber guitars available on the market is the Enya X4. This complete carbon fiber guitar has been a hot market item, with the guitar often being out of stock due to its high demand.

The body of the guitar is crafted from 95% pure carbon fiber and can withstand the harshest climate conditions. The C-shaped neck of the guitar is also crafted from carbon fiber composite and features an aluminum bracing inside of the neck to help battle any string tension warping that may occur over time.

A stainless steel truss rod is also built into the neck for easy adjustments. The fretboard of this guitar is crafted from Richlite, which is a well-reputed durable material that can withstand water, fire, and weather damage.

The frets are medium-sized and made of nickel-zinc alloy. The overall scale of the neck measures 25.98”. The weight of the entire guitar comes out to 6 pounds.

The body of the guitar retains the shape of a traditional acoustic, with a little extra space built in to provide a deep, rich sound. The X4 features a cutaway-style body, which gives guitarists easy access to higher frets.

With the X4, Enya has introduced some innovative construction methods into their craftsmanship. One of these innovations is that the neck is connected in a way that keeps the neck elevated off of the body. This gives the guitar a wider resonant range by relieving some of the pressure off of the face of the guitar.

The soundhole of the guitar is also placed in a unique position. It is located in the shoulder as opposed to traditional acoustics that have the soundhole at the center of the guitar’s body. This positioning gives the guitar a better frequency response and gives the performer more volume for their own enjoyment.

Another innovative addition to this guitar is an internal effects system that can apply effects to the acoustic without the need to play electrically (though it does support electric capability). The guitar achieves this by the use of their patented AcousticPlus technology.

The AcousticPlus technology has an actuator inside of the guitar which applies effects (as dictated by the preamp settings) to the guitar’s string vibrations. With this unit, guitarists can apply room/hall reverb, chorus, or delay to the sound of their acoustic without needing any extra equipment.

The preamp interface for the AcousticPlus technology also features adjustment control for volume, tone, and attack. While many preamps use a 9volt battery, this preamp has a rechargeable battery that can be re-charged with a USB-C cable. It takes roughly 5 hours to completely charge.

Aesthetically, the Enya X4 features a very attractive hexagonal honeycomb pattern. The soundhole features a radiant rainbow gradient outline.

Rounding out the entire package, the guitar comes with a sturdy hardshell case as well as a leather strap. The purchase of this guitar also comes with a 1-year warranty for all U.S.-based customers.

Item Weight: 15.5 pounds

Package Dimensions: 45.7 x 20 x 8 inches

KLOS Deluxe Hybrid Full-Size Guitar – Premium Option

KLOS Deluxe Hybrid Full-Size Guitar

Are you curious about a carbon fiber guitar, but unsure whether a carbon fiber neck will feel right in your hand? You’re in luck because the KLOS Hybrid Full-Size Guitar is the perfect blend of modern innovation and tradition. The guitar features a body made completely from carbon fiber, with a neck crafted from high-quality wood.

The neck is made of mahogany and has a fretboard crafted from Brazillian cherry. A truss rod is constructed into the neck for easy adjustments as seen on traditional acoustic made of wood.

The neck is completely removable, being held in by 4 screws. This makes it easy to travel with the guitar and proves to be a valuable asset for situations that may require stowaway in an airplane’s carry-on compartment.

The KLOS Deluxe Hybrid also features a Fishman Sonitone piezoelectric pickup, with a 9v battery-powered preamp mounted in the shoulder of the guitar. Controls are available for volume and EQ frequency ranges.

The guitar is extremely lightweight, weighing in at 4.29 pounds. This weight is perfect for those that have long playing sessions in a standing position and experience shoulder pain due to the weight of a guitar.

The body of the guitar is crafted of carbon fiber, meaning that it can withstand any environmental factors such as extreme changes in humidity or temperature. Owners may wish to keep an eye on the guitar neck, as this may still be affected in these conditions, though having a modular design allows for easy replacement if needed.

The bridge pins, string saddle, and nut of the KLOS Deluxe Hybrid are all crafted from carbon fiber composite. The guitar also features high-quality Graph Tech tuning machines.

A gig bag comes included with the purchase of this guitar, as well as a guitar care package. Some of these extra items include a guitar strap and capo, a rain cover for the gig bag, a neck sleeve, and tools for making adjustments.

Overall, the KLOS Deluxe Hybrid guitar is perfect for the everyday player as well as those that frequently travel. The guitar has a reputation for maintaining its quality performance after having been regularly and continually put through extreme climate conditions.

While the Deluxe Hybrid is a fully competent and well-crafted guitar, it is likely only suitable for those who have no budgetary concerns.

Item Weight: 8.03 pounds

Package Dimensions: 23.78 x 17.95 x 5.91 inches

LAVA ME 2 – Best Budget Option


One of the very best budget options available for a carbon fiber guitar is the LAVA ME 2. The guitar made its initial appearance on the market in 2019 and has since grown critical acclaim from popular guitar YouTubers such as Mary Spender and Mateus Asato.

Overall, this carbon fiber guitar packs the most value per cost, offering a unique design and built-in features usually only seen with higher-end models. Coupled with an affordable price for a carbon fiber guitar, the LAVA ME 2 is hard to pass up.

The body of the guitar is crafted from a combination of AirSonic carbon fiber composite, Super Airsonic, and traditional carbon fiber. Super AirSonic is a carbon fiber composite that is 20% stronger than regular Airsonic but weighs the same. Using this material has allowed LAVA to craft a slimmer guitar than the company’s previous offerings.

The body materials are reinforced using the honeycomb cell shape, which is known for being one of the strongest construction patterns in nature. The guitar can withstand most climate conditions, remaining completely unaffected in temperatures ranging from -4 °F to 176 °F.

The entire guitar is crafted from the mold as one piece, rather than having been assembled by section, giving the guitar a bigger resonance. Each guitar is given treatment at a Plek machine to instill a high degree of consistency and playability across all of the ME 2 guitars in production.

The neck and fretboard are entirely crafted from high-pressure carbon-graphite laminate, which has a reputation for being an extremely durable material. The neck has a scale length of 23.62” and 18 frets.

LAVA incorporates an innovative neck design, called FlyNeck, into their design of the ME 2. Parametric designing went into crafting the shape of the neck to ensure more comfort and easier playability. Carbon fiber strips were also placed inside the neck construction to ensure that the neck will never encounter warping issues.

One of the most innovative aspects of the LAVA ME 2 guitar is the L2 FreeBoost Pickup, which allows the guitarist to apply effects to their guitar playing without the need for plugging into an electric-powered speaker device. The effects are amplified using the back-side of the guitar as a speaker. The effects that can be applied include reverb, chorus, and delay.

The preamp of the L2 FreeBoost pickup system contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery can provide performance times ranging from 10-20 hours, with the battery fully recharging in about 4 hours.

The LAVA ME 2 offers a degree of personalization as it comes in a wide variety of different colors. There are currently color options for black, blue, orange, white, and pink.

The LAVA ME 2 packs a great amount of value into a guitar that only weighs 3.7 pounds. Rounding out the entire package, the LAVA ME 2 comes with a gig bag, a charging cable, and a pack of picks.

Item Weight: 3.74 pounds

Package Dimensions: 4.63 x 12.7 x 36.87 inches

Journey Instruments OF660

Journey Instruments OF660

If a highly portable carbon fiber guitar is what you are looking for, the Journey Instruments OF660 is likely a great candidate for your needs. This guitar features a collapsible neck design that allows it to be easily stowed away in small, confined spaces.

The body, neck, and fretboard are all constructed using carbon fiber, ensuring that this guitar is not only portable but extremely durable as well. The neck has a scale length of 24.5” and has 20 frets.

The design of the OF660’s body lies between a classical-style acoustic and a traditional-sized acoustic. This styling makes it comfortable for nearly every type of player, no matter what kind of acoustic they may be accustomed to playing.

It should be noted that Journey Instruments does offer the OF660 as a traditional-style acoustic, as well as a classical-style acoustic guitar that retains more of the characteristics commonly found with that style of guitar. The features of the guitar are consistent with both offerings.

The body features a unique design, as it has a sound hole in the shoulder of the guitar for increased resonance and volume. The guitar also has a semi-cutaway design that allows for playing access on the higher frets.

One of the most interesting features that the OF660 offers is the collapsible neck system. In under 20 seconds, the neck can be completely detached from the body of the guitar, effectively diminishing the amount of space the guitar occupies in storage.

In fact, if you know that you will be traveling by air with the OF660, Journey Instruments ensures that the collapsed guitar will meet TSA guidelines for overhead compartment carry-on items. The guitar comes equipped with a durable carrying case lined with soft velour.

The OF660 also features a passive 3-piezo transducer pickup located under the string saddle. This pickup not only sounds great but allows the guitarist to truly be able to use the guitar in any situation, whether it be for practice or live performances.

There is a wide selection of different colors available with the OF660. Some of the color choices offered include:

  • Matte Black
  • Dark Black Gloss
  • Black Gloss
  • Black
  • White
  • Matte Red
  • Red
  • Navy Blue Matte
  • Orange Top Matte
  • Orange Top
  • Green

Journey Instruments offers a lifetime warranty for their guitar. Though their detachable neck system is guaranteed to last forever, the company will fix or replace any issues that may arise.



The LAVA ME Pro is another excellent carbon fiber guitar. This product is designed specifically with the stage performer in mind and has some upgraded features from the aforementioned ME 2 guitar.

The LAVA ME Pro features a body constructed of AirSonic composite carbon fiber, and a neck that is made of high-pressure carbon-graphite laminate. The entire body is one whole piece of carbon fiber, crafted from one mold. This helps to provide a greater resonance profile and more volume.

Aiding in the construction and overall sound of the ME Pro is LAVA’s use of the honeycomb design on the face of the guitar. The helps to have higher attack sensitivity and gives more depth and definition to notes and chords being played.

The ME Pro is rated to be completely unaffected in temperatures ranging from -13°F  to 203°F, ensuring that this guitar can withstand the absolute extremes in terms of climate temperatures.

The neck has a scale length of 25.59” and has 19 frets. Each guitar is given individual attention with a Plek machine to ensure the highest quality standards across the guitar product line.

FlyNeck technology is also incorporated into the ME Pro. This technology incorporates carbon fiber strips placed within the neck for the highest degree of sustainable durability. As carbon fiber is one of the most durable materials on the planet, having this material in the neck will help prevent any gradual warping that may occur due to string tension.

The body of the LAVA ME Pro features the same stylings as the LAVA ME 2 and has a uniquely shaped soundhole located in the shoulder of the guitar. The headstock also comes in different colors, including Space-Gray and Black Gold.

One of the biggest upgrades of the ME Pro compared to the ME 2 is the upgraded electronics and preamp section of the guitar. The ME Pro features an L2 Pro guitar pickup, which was engineered collaboratively between LAVA and L.R. Baggs, a well-known and highly reputable acoustic guitar pickup manufacturer.

Similar to the ME 2, the ME Pro features guitar effects that can be used in a completely acoustic situation, with no amplification being necessary. The preamp has controls for volume, effects level, and an effects mix blend dial. Guitarists can also customize their sound by blending between the piezo pickup and an internal microphone.

The effects section of the ME Pro allows guitarists to add reverb, chorus, and delay effects to the sound of their guitar. One of the most unique functions of the ME Pro is the tap-tempo function which allows guitarists to affix the repeats of the delay to a certain tempo (as defined by the rhythm in which the tap-tempo button is pushed).

Another unique mode seen on the ME Pro is the Turbo mode, which effectively boosts the guitar’s volume up to 50%. This solo mode is a great option for musical situations that may require the guitar’s sound to be more prominent in the overall sound mix.

The L2 Pro system is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The system takes roughly 4 hours to completely charge and provides up to 10 hours of performance time. A charging cable is provided with the purchase.

Of course, while the L2 Pro system allows for completely acoustic effects to be used, an output jack is built into the guitar to accommodate for use with amplifiers and other powered amplifier systems.

The purchase of the guitar includes a package of picks as well as a gig bag. The gig bag is specifically designed to fit the ME Pro and is constructed from a lightweight and durable material that can protect the guitar from any environmental issues that may arise. A 1-year warranty is also provided with the guitar.

Item Weight: 3.74 pounds

Package Dimensions: 40.6 x 4.4 x 15.3 inches

What to Look for in a Carbon Fiber Guitar

As with any purchase of a musical instrument, there are several things to keep in mind when purchasing a carbon fiber guitar. Keeping these things in mind will not only help to ensure that you make the most informed purchasing decision but will provide you with the most appropriate instrument for your playing style.

Body Style

The body of the guitar often determines what you can (or can’t) play, particularly when it comes to having a cutaway body style. If you are a guitarist that frequently plays in the upper register of the neck, you will want to make sure that your guitar has easy access to these frets.


Carbon fiber guitars have the great benefit of being lightweight and able to withstand the most extreme climate changes. However, if you are someone that travels frequently, you will want to look for a guitar that can be stowed away in an efficient manner.

Quite often, carbon fiber guitars will feature a detachable neck and a smaller-sized gig bag that can allow for the guitar to be packed into the smallest of spaces.


Many acoustic guitar performers use electric amplifier systems for their performances. If you know that you will be using your carbon fiber guitar in this manner, having electric capabilities is a necessity. Quite often, having an output for an amplifier is a standard addition to a guitar, but there are some guitars that do not come with this feature.

Many carbon fiber guitars also feature built-in effects systems that require no amplification to be used. This essentially allows effects to be used in a completely acoustic setting. If this is important to you, finding a guitar that features a rechargeable system that can accommodate long battery life is essential.

Best Carbon Fiber Guitar Brands

The world of carbon fiber guitars has been growing in recent years, and there are a number of different manufacturers offering high-quality products in this niche market. Read on to learn about some of the best manufacturers who have built a reputation within this subset of the guitar industry.


KLOS Guitars was founded by two brothers, Adam and Ian Klosowiak, in 2014. The brothers decided to take an alternative approach to guitar building after Adam Klosowiak discovered that weather had an unfortunate effect on one of his acoustic guitars. Since then, the company has grown significantly, supplying carbon fiber guitars worldwide.


LAVA Music was founded in 2013 by Louis Luk, a graduate of the Musician’s Institute. The company was formed with the intention of providing new and innovative design into an industry dominated by traditional guitar-building techniques. In 2017, LAVA introduced its first carbon fiber guitar created with a single mold design process. Since then, the company has grown extensively and their products have been in continuous high demand.


Enya Music is a guitar company based in Houston, Texas, that focuses on creating highly playable guitars at an affordable price. The company is comprised of musicians who understand the details and features that guitarists wish to seek out in an instrument. Aside from carbon fiber guitars, Enya also produces carbon fiber ukeleles, as well as traditional wooden acoustic guitars and ukeleles.

Journey Instruments

Journey Instruments was founded in 2011 by Rob Bailey, who was a guitarist that saw a need for a highly compact guitar that could allow for easy travel. The company introduced its first carbon fiber guitar in 2013, which was noted for its detachable neck and space-saving design. Journey Instruments continues to produce high-quality space-saving instruments, with their instrument line including both guitars and ukuleles.

Top Carbon Fiber Guitars, Final Thoughts

Carbon fiber guitars can offer unmatched durability and portability not seen with traditional wooden acoustic guitars. The sound and playability of these guitars often match these traditional guitars with very little noticeable difference.

No matter what climate or situation you may find yourself in, a carbon fiber guitar can provide you with a dependable and reliable playing experience that will often leave your friends envious.

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