What Are Piano, Guitar, Flute & Other Instrument Players Called? We Reveal All

What are instrument players called There are many types of instruments out there.

Someone who plays an instrument is generally known as an instrumentalist, or simply a “player”.

But as you likely know, there is more than one instrument out there, and practically every instrumentalist has a unique term associated with them, such as “pianist” or “guitarist”.

That’s what we’re going to explore here.

In this guide, I’ve covered the popular stringed and fretted instruments of the day, keyboard instruments, orchestral instruments, percussion instruments and a few others.

We reveal all below in alphabetic order.

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What Is An Accordion Player Called?

An accordion player is called an accordionist.

What Are Bagpipes Players Called?

A bagpipes player is called a piper.

What Is A Banjo Player Called?

A banjo player is called a banjoist.

What Are Bongo Players Called?

A bongo player is called a bongosero.

What Is A Bass Player Called?

A bass player is called a bassist.

What Are Bassoon Players Called?

A bassoon player is called a bassoonist.

What Is A Clarinet Player Called?

A clarinet player is called a clarinetist.

What Are Cello Players Called?

A cello player is called a cellist.

What Is A Drum Player Called?

A drum player is called a drummer.

What Are Euphonium Players Called?

What are guitar players called

A euphonium player is called a euphoniumist.

What Is A Flute Player Called?

A flute player is called a flutist.

What Are French Horn Players Called?

A French horn player is called a French hornist.

What Is A Guitar Player Called?

A guitar player is called a guitarist.

What Are Harp Players Called?

A harp player is called a harpist.

What Is A Harpsichord Player Called?

A harpsichord player is called a harpsichordist.

What Are Horn Players Called?

A horn player is called a hornist.

What Is A Keyboard Player Called?

A keyboard player is called a keyboardist.

What Are Lute Players Called?

A lute player is called a lutenist.

What Is A Mandolin Player Called?

A mandolin player is called a mandolinist.

What Are Marimba Players Called?

A marimba player is called a marimbist.

What Is A Mexican Guitar Player Called?

A Mexican guitar player is called a guitarist.

But Mexican guitar groups are known as Mariachi groups.

What Are Oboe Players Called?

What do you call an instrument playerAn oboe player is called an oboist.

What Is An Organ Player Called?

An organ player is called an organist.

What Are Percussion Players Called?

A percussion player is called a percussionist.

What Is A Piano Player Called?

A piano player is called a pianist.

What Are Recorder Players Called?

A recorder player is called a recorder player.

They would not be called a recordist, since that would refer to someone who does sound recording.

What Is A Saxophone Player Called?

A saxophone player is called a saxophonist.

What Are Spanish Guitar Players Called?

A Spanish guitar player is called a flamenco guitarist.

But a Flamenco guitarist is called a tocaores.

What Is A Trombone Player Called?

What do you call a piano player

A trombone player is called a trombonist.

What Are Trumpet Players Called?

A trumpet player is called a trumpeter.

What Is A Tuba Player Called?

A tuba player is called a tubaist.

What Are Ukulele Players Called?

A ukulele player is called a ukulelist.

What Is A Viola Player Called?

A viola player is called a violist.

What Are Violin Players Called?

A violin player is called a violinist.

What Is A Xylophone Player Called?

A xylophone player is called a xylophonist.

What Are Players Called; Final Thoughts

In some cases, there is more than one name for a specific instrumentalist.

If in doubt, you can always say, “__ player”, where the blank is filled with whatever instrument you’re referring to, and you would be addressing them correctly.

There are many instruments across the world – some estimate it’s around 1,000.

Naturally, there’s no way we could cover them all here.

If there are any names you’d like to know or are confused about, we’d love to hear from you.

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