Miranda Lambert Net Worth

Net Worth: $65 million

Date Of Birth: November 10, 1983

How They Make Money: Touring, record sales, songwriting, streaming, acting, reality television, brand partnerships, real estate investments, boutiques, fashion, pet accessories, home decor, and footwear design.

Miranda Lambert is an American country singer and songwriter who found fame in the early 2000s. She’s since gone on to have a highly critically and commercially successful career. Miranda Lambert has an estimated net worth of around $65 million.

Here, you will find out the details surrounding her lucrative career, including her spending habits, many income sources, and how she built herself into one of the industry's top earners.

How Miranda Lambert Makes Money – Their Career

How Miranda Lambert Makes Money

Miranda Lambert's fame skyrocketed after joining a national singing contest and releasing a studio album backed by a major label. Her profitable career comes from many income streams and significant life events. Here is a look into how she makes her money.


Miranda Lambert independently released her first self-titled CD in 2001. Placing third on the national vocal competition show “Nashville Star” secured Lambert a major record deal. She has released ten studio albums throughout her career, with the first seven going certified platinum.

She's sold over seven million albums in the United States alone. The bulk of her income from these albums comes from royalty payments. Miranda Lambert also makes money from streaming platforms like Spotify.

Lambert's Spotify profile currently hosts over 8,256,784 monthly listeners. Assuming she makes the standard $3 for every thousand monthly listeners, she rakes in $24,770.35 a month from Spotify streams alone. Some record contracts also include streaming royalties.

She has appeared on dozens of other musicians' albums and singles as a featured vocalist and formed a country trio on top of her solo career. She also works on songwriting collaborations with other artists, from which she continuously earns royalties.

Miranda Lambert also has a lucrative touring history spanning the last two decades. She toured along with other country superstars like George Strait, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, and Dierks Bentley.

She has performed multiple headlining and co-headlining tours as a solo act and with her trio, The Pistol Annies. Lambert has also rocked out at dozens of major music festivals. Her touring history includes domestic and international performances.

Recording artists earn money from touring by cashing in on ticket sales, brand sponsorships, and selling merchandise. Miranda Lambert reportedly earned nearly $7 million from touring in 2016 alone. Her most recent tour was postponed due to the Coronavirus.

Despite canceling her pandemic-era tour, Lambert continues to make money from performing at other live and digitally-attended events.

Acting and Reality Television

Lambert's television debut was back in 2003 when she competed in Season One of “Nashville Star.” In 2007, she had a gig on CMT's Cross Country and, starting in 2011, held an advisory role on the hit competition show “The Voice” for three different seasons.

Miranda Lambert made her acting debut in a 2012 episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” Her paychecks for these roles are unknown. However, we know that judges on “The Voice” earn up to tens of millions per season. It's safe to say the network shells out for the right talent.

Brand Partnerships

In 2009, Miranda Lambert starred in advertising campaigns for Cotton, Inc. She partnered with DSW in 2014 to release a footwear line, including shoes and boots.

Also, in 2014, Lambert inked a marketing deal with Chrysler's Ram Trucks that included writing and recording a song specific to the campaign and starring in video advertisements.

The deal specifics are unknown, but she reportedly donated $66,000 from those earnings to funding for her animal rescue and received a custom truck from the company.

Lambert has a partnership with TC Restaurant Group that was formed in 2021 when they jointly opened a bar in Nashville. Casa Rosa features memorabilia from Lambert's career and hosts live musical performances.

Her other long-term brand partnership is with Red 55 Winery. The winery has held Lambert's signature wine line since 2006. Short-term endorsements typically pay celebrities for the campaign's duration or in one lump sum. Ongoing business partnerships serve as ongoing income streams.

Other Ventures

In addition to her multiple partnerships, Miranda Lambert also has her fashion, footwear, home goods, and pet accessory lines. She also owns a boutique in Texas and an online store.

Lambert's clothing line, Idyllwind, draws inspiration from badass country-western women. The line features garments, cowboy boots, accessories, and signature perfume. The line launched in 2018 and is still going strong.

In 2014, Lambert released her footwear collection encompassing a wide range of shoe styles. The line was called Miranda by Miranda Lambert. Wanda June Home, her home goods line, launched in 2022. The southern-style decor currently sells in Walmart.

Muttnation is Miranda Lambert's pet accessories line, named after her non-profit, the Muttnation Foundation. The organization supports animal shelters and aids in rehoming pets in need. The brand is available in Target and other retailers, and a portion of the profits helps fund the charity's efforts.

Lambert owns a lifestyle boutique called The Pink Pistol in Lindale, Texas. The store features her Idyllwind line, along with other accessories and trinkets. Her online store sells Miranda Lambert merchandise like CDs, vinyl records, and tour memorabilia.

Real Estate

Miranda Lambert bought, renovated, and sold a historic bed and breakfast called The Ladysmith in Oklahoma. She also boasts an impressive real estate portfolio.

Reports state that Lambert owns an estate in the Nashville area for $3.4 million in 2015, which is worth a lot more today. She purchased a second Nashville property for $1.75 million that she sold for $2.595 million in 2020, pocketing a hefty profit. She's also reportedly building a new home.

How Does Miranda Lambert Spend Their Money?

How Does Miranda Lambert Spend Their Money

Miranda Lambert's net worth allows her to splurge on high-end properties, animals, charitable donations, and vehicles. She is famous for being down-to-earth and frugal when it comes to fashion, forgoing designer brands in favor of budget options like Forever 21 and Target.


Miranda Lambert owns multiple properties, the most lavish being a 400-acre estate one hour south of Nashville. This is the property she acquired for $3.5 million.

The estate has three luxury lodge-style homes, a massive horse barn, rolling hills of rural land with riding trails, a private lake with boat storage, a six-bay garage, and a private pavilion for intimate concerts.

Tours of the property show off her exquisite, rustic taste that holds traditional farmhouse charm while sparkling with contemporary finishes.


Lambert has five horses, eight dogs, five cats, and two rabbits. She is a devoted animal lover and equestrian, so it's no surprise she splashes out for a farm of her own.


Miranda Lambert funds her animal shelter-focused non-profit, the Muttnation Foundation, and is a huge supporter of and donor to other charitable organizations. Her contributions primarily go to the American Humane Association and the Wish Upon A Hero Foundation.

Other organizations she financially supports include Musicians On Call, Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, Greater Good, Clothes Off Our Back, Hero in Heels, MusiCares, and ACM Lifting Lives. In 2022, the Muttnation Foundation donated $20,000 to animal shelters across the United States in honor of Valentine's Day.


Lambert owns several vehicles, including a 1955 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup (price $28,800), a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab (price $25,785), a Ram 1500 Long Horn Crew Cab (price $49,580), and a BMW X5 (price $61,695).

She also acquired a 2020 Airstream Globetrotter trailer. With models that can start at $188,100, we know this was not a minor purchase.

How Miranda Lambert Got on This Path

How Miranda Lambert Got on This Path

Miranda Lambert was born in Texas and was surrounded by country music her entire life. She learned guitar from her dad and started entering talent shows at the age of 16 before starting to perform in bars.

Her songwriting drew inspiration from the battered women her detective parents sheltered. Lambert graduated early from high school to pursue a musical career and independently released her first album in 2001.

In 2003, she competed in a national country music competition called “Nashville Star” and landed a major recording contract, despite not winning. She quickly won critical acclaim for her next few albums and continued to grow in popularity.

Lambert founded an all-female country trio, the Pistol Annies, kept winning Grammys and CMAs, and recently released a collaborative album with two other country singers. Miranda Lambert is one of the most successful and iconic contemporary country stars.

Miranda Lambert’s Net Worth, Final Thoughts

Miranda Lambert came from a humble background. She witnessed many women being forced to overcome difficult circumstances and took strength from their experiences to forge a music career built on fierce feminine energy.

Her country music stardom earned her millions of dollars, and she continues to build wealth through an empire of diverse ventures. Her career as a singer, songwriter, actress, and savvy businesswoman brings her estimated net worth to nearly $65 million.

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