27 Songs About Fear and Being Scared

Fear. Love it, hate it, or feel indifferently; we all experience it at some point in our lives.

If you want to capture that feeling, here are the best songs about fear and being scared.

“Fear” by Sade

Song Year: 1985

“Fear” is the ninth song on Sade’s second album, Promises. This song perfectly captures the fear of a woman unsure if her lover will return home tonight. She sits in anticipation every evening, wondering if her lover, a matador, survived the day.

As Sade sings the lyrics expressing this fear, you can hear the anguish in her voice. Even as she waits for her lover every day, the woman wonders if she can control her fears as all she feels is blue.

“Fear the Future” by St. Vincent

Song Year: 2017

“Fear of the Future” is a great song that many people in relationships can relate to. The song's message gets encapsulated in the chorus, where St. Vincent anxiously waits for a response that could make or break this relationship. In this tense moment, she fears the future because she knows nothing good will come from it.

“Never Scared” by Bone Crusher

Song Year: 2003

In a completely different change of pace, let’s talk about Bone Crusher’s “Never Scared.” When compared to the previous songs, this song adopts a different strategy. This song departs from the depressing tonality of giving in to fears and livens things up a bit.

Although a bit aggressive, Bone Crusher expresses how he isn’t scared as he gets kicked outside a club. Looking past the rough exterior of the track, “Never Scared” is surprisingly empowering and might help you face your fears—but hopefully not in Bone Crusher's manner.

“Scared of Beautiful” by Brandy

Song Year: 2012

When Brandy, a Grammy-winning singer, heard Frank Ocean's “Scared of Beautiful,” she knew she had to sing it too. The song represents being scared to be great and having this weight on your shoulder as you try to be the best version of yourself.

This message spoke to Brandy after going through similar circumstances. Her original version is exceptional, and her lovely voice does the original song justice.

“FEAR.” by Kendrick Lamar

Song Year: 2017

One of the best lyrically dense songs on this list is “FEAR.” by Kendrick Lamar. Each verse showcases three different perspectives on fear from ages seven, 17, and 27.

The first verse shows fear emanating from Kendrick’s strict mother when he was seven. In the following verse, Kendrick describes his teenage worries and how they make life feel like a ticking time bomb.

The third verse features the Kendrick Lamar we are all accustomed to, but it also reveals a side of him we were unaware of as he struggles with the fear of losing everything he has accomplished.

“Fear” by X Ambassadors

Song Year: 2015

The following song, also titled “Fear,” explores two different sides of fear. It’s one for the underdogs that have been oppressed and are finally rebelling, while the others become afraid of this newfound will to prove the doubters wrong. This song approaches the subject of fear differently while promoting self-confidence.

“Fearmonger” by Saba

Song Year: 2022

“Fearmonger” is one of the most powerful and unique songs on this list. It depicts the artist's life up to this point and how he grew from a starving child to a prosperous artist with several benefits.

Saba constantly worries about the worst-case scenarios. What if he loses all of his followers and—like Kendrick Lamar in “FEAR”—loses all of his money? These thoughts haunt him, and it feels like an ongoing cycle that brings him back to his past.

“Save Myself” by Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2017

“Save Myself” is a relatable song for anybody who loves to help people but can’t seem to help themselves. Too much kindness can be detrimental, as Ed illustrates in this song. He demonstrates that despite all the care you give to others, those same people most likely won't do the same for you.

Even though this song sounds depressing, it’s ultimately an uplifting tune that shows that you should never be afraid to focus on yourself.

“Doubt” by twenty one pilots

Song Year: 2015

The hypnotic song “Doubt” by twenty one pilots is about the insecurities of Tyler, the lead singer. He uses this song to lay out his fears because he doubts himself and his faith in God. The opening line even mentions how he is afraid of his image and his immaturity.

He becomes anxious as a result of this fear and worries that it might result in his untimely death. He is also expressing doubt about his belief in God and seeks to spark that belief once more, but it is challenging.

“No More Teardrops” by Vic Mensa

Song Year: 2020

This is a powerful song released during the height of the protests during the pandemic in 2020. Vic Mensa speaks about the ongoing suffering endured by Black people in the US, including unjust arrests, deaths, and harassment.

This song's message of empowerment is intended for people tired of crying out their fears. This song is for those who want to speak out against the injustice they experience and take action.

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