21 Famous Portuguese Songs

The Portuguese language is beautiful, with a flow that works exceptionally well in music. Many famous Portuguese musicians utilize the language to craft emotion-provoking tunes that experience play after play due to their popularity.

However, deciphering the meanings and finding the best Portuguese songs can be challenging for those who don’t speak the language. To help expand your musical understanding, here’s some famous Portuguese songs to add to your playlist.

1. “Uma Casa Portuguesa” by Amália Rodrigues

Song Year: 1958

This is a classic song by renowned musical artist Amália Rodrigues. Within the lyrics, the artist describes the hospitality of the Portuguese people and how they can make do with very little but have fulfilling lives that feel as if they are not lacking.

When this song was released in 1958, it was on a vinyl record of the same name. The album and tune quickly shot to the top of all regional charts and continue to be a household name and song in Portuguese-speaking homes.

2. “Ó Gente Da Minha Terra” by Mariza

Song Year: 2001

While the song “Ó Gente Da Minha Terra” was initially released in 2001, it saw a massive burst in popularity with the movie “Fados,” which came out in theaters in 2007. Although most people associate the tune with the movie, it sees a lot of play online and on the radio due to its popularity and incredible lyrics.

Fado references those central to the Portuguese region and language as a type of folk song. The lyrics of this hit emphasize the shared experience of pain and its ability to unite people regardless of background.

3. “Pimba, Pimba” by Emanuel

Song Year: 1995

The song's title, which artist Emanuel released in 1995, introduced a new genre of music into the Portuguese scene. The beat is fun with a combination of folk and uptempo, and the message typically resonates with its listeners.

“Pimba, Pimba” speaks to the men of the world. The lyrics tell them to honor and cherish the women in their lives as they serve great importance to everyone. The love they give to everyone needs to be returned, and it’s the man’s job to ensure that they are taken care of in every way possible.

4. “Amar Pelos Dois” by Salvador Sobral

Song Year: 2017

This unique tune combines several genres, including jazz, pop, and ballads. As a classic love song, “Amar Pelos Dois” talks about how the person he was before meeting the love of his life was nowhere near the person he is today.

Unfortunately, the song continues to reflect on a breakup. The artist holds onto the hope that the two will be able to come together once again. Salvador Sobral was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, and this song is what gave him the advantage in the contest.

5. “Ai Se Eu Te Pego!” By Michel Teló

Song Year: 2011

The song “Ai Se Eu Te Pego!” by Michel Teló is featured on the album, “Na Balada.” Despite being categorized as electronica and dance, it is popular among all age groups.

The lyrics express a person's intense feelings for someone they have not yet been able to connect with, despite their efforts. The yearning to be with this person is consuming, yet they understand that they are not aware of the depth of their emotions.

Nevertheless, the hope for the immediate future is to locate and make them their own. The lyrics evoke an emotional and raw sentiment that showcases the power of human connection and the importance of seizing the moment. The artist's poetic and creative expression captivates listeners, drawing them into this intimate and passionate experience.

6. “Lisboa Menina e Moca” by Carlos Do Carmo

Song Year: 1976

In 1976 Carlos Do Carmo released his song “Lisboa Menina e Moca,” which took the world by storm. Even today, the song comes up at parties, gatherings, or even just when relaxing in the evenings.

This musical hit references the love the singer has for a woman. It details their time together, going to great lengths to highlight the exact nuances of the bedding they laid in, the setting in which they spent time together, and how others responded to her beauty and demeanor.

7. “Vou Deixar” by Lima

Song Year: 2008

Allow yourself to be transported to a world of intrigue with Paula Lima's iconic song, “Vou Deixar.” This masterpiece by the acclaimed Portuguese musician sets the scene of a fateful encounter between two strangers. The songstress finds herself captivated by a man across the room, and at that moment, a thousand questions flood her mind.

She ponders his character, treatment of women, and overall demeanor. “Vou Deixar” was first released in 2008 and quickly became a chart-topper. Its infectious beat and soaring vocals continue to mesmerize listeners to this day. Prepare to be entranced, as this song is sure to leave you hitting repeat over and over again.

8. “Burguesinha” by Seu Jorge

Song Year: 2007

One thing that makes this song stand out is its unique combination of pop and samba. The background instruments will have you dancing around the second the music starts. “Burguesinha” tells a story of a man hanging with his friends at a dance club.

He sets his sights on a woman in the room. From there, his whole plan for the night changes. Seu Jorge brought this song to the radio in 2007. You can find it on the album “America Brasil: O Disco.”

9. “Dialectos da Ternura” by Da Weasel

Song Year: 2007

This energetic song combines different music genres, including pop, reggae, hip-hop, and rap. The unique additions of the reggae instruments put an eclectic spin on the music, making it trendy and catchy.

Released in 2007 on Da Weasel’s album “Amor, Escárnio e Maldizer,” the song quickly rose in the rankings. It brought a lot of attention to the different elements that it incorporates. This one is a must-have for those looking to find new Portuguese hits to add to a playlist.

10. “Espera” by Fernando Daniel

Song Year: 2018

Knowing that your past precedes you can be a hard pill to swallow, especially if it comes up in new relationships. This song by Fernando Daniel is from his album “Salto” and talks about this exact situation.

The pain of having a problematic past can haunt you, and proving that you are no longer that person can be challenging.

Released in 2018, “Espera” has struck a chord with many individuals in comparable circumstances. The message of hope within the lyrics has provided these individuals with renewed expectations for their prospects.

11. “Os Búzios” by Ana Moura

Song Year: 2007

From the 2007 album “Para Além da Saudade,” the song “Os Búzios” by Ana Moura is a story about the complexities of love and all the elements that go on behind the scenes to make relationships successful.

In the end, Moura wants everyone to know that even when times feel hopeless about any type of love being in the mix, remember that there’s a more vital force that will love you for eternity. While you cannot see him, he walks alongside you every day.

12. “Ai Se Ele Cai” by Xutos & Pontapés

“Ai Se Ele Cai” by Xutos & Pontapés

Song Year: 2004

You will love this tune if you’re looking for an excellent Portuguese rock song to add to your music rotation. Released in 2004, this song brings all the traditional elements of a classic rock song with a Portuguese flair.

From the group's album “Mundo ao Contrário,” the song gives insight into a person's day when they can’t get that particular person out of their mind. Going through the mindless tasks of the workday, they can’t help but be distracted by thoughts of the one they love and cherish.

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