21 Best Aaron Lewis Songs

This post looks at the best Aaron Lewis Songs. Aaron Lewis is famous for being the former lead singer of the popular rock band Staind. However, he left the band and launched his solo career in 2010.

This list will feature songs from his solo career and some from his stint with the Staind band.

“Country Boy” by Aaron Lewis

Song Year: 2011

“Country Boy,” tells a story about Lewis and how he grew up. He sings about how he survived life as a country boy. Lewis shares an important message about preserving our friends and family. He says friends and family are the most important things in life.

In this track, Lewis doesn't forget to bring up the love he has for his country. This is well expressed in his patriotic songs featured in this list.

“Granddaddy's Gun” by Aaron Lewis

Song Year: 2012

Most of Lewis's songs featured in this list are from his life experience, and “Granddaddy's Gun” is no different. This country song is about his grandfather's gun, and it's quite clear that the gun bears a symbolic meaning in the track.

Lewis sings, saying his grandfather handed over the gun to him when he turned thirteen. He mentions that his grandfather taught him a lot, and he hopes he will do the same for his son.

Generally, this track revolves around the idea of passing on the mantle from father to son. Lewis reminisces about the good moments he once shared with his grandfather.

“Forever” by Aaron Lewis

Song Year: 2012

“Forever” from the album, The Road talks about the challenges people experience in relationships. Fighting is normal in any relationship, and this track talks about how lovers iron out their issues from time to time. At some point, lovers even feel like they're drifting apart.

Lewis sings, saying one can feel like a stranger to someone who they once loved. When things fail to work in a relationship, people drift apart. But Lewis notes that as long as there's love, partners can always come back stronger.

“Whiskey And You” by Aaron Lewis

Song Year: 2016

This track cuts so deep that you would want to sip your favorite whiskey as you listen to it. At first glance, you might think the track is about whiskey, but the lyrics compare whiskey to a woman. Aaron Lewis sings about his drink and how it can solve his problems for a while. However, he adds that he can't put a price on forgiveness from the woman he loves.

Lewis also admits that he has a drinking problem. He notes that he drinks because he's lonely. It's a feeling he wishes he would escape as he knows that the bottle can't solve all his emotional problems.

The best thing about this song is that it will make you realize that drinking doesn't provide a long-term solution to your problems. It only soothes you for a while before reality strikes back.

“Sinner” by Aaron Lewis

Song Year: 2016

Aaron Lewis released “Sinner” as part of his second studio album. This track is all about forgiveness as Aaron seeks repentance. He sings, saying he's a sinner to the core, and he asks for forgiveness.

One can argue that this track has some spiritual message tied to it. It's a short track, but has a deep message about repentance tied to it.

“Burnt The Sawmill Down” by Aaron Lewis

Song Year: 2019

In this track, Aaron Lewis sings about his childhood days. The story in this track is about a man who falls madly in love with a young lady. However, the man is forced to flee his hometown since he realizes that he can't marry the girl of his dreams. The man is bitter and angry for being unable to win over the girl he desires. So, he burns the sawmill down and runs away.

“75” by Aaron Lewis

Song Year: 2012

“75” is the first song in Lewis's solo debut album, The Road. Lewis reflects on the bitter-sweet memories of his life. He feels lonely as he mentions that the highway is not his home. Lewis sings about missing his family. He misses the smiles from his lovely daughter.

Lewis adds that the highway at 75 is no home for lovers like him. From the lyrics, one can tell that he's talking about truck drivers. Usually, they spend most of their time on the road, hustling to put food on the table for their families. But as Lewis sings, life on the highway is not easy.

“Folded Flag” by Aaron Lewis

Song Year: 2017

This track honors the brave men and women in the U.S. military. The song tells a story of a young man who signs up for the army and goes away for months to fight for his country. Months later, the man is happy to come home to his family.

However, as the track continues, the message about the “Folded Flag” could be interpreted as a tribute to the fallen soldiers in the military. The man in the story leaves his wife and kid behind, as the folded flag symbolizes the honor the wife receives back at home.

If you've lost someone you love in the army or you miss their presence in your everyday life, this track will leave you in tears.

“Mamma” by Aaron Lewis

Song Year: 2016

“Mamma” is a song about the many mistakes a man makes right after leaving home. This song tells a story of a man who doesn't listen to his mother's advice and flees home. Lewis sings, wishing he could have listened to his mother's wise words.

The track also talks about other lessons a man gets along the way while trying to provide for his family. The rich lyrics are quite inspiring as they emphasize looking past the mistakes we usually make.

“State I'm In” by Aaron Lewis

"State I'm In" by Aaron Lewis

Song Year: 2019

The song “State I'm In” is about a singer's way of life. Lewis sings about performing songs on the road every day. While most people think a music career is the road to a better life, Lewis acknowledges it's hard.

The lyrics tell a sad story about leaving home and family while pursuing a music career. Lewis even admits that taking whiskey doesn't save his soul. He wishes there was a better life to fix all the messes he's been through.

“Tangled Up in You” by Aaron Lewis

Song Year: 2011

“Tangled Up in You” was written by Aaron Lewis when he was still with the band Staind. This amazing track topped the Billboard charts for all the right reasons.

The song talks about a man madly in love with a woman. There's a strong connection between the lovers as the man feels the woman completes his world. From the song's lyrics, one can quickly tell Lewis sings about a relationship that is still in its early stages.

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