107 Best 2020s Songs… So Far

In early 2020, many of us were indoors and away from others. Many people found solace in music. Thankfully, the new decade of music keeps us dancing, despite what the world may have been going through.

Here are what we believe to be the best 2020s songs.


“Break My Soul” by Beyoncé

Song Year: 2022

Queen Bey gets our list started with her first single release since 2016. When this song begins to play, you know a wild dance party is about to start. The beat of this song is infectious.

This song may encourage you to turn in your resignation at work, but we advise against it. Sampling a handful of well-known songs, Queen Bey is back and ready to reign the airwaves.

“Dynamite” by BTS

Song Year: 2020

The world-renowned K-Pop boy band kept us smiling and dancing through the dark days of the pandemic.

This catchy tune, with numerous pop culture references, makes it a memorable addition to this list. The music video complements the groovy rhythm with pastel colors and fun dance moves.

“Laugh Now Cry Later” by Drake

Song Year: 2020

Drake comes rolling in with the advice we need in the drama of 2020. With an upbeat rhythm and the motto of living in the moment, this song is the four-minute distraction we all deserve.

The lyrics of this song almost remind us of the days of Bob Marley’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Give this song a listen when you need a morale boost.

“Abcdefu” by Gayle

Song Year: 2021

This song gives a particularly snarky twist on how the alphabet relates to feelings for ex-boyfriends.

Gayle has a sour taste for her former lover. Whoever the unlucky person in question is, we pity the fool. This song is a perfect release for all those burned by love, and the catchy lyrics will get you screaming along with Gayle.

“You Should Be Sad” by Halsey

Song Year: 2020

If you needed a reminder that you messed up when you dumped Halsey, here it is. The song features a catchy melody played primarily on acoustic guitar that gradually builds to a climactic backdrop of music.

Halsey provides the breathy vocals we’ve come to love. She has a knack for delivering music that reminds us how uniquely talented they are.

“Heaven Takes You Home” by Swedish House Mafia

Song Year: 2022

Swedish House Mafia broke out of their hiatus and released their first full-length studio album in a decade. This particular hit from their latest release reminds fans of the good old days when Swedish House Mafia was at the top of the world of EDM.

While the song stays true to the group’s signature feel, it keeps up with the newer sounds of the 2020s.

“Stuck With U” by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber

Song Year: 2020

Two names all music lovers easily recognize teamed up for this start-of-the-pandemic sleeper hit. The song is just a fun, simple bop to raise spirits and remind us of the ones we need in our lives.

The video is a fun montage of Bieber, Grande, and countless others experiencing the social distancing phase of 2020.

“Hard To Forget” by Sam Hunt

Song Year: 2020

Country boy Sam Hunt returns in this single that plays on several different genres of music. Listeners to the song can find notes of old-school country with some rock and island vibes.

Hunt sings about a past love while enjoying a bottle of whiskey. Many folks raised a glass with Hunt as they mixed cocktails from home and enjoyed this country hit.

“Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo

Song Year: 2021

In early 2021, Rodrigo released this slow, heartfelt ballad about love, betrayal, and heartbreak. Instantly, her name was associated with success in the teenage, angsty-pop genre.

What begins as a quiet, sad tune eventually culminates in intense notes of emotion enough to make even the most cynical listeners feel her pain.

“Head & Heart” by Joel Corry feat. MNEK

Song Year: 2020

This upbeat dance hit features one of the most memorable hooks on this list.

From the moment the song begins, listeners are given vocals reminding them of the beat of a heart, followed quickly by the beautiful lyrics of MNEK expressing conflict between logic and love.

“SICKO” by Felix Jaehn feat. GASHI, FAANGS

Song Year: 2020

The lyrics of this song feature a warning to future lovers of Felix Jaehn. The backing music offers a blend of alternative and dance fusion genres.

The addition of these two artists creates the recipe for a pretty incredible song! The vocals and beat are strong throughout the song. Listeners will be sure to put this one on repeat.

“Tell It To My Heart” by MEDUZA feat. Hozier

Song Year: 2021

As usual, Hozier’s vocals are the focal point of this powerhouse song. The singer pleads with his lover to ease him into heartbreak as their love dissipates. All the while, MEDUZA provides the electronic beats we have come to love.

While the song gives in to the trend of a runtime of fewer than three minutes, it continues to hold the interest and enjoyment of the audience.

“What Makes A Woman” by Katy Perry

Song Year: 2020

Katy Perry returns to familiar, pop-music waters with her latest single, creating one of the best 2020s songs.

In this ballad, Perry describes the complexity of understanding a woman. With a heartfelt, gentle tune, Perry truly uncovers pop music with a purpose. This song explores powerful themes with soothing vocals, making it stand out.

“Savage Love” by Jason Derulo

Song Year: 2020

Tik-Tok dance trends have taken the world by storm during the new decade. The hook for this song features one of the most easily-recognized jingles for the social media mogul.

Jason Derulo uses the famous tune and dance to send his latest single into the history books. You can’t listen to this tune and not wave your arms around!

“Rumors” by Lizzo feat. Cardi B

Song Year: 2021

Lizzo was well-known for being extremely cautious during the pandemic. However, she was able to provide us with this summer banger in mid-2021.

Teaming up with Cardi B, Lizzo reminds us why we love her music. As always, Lizzo adds a touch of wit to her beautiful vocals and upbeat rhythms.

“Light Switch” by Charlie Puth

Song Year: 2022

Charlie Puth offers a fun, upbeat song that showcases how quickly his love interest catches his attention.

Puth continues to roll out hit after hit. This song will be one we dance to for years to come. While the colorful music video makes it seem like it comes from another decade, “Light Switch” is one of the best songs of the 2020s.

“Black And White” by Niall Horan

Song Year: 2020

The former member of One Direction brings us this heartfelt, guitar-strummed ballad. Love, in the long run, is the theme of this song.

The loving lyrics of this song are sure to hit listeners right in the heartstrings. The soft guitar and soothing vocals also bring out all the feels.

“Spaceman” by Nick Jonas

Song Year: 2021

Nick Jonas wrote this song about his feelings of isolation during the dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The analogies he makes about feeling lost in space while unable to see those he loves are sure to feel relatable to many. He drives the message home with powerful vocals and interesting analogies.

“Always I’ll Care” by Jeremy Zucker

Song Year: 2020

“Always I’ll Care” is one of those songs with such soft, sweet melodies and lyrics that we fall in love with during every listen.

The lyrics talk about always being there for the one he loves, despite being an imperfect match. This slow pop song encapsulates feelings of heartbreak and themes of loyalty.

“Dirty Dancing” by Michaela

Song Year: 2021

Michaela has an impressive vocal range, despite her small catalog of music.

In this sexy hit, Michaela expresses how she wishes to dance dirty with the person for which she longs. The music video features various Tik Tok subscribers dancing to the song, a true reflection of the 2020s zeitgeist.

“My Head And My Heart” by Ava Max

Song Year: 2020

Ava Max uses “All Around the World” by ATC as her muse for this bouncy pop song of 2020.

Max sings about how conflicted she is about her feelings for her lover. Her emotions tell her one thing while her logic tells her another. Which one will win? We get too distracted dancing to the beat to find out!

“Twerkulator” by City Girls

Song Year: 2021

The City Girls have one goal: make every listener twerk! It proves to be easy, given the energetic beat of this club hit.

The flashy accompanying video also gets you in the mood to dance, as it’s filled with bold colors and intricate outfits.

“Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd

Song Year: 2020

Despite not being able to go anywhere or see anyone in 2020, you likely heard this song at least a hundred times. Despite being inspired by drunk driving, the words to this song are relatively easy to learn.

With a killer beat and an easy-to-memorize chorus, The Weeknd made a hit for the ages with this song.

“Midnight Sky” by Miley Cyrus

Song Year: 2020

Drawing inspiration from the style of music of the 1980s, Miley Cyrus proves once again that songwriting is her forte.

One might forget for a moment that they’re not listening to “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks. This song is sure to be a fan favorite for years to come.

“Me & Ur Ghost” by Blackbear

Song Year: 2020

Despite being a song about burning the possessions of a former lover to ashes, “Me & Ur Ghost” is somehow soft and heartfelt.

There is raw emotion in the lyrics as it explores themes of loss and depression. The catchy background beat and deep subject matter create an instant hit.

“Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)” by Elton John feat. Dua Lipa

Song Year: 2021

Elton John comes out of lockdown with a brand new album, an unlikely pairing, and an instant hit! Teaming up with Dua Lipa, this song about feeling the cold burn of another is relatable and catchy.

With looping lyrics, this song is easy to learn and love!

“Butter” by BTS

Song Year: 2021

Another hit from the K-Pop boy band BTS shows how this group has ruled the decade. This time, the song is about convincing the listener how slick and cool each band member is.

With similes that make almost enough sense and a high-energy chorus, we fall in love with “Butter” with every listen.

“Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2021

Ed Sheeran returns with his unique approach to making music. His first single release in almost five years is an instant classic.

Sheeran sings of how he is lured into love by his inability to say no. With a video replicating something of a vampire dream, Sheeran reminds us why we love his style every time we hear him.

“Let Them Know” by Mabel

Song Year: 2021

Mabel may be a new name on the music scene, but with the lyrics of “Let Them Know,” she ensures nobody is about to forget it.

Spicy lyrics flaunting how sickening she is and killer dance moves in the music video seal the deal. We want to see more!

“WAP” by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion

Song Year: 2020

Somehow amid a global pandemic, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion managed to upend society with a single song. Very few artists can say they caused such a stir!

Discussing many things that we know you already know about, this song offers the leading rap women a chance to flaunt their sexuality, regardless of what anyone may think.

“Physical” by Dua Lipa

Song Year: 2020

Dua Lipa returned to the music scene with her latest album in 2020. This song was the shining gemstone of that release, cementing her as one of the biggest pop stars.

Putting her impressive vocals on display, Lipa invites the listener to party and dance from the very first moment.

“To Die For” by Sam Smith

Song Year: 2020

In a heartfelt song about a burning desire for love, Sam Smith hits us right in the heart.

Painting a vivid picture of what they seek in love, Smith offers us yet another addition to the “sad music” catalog we have come to love from their music.

“Edamame” by bbno$ feat. Rich Brian

Song Year: 2021

Do you know those fun rap songs featuring that beat and those lyrics that make you instantly want to dance? “Edamame” was that song in 2021.

Bbno$ provides us with a tongue-in-cheek play-on-words as he relates his intentions with his girlfriend to a long-loved food. The music video is as silly and artistic as the song.

“Stupid Love” by Lady Gaga

Song Year: 2020

If there was ever a claim that Lady Gaga would run out of steam, that claim has been proven wrong.

Gaga reminds us time and time again how talented she is at writing a true-blue pop song. This high-energy pop anthem reminds us why we love Lady Gaga and how she will continue to deliver every single time.

“Big Energy” by Latto

Song Year: 2021

Latto offers an upbeat hip-hop song that will instantly get stuck in your head. Sampling the Mariah Carey hit “Fantasy,” Latto ensures that you will quickly become a fan.

Her music video to the song offers a pun on her name, featuring people winning the lottery.

“My Ex’s Best Friend” by Machine Gun Kelly feat. Blackbear

Song Year: 2020

Machine Gun Kelly offers us a unique and unfortunate love situation in this rock hit. Kelly is one of the most talked about artists of 2022, and with this tune, it’s easy to see why.

Falling in love with the closest friend of a former lover must be an awkward situation. Thankfully, Kelly sings all about it here, so you will never have to do it!

“As It Was” by Harry Styles

Song Year: 2022

Harry Styles is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile names in pop music. Every new track he releases features variety and exploration in music.

We love the lyrics of this gentle, upbeat song that showcase the feelings of being alone and reflection on loss. “As It Was” made a splash as soon as it was released, showcasing Styles’ talent.

“Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion

Song Year: 2020

“Savage” is perhaps the most well-known song of the early days of the pandemic. This song, too, became a viral dance trend on Tik Tok.

Megan Thee Stallion brings her first mega-hit, “Savage,” which details how you should never cross her.

A remix with Beyoncé was released a few months later, offering the world an even spicier version of the song.

“Death Bed (Coffee For Your Head)” by Powfu feat. Beadadoobee

Song Year: 2020

This song is tricky to listen to without instantly falling in love. Featuring snippets of the original “Coffee” by Beadadoobee, the lyrics of this song give us an enticing reason to stay awake and in love.

“Death Bed” was another song to go viral on Tik Tok in early 2020 because of its melancholic lyrics and themes.

“Positions” by Ariana Grande

Song Year: 2020

In fall 2020, Ariana Grande returned to the world of music to offer us this upbeat pop song featuring strumming on guitar and violin.

The lyrics express how Grande wants to change things with her lover, flipping relationship stereotypes on their head. Grande presents her famous vocal range and reminds us why we will never tire of her music.

“Wonder” by Shawn Mendes

Song Year: 2020

Shawn Mendes has a knack for delivering powerhouse songs that are sure to pack arenas full of screaming fans. This song is no exception!

Mendes muses throughout the song about what it must be like to fall in love with his current love interest. Many of his fans must be not-so-secretly hoping he is referring to them.

“Let Somebody Go” by Coldplay feat. Selena Gomez

Song Year: 2022

Coldplay and Selena Gomez have teamed up to break our hearts in this song. They bring the reminder of the pain of walking away from love with the lyrics of this emotional hit.

The team of vocalists keeps their singing light throughout the song. The sad mood maintains and makes us remember the sting of these lyrics long after the song ends.

“Leave The Door Open” by Silk Sonic

Song Year: 2021

Bruno Mars has a knack for providing songs that leave listeners hot and bothered. Here, Mars and duo member Anderson .Paak provide an enticing invitation to a potential lover.

This song is enjoyable, thanks to the groovy undertones of soul, pop, and R&B. The audience desires more from Silk Sonic as this song plays. Our advice is to enjoy repeated listens to this song.

“Say So” by Doja Cat

Song Year: 2020

Doja Cat dropped this instant hit in early 2020, starting the decade with a banger. “Say So” features Doja expressing her desire for her lover to tell her what he wants.

Doja shows off her impressive vocal and rap talents throughout the funk and disco-style track. “Say So” is one of those songs that makes you want to listen again after the song just ended.

“Go Crazy” by Chris Brown and Young Thug

Song Year: 2020

This talented duo brings a hip-hop pop blend that will motivate even the shyest of souls to get up and dance.

Chris Brown and Young Thug created this jam that encourages listeners to let down their inhibitions. We find it hard to say no to the beautiful melodies the two men bring us with this fun tune.

“Sacrifice” by Bebe Rexha

Song Year: 2021

Bebe Rexha is no novice in creating music that makes us move. The electronic undertones of this song make it an instant club banger and one of the best songs of the 2020s.

As the lyrics demand the attention of a love interest, this song and its dance beats demand your repeated listens.

“Crave” by Kiesza

Song Year: 2020

Upon first listening to this powerhouse pop anthem, listeners may feel like they have been transported back to the 1980s.

Kiesza is a welcome surprise, offering impressively strong vocals throughout the climactic backing tunes. While we may not have as great a voice as she, we find ourselves belting along to the words of this song every time it plays.

“Bed” by Joel Corry, RAYE, and David Guetta

Song Year: 2021

This song will warrant multiple plays through the evening, even if you (like the lyrics) have to be up early for work.

Well-known DJs Joel Corry and David Guetta teamed up for the hottest beat to hit the dance floor in 2021. Stay up late and jam to this song with us!

“Up At Night” by Kehlani feat. Justin Bieber

Song Year: 2022

Kehlani teamed up with Justin Bieber in early 2022 to bring us this sexy hit. Loving this song is easy as the vocals create a beautiful melody.

The duo sing about how they find it difficult to sleep, enamored with the idea of the one they crave. Fans are sure to want multiple listens to this downtempo hit as well.

“N95” by Kendrick Lemar

Song Year: 2022

Many may see the title of this song and think it discusses masking in the pandemic. Instead, the lyrics focus on the expensive clothes we wear to hide the things we wish to conceal from others.

Kendrick Lemar is known for his creative rapping and passion for his lyrics. This song is no exception.

“Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X

Song Year: 2021

Lil Nas X returns with a song and dance that became the topic of heavy debate in early 2021.

The lyrics lament about a lover whose name he agreed to keep quiet while dancing with the Devil in his video. Lil Nas X goes deeper into his self-expression and offers us a memorably fun track all at once.

“Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd

Song Year: 2020

The Weeknd didn’t come up short in his attempt to provide us with hit after hit in the early years of the decade.

This song serves as an ode to the one whose heart he broke. Regardless of sad undertones, this song is easy to love and listen to on repeat. A remix featuring Ariana Grande was released later in 2020.

“About Damn Time” by Lizzo

Song Year: 2022

2022 is shaping to be another year of feel-good music from our queen, Lizzo!

She inspires us to shake off the stress and turn the music up. Drama is gone when we have a drink in our hands while dancing to loud music. Lizzo strikes again with another hit that’s got the whole TikTok community dancing!

“Frozen On Fire” by Madonna and Sickick

Song Year: 2022

That Madonna’s name still comes up on a hit in the 2020s should tell you all you need to know about her power in the music industry.

Offering a heavy, slow-tempo track, Madonna and Sickick offer us a sexy look into the desire to penetrate a frozen heart. The beat of this song makes the listener want to grab their partner and enjoy an intimate slow dance while Madonna flaunts her timeless vocals.

“Stay” by The Kid LAROI feat. Justin Bieber

Song Year: 2021

This song was the most easily-recognized upbeat pop song of 2021.

The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber have crafted a fun, highly singable song focused on getting the one you love to stick around. The fast tempo, catchy lyrics, and strong beats are memorable.

“Good 4 U” by Olivia Rodrigo

Song Year: 2021

Olivia Rodrigo makes sure we all know the level of scorn she feels in this rock and roll-inspired event of a song.

Seething with anger, Rodrigo sings about the lingering feelings she experienced after her former lover moved on. Rodrigo has taken the world by storm despite her young age, and it’s clear why.

“Rain On Me” by Lady Gaga feat. Ariana Grande

Song Year: 2020

The pride anthem that never got to go hard, the song gives lovers of these iconic pop divas everything they could have ever wanted.

With this pop music pride anthem, Gaga and Grande remind us that they reign (excuse the pun) the music world. The music video features outfits and backdrops typical of Gaga’s out-of-this-world style.

“Therefore I Am” by Billie Eilish

Song Year: 2020

Billie Eilish has been a unique staple in the music industry since 2017. Her gentle voice and dark undertones give fans a one-of-a-kind experience while listening to her music.

This masterpiece of a song focuses on Eilish wishing to tell the body shamers to back off and let her do what she does best. With a philosophical name, this song boasts a powerful message.

“Memories” by Maroon 5

Song Year: 2020

A pop-rock band whose name has stood the test of time, Maroon 5 brings us yet another instant hit.

“Memories” brings forth giving thanks for those we love while reminiscing on those with whom we parted ways. This song is for the ages as we clink our glasses and sing together.

“Best Friend” by Saweetie feat. Doja Cat

Song Year: 2021

This tune is the anthem dedicated to the ones we know have our back through thick and thin. Friends are sure to grab their girls and get down on the floor when this beat begins.

Doja Cat and Saweetie have proven that they’re here to dominate the rap genre, creating one of the best songs of the 2020s.

“Cash In Cash Out” by Pharell Williams feat. 21 Savage and Tyler, The Creator

Song Year: 2022

The boys of hip-hop team up to bring us this money-forward banger with a thick beat and lyrics to which we all wish we could relate.

We are green with envy as we dance along to the rappers bragging about their rich, fancy lives. “Cash In Cash Out” features unique sounds, playing with repetition and pitch.

“Maybe You’re The Problem” by Ava Max

Song Year: 2022

Ava Max brings us an empowering set of lyrics reminding us that we are fabulous just the way we are.

Standing up to a lover who blamed everything on her, Max gives us an upbeat pop bop to love for years. The beats bring us back to the 80s, while the lyrics are timeless.

“Shivers” by Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2021

“Shivers” is arguably one of Sheeran’s greatest hits. The beat is quick. The mood is fun. And Sheeran expresses the rush of adrenaline experienced in the presence of the one he loves.

Sheeran has proven that he can do anything, whether it’s slow ballads, folksy jigs, or powerful pop sounds.

“Gaslighter” by The Chicks

Song Year: 2020

In 2020, The Chicks made the controversial yet politically correct decision to change their band name. They also released a new album full of incredible, empowering country music.

This feature song from the album points out the abuse of manipulation and lies in a relationship. “Gaslighter” explores relevant subject matter with an old-school feel.

“Up” by Cardi B

Song Year: 2021

Cardi B serves up her most danceable, high-energy song yet.

The tempo of this song matches the name, which is all about the success Cardi continues to experience as she delivers hit after hit. What’s not to love about the artistic visuals and vocals that get stuck in your head?

“Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X feat. Jack Harlow

Song Year: 2021

Lil Nas X reminds us that his eyes have always been on the prize. He sings of his determination to prove all the haters wrong, despite the backlash and homophobia.

If you’re already impressed with his musical talent, be prepared to be blown away by his dance skills as he jams out in this quirky music video. And Harlow’s section of the song is as witty as you’d expect.

“Intentions” by Justin Bieber feat. Quavo

Song Year: 2020

It can be easy to forget just how many hits Bieber has released in the short few years of this decade.

In this catchy, heartfelt tune, Bieber assures us that his heart is pure and his love is true. This song is sure to be stuck in your head for hours.

“Don’t Forget My Love” by Diplo feat. Miguel

Song Year: 2022

House music appears on our list with this emotion-filled song from American DJ Diplo and singer Miguel.

Miguel’s voice is a welcome sound as he pleads with his lover to remember him after they part ways. “Don’t Forget My Love” makes a splash in the 2020s with its fast-tempo and groove-inducing melodies.

“Message In A Bottle (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2021

Despite being written in the early 2010s, this song was finally released as part of Taylor Swift’s campaign to reclaim her music.

A nod to her country-turned-pop days, this tune sends a message to Swift’s lover that she still thinks of him often.

“Levitating” by Dua Lipa

Song Year: 2020

We dare you to play this song and not dance! This song is one of those rare finds that everyone instinctively recognizes as a dance track.

Dua Lipa sings about the feeling of floating while dancing with the one she loves. Put this song on repeat and dance the night away.

“Diet Coke” by Pusha T

Song year: 2022

In case you were wondering, this song is not about soda! Instead, it’s about the infamous party drug that’s been featured on countless rap hits over the years.

Pusha T delivers another rap banger while sampling several famous works of rap art from the ages.

“When I’m Gone” by Alesso and Katy Perry

Song Year: 2021

As she prepared for her Las Vegas residency to begin, Katy Perry teamed up with Swedish DJ Alesso to bring us this dance-inspired track.

Perry assures us that we will remember her forever in the lyrics of this catchy, upbeat song. While this song maintains some signature Perry sounds, it conveys a new-age feel.

“Start Walking” by Tove Styrke

Song Year: 2021

Accepting when the time comes to walk away is sometimes the saddest thing. Tove Styrke turns it into an upbeat anthem of emotions in this catchy bop.

Dance through the hurt with this song about the liberation of freeing yourself from negative connections.

“Chosen” by Blxst feat. Ty Dolla $ign and Tyga

Song Year: 2020

Despite being fresh to the rap game, Blxst thought up this tune in a single studio session. Combining rap, R&B, and just the right amount of nostalgia, these artists have created a 2020 bop.

Even those unfamiliar with rap music will find themselves drawn to this song about being the one with whom another chooses to spend their time.

“Where Did You Go?” by Jax Jones feat. MNEK

Song Year: 2022

Jax Jones has provided us with memorable club hits for the past decade. He shows no signs of quitting in the new one.

Teaming up with MNEK, they pump out a hit that features lyrics discussing finding love again while a background of 80s-inspired electro-tunes play.

“Leave Before You Love Me” by Marshmello feat. Jonas Brothers

Song Year: 2021

The Jonas Brothers teamed up with DJ Marshmello to bring this apology song. The brothers plead for forgiveness after leaving a love interest before deep feelings develop.

In “Leave Before You Love Me,” the beat is mid-tempo, and the vibe is sorrowful. Yet, this song demands repeat listens as the Brothers’ easy-on-the-ear voices carry the lyrics over Marshmello’s famous DJ skills.

“Discoteka” by Minelli and INNA

Song Year: 2020

The title means “dance club,” so prepare to move to thick, heavy beats in this song.

The ladies of this song sing about being lively as they guide us through the club-inspired track guaranteed to make you dance. While it’s not as easily recognizable as some other options on this list, its upbeat sound makes it one of the best songs of the 2020s.

“Life Is Good” by Future feat. Drake

Song Year: 2020

Despite the stress the 2020s have brought to the world, we need to learn to take Future’s advice in this song. Life, indeed, is good!

Drake assists Future in sending the message home. Ultimately, they let us know that we must all keep our aspirations high no matter the circumstance.

“One Too Many” by Keith Urban feat. P!nk

Song Year: 2020

Country boy Keith Urban teams up with rocker girl P!nk to bring us this easy-going, versatile tune. Although it’s an unlikely duo, the two deliver a powerful hit.

The song offers an in-depth look at the stress of fighting with a loved one who has overindulged in alcohol.

“Provenza” by Karol G

Song Year: 2022

If you don’t speak Spanish, never fear. This song will catch your attention just fine.

Karol G’s voice is mesmerizing as she longs for connection and the love of another. Dancing to this song is mandatory. The beats and the visuals make it the perfect addition to any summer playlist.

“What’s Next” by Drake

Song Year: 2021

After spending the past ten years as a leading name in the rap music industry, Drake wonders aloud what the coming years hold.

As always, Drake delivers a solid rap performance in this song. The strength of his performance tells us that Drake is staying put.

“Circles Around This Town” by Maren Morris

Song Year: 2022

The great thing about listening to Maren Morris’ music is that even if country music isn’t their favorite, listeners can still find appreciation for her artistry.

Anyone who has ever spent considerable time in a small town knows that occasionally you tend to get lost in memories while out for a spin around town. This song will bring those days back in an instant.

“Cardigan” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2020

Taylor Swift proves that she is one of the most versatile names in music as she makes her way into indie music territory in her latest hit.

In this song, Swift sings of an old flame, remembering her love like the warmth of a sweater. The piano accompaniment provides a powerful melody for this sweet tune.

“Mamacita” by Black Eyed Peas feat. Ozuna and J. Rey Soul

Song Year: 2020

Black Eyed Peas is a name we have come to love over the past two decades. Hit after hit, they prove they belong in the top spot.

This song sees them team up with Puerto Rican singer Ozuna to bring us a Latin-infused dance track that will leave you wishing for more.

“Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.” by Chase Rice feat. Florida Georgia Line

Song Year: 2021

A pure-bliss country song brought to you by the southern vocal powers of Chase Rice and Florida Georgia Line. The lyrics produce the joy of sitting around a fire and throwing a few beers back with friends.

The song represents the aspects of life worth enjoying with close friends. It’s ultimately a reminder of what’s important following years of global complexity.

“Easy On Me” by Adele

Song Year: 2021

Adele never fails to bring everyone in the room to tears listening to her sweet melodies.

In this instant hit, Adele begs her new lover to be patient with her as she finds her way on a new path forward. Her vocals are as powerful as ever, and she maintains her classic old-school sound.

“Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat feat. SZA

Song Year: 2021

Doja proves that not only can she bust a rap verse, she carries a beautiful melody just as well. The extraterrestrial music video has become just as recognizable as the catchy lyrics.

Audiences will beg the vocalists for more when this song ends, just as Doja Cat and SZA beg their lovers for more.

“What’s Your Country Song” by Thomas Rhett

Song Year: 2021

Thomas Rhett has been a crowd-pleaser for country music fans for years. This song reminds us why, as it’s one of the best country songs of the 2020s.

Rhett sings about how people connect over their shared love of music. This song will prove to be one many fans will surely love.

“Calling My Phone” by Lil Tjay feat. 6LACK

Song Year: 2021

This slow-tempo rap track will leave the pretty melody in your mind for hours.

These two rap artists present a song about lingering feelings following the demise of a relationship. “Calling My Phone” is reflective, a refreshing departure from the occasionally over-the-top genre.

“Toosie Slide” by Drake

Song Year: 2020

Drake is no newcomer to giving the world a dance trend. In 2018 he provided us with the “kiki challenge.”

In 2020, Drake introduced his latest dance craze. Crafted for the strategy of launching a new dance craze, Drake brings us a song we can dance to for years. It also proves that Drake is as business savvy as he is musically talented.

“Hold On” by Justin Bieber

Song Year: 2021

Bieber’s vocal progression through the years has always been impressive.

In “Hold On,” he urges us all to weather the storm and prepare ourselves for brighter days. Everyone goofs up, so embrace the mistakes and listen to this song as you do.

“34+35” by Ariana Grande

Song Year: 2021

Ariana Grande no longer sings in code. This time, she wants you to do the math!

Grande’s powerful voice stays strong in this suggestively sexy song about waiting up for her lover. Paired with characteristically feminine visuals, Grande boasts her musical talent.

“Starstruck” by Years & Years

Song Year: 2021

England’s Olly Alexander leads the way in this upbeat anthem about the feeling of instant love.

We fall in love with this song more with every listen. While not everybody will recognize it, the song delivers a dancey track that will keep you bopping your head until the end of the decade.

“Real Groove” by Kylie Minogue

Song Year: 2020

Kylie Minogue has been producing sleeper hits for years. The Australian singer released a disco-inspired album in 2020 featuring this dance track.

Kylie sings of the connection she shares with a man on the dance floor and how nobody else will compare to them.

“Anyone” by Justin Bieber

Song Year: 2021

We promise we show no favoritism to Bieber. His music is just that good that he features several times on our top picks from the 2020s.

In this slow ballad, Bieber shows his vulnerable side by expressing his feelings for his one and only.

“Smile” by Katy Perry

Song Year: 2020

Despite imperfections in life, Katy Perry is determined to see the bright side.

Perry’s positivity shines bright in this song about seeing the upside in life by turning that frown upside down. The visuals are as colorful as the vocals!

“Friday (Dopamine Re-Edit)” by Riton and Nightcrawlers feat. Mufasa and Hypeman

Song Year: 2021

This upbeat “ode to the weekend” samples many familiar hits.

The lyrics celebrate the freedom we find on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This song will incite a great mood, regardless of which day of the week it plays.

“Run” by OneRepublic

Song Year: 2021

OneRepublic has a reputation in the music industry for providing musically-driven anthems that stand the test of time. With this single, the band has done it again.

The theme of their latest hit is to live life to the fullest and keep your head up as you chase your goals.

“Don’t Go Yet” by Camila Cabello

Song Year: 2021

Camila Cabello brings the sounds of flamenco and Latin-pop grooves to mainstream airwaves in this sexy dance hit.

Cabello begs her lover to stay and dance with her as we beg her not to stop singing. Her voice is beautiful. All listeners are guaranteed to have fun with this song.

“Take My Breath” by The Weeknd

Song Year: 2021

The Weeknd is striking gold in the 2020s. His latest single warns against giving up everything one has ever worked on to chase a temporary high.

Reminiscent of an 80s dance track, The Weekend blows us away with this hit.

“Children” by Billy Porter

Song Year: 2021

Actor Billy Porter reminds us he is in charge during this empowering experience of a song.

Serving fierce beats and sickening lyrics, Porter makes us all bow down and essentially allows him to tell us, “I told you so.”

“That’s What I Want” by Lil Nas X

Song Year: 2021

Lil Nas X wastes no time telling us what he desires. He wants to find love, and he wants it now.

An upbeat track with a relatable message, this track from Lil Nas is one to memorize and share with everyone. The artist delivers another hit that stirs important discussions.

“Wild” by John Legend feat. Gary Clark Jr.

Song Year: 2020

John Legend has always been able to deliver a powerhouse love ballad that makes us all swoon. And this song is no exception.

Featuring powerful vocals and climactic backing music, Legend makes us feel as though he sings to us directly. The music video featuring his wife and kids is a bonus!

“Lasting Lover” by Sigala feat. James Arthur

Song Year: 2020

Dj Sigala teams up with James Arthur, a singer well-known for giving us love songs that elicit all emotions.

This dance track features heavy emotional pleading for a love that will last forever while offering a thick beat. Find your lasting love and dance to this addictive track.

“Sweetest Pie” by Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa

Song Year: 2022

A dynamic duo featuring the queen of rap and the goddess of pop, “Sweetest Pie” offers listeners a sweet treat with this jam.

Flaunting and expressing their beauty and sexuality, Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa remind us why they are some of the biggest names in the industry.

“Heat Waves” by Glass Animals

Song Year: 2020

This song set a record for the longest climb to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Glass Animals gives us a catchy song all about a man who is unsure if he gives the woman he loves the life she deserves.

“Willow” by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2020

The crowning jewel of our list comes from the fearless Taylor Swift.

Straight from her second album in a year, “Willow” is all about those butterflies we all experience when falling in love with someone new. The taste of innocence and new love offers a glimpse of hope in an ever-changing world.

Best Songs Of The 2020s, Final Thoughts

Despite the drama of the 2020s, artists with a passion for crafting music have demonstrated their talent.

Sometimes the music made us dance, while other times it made us cry. Whatever the purpose, music is a universal language that we all experience together.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look at the best 2020s songs!

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