43 Best R&B Love Songs Of All Time

Best R&B Love Songs Of All Time

Most people love listening to music, whether it be on a day-to-day basis or when they are going through a hard time. Music tends to be an outlet for people to escape. R&B started around the year 1940 and soured in the music industry. The letters in R&B stand for Rhythm and Blues.

Are you an R&B lover and want to know what the top love songs are or are you interested in learning if you like R&B music? We listened to each song and picked them for you. Read on to find out the best love songs in R&B, in alphabetical order.

Adorn by Miguel

Song Year: 2012

The song Adorn is supposed to be one of Miguel's top hits he has released. The song has a relaxing melody with a beat that will get your feelings moving.

The song is about wanting to see a woman and the wonders of her shine bright. 

The singer Miguel still produces music to this day and sings in the music industry. As you should expect frequently even artists will transition their work to the latest generations.

Always by Atlantic Starr

Song Year: 1987

The group Atlantic Starr is known for several songs and one being the song “Always” listed here.

Always by Atlantic is a song that has a calming beat with instrumentals in the background and talented singers. The singers are male and female which helps with a diverse melody throughout the song. Combining the deep vocals of the male singers with the higher female voices brings balance and harmony.

Always And Forever by Heatwave

Song Year: 1976

If you are looking for a song that can depict to someone how much you love them this is the song. The song speaks of loving someone forever and of course always.

The background music is very relaxing with occasional upbeats throughout it. The singers have beautiful voices that go from the lower tones up to Tenor.

Angel of Mine by Monica

Song Year: 1998

This song is a beautiful melody with instruments that make you feel comfortable listening to it. They utilize a guitar and other sounds in the background to create a musical effect.

This song is about her finding someone that she never expected to be her special one. That person is her all and changed her for the better. She calls this person her “angel.”

Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey

Song Year: 1995

This song is one of the staples in history as most people know who Mariah Carey is regardless of your age.

The song is a beautiful production of Mariah Carey's voice and shows the range she can reach with her voice.

The song is about a person who will always be her special one in her life. The song speaks on relationships and when someone is in love. How when you are in love a person will always be around and that they will always be there for each other through anything.

At Last by Etta James

Song Year: 1960

The singer Etta James has always had a beautiful voice that resonates with you after listening to her. Her voice is something you expect to hear in the older movies or at a burlesque show.

The song “At Last” speaks about how she fell in love with someone and it changed her life. She speaks on feeling like she is in the clouds and will not be lonely any longer. This song is a classic staple of love and romance.

All of Me by John Legend

Song Year: 2013

“All of Me” by John Legend is a popular song in the R&B category. This song speaks to your soul and you cannot help but sing along with it. This song came out as a dedication to his wife at the time.

“All of Me” is a song that can be a heart wrencher if you are focused on your feelings. It speaks on the fact of giving your all to someone and being their all no matter the situation. The song has a slower melody and tone to it with nice piano notes in the background.

Back At One by Brian McKnight

Song Year: 1999

You come across this song often because it was one of the greatest hits of its time.

The song starts with a beautiful piano melody before the words begin to flow into your ears. Once you start listening to the words you will hear about how he believes that another person should be with him.

This song could be a good song to send to your loved one to let them know how much you think you should be together.

Be with You by Mary J Blige

Song Year: 2005

It is no secret that Mary J Blige has an amazing voice that can go high and low. She has a way of portraying her feelings through her music that you can relate to. The beat in the background is a nice drum beat with instrumentals added in.

The song “Be with You” is about feelings towards a male in her life. She speaks on the fact that she wants to be with the said person but the person does not love her anymore and does not want to be with her.

Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell

Song Year: 1993

The song is about the singer admiring a woman from afar. It touches on how he sees this woman and wants to get to know her. He talks about building his confidence and when he sees her he is going to talk to her. This explains the title “Can We Talk.” He wants to speak to this woman and is attracted to her.

This song you may relate to if you are single and see someone you think is attractive from across the room. You may have the urge to get to know them and find out what their name is. This song depicts a natural way that people meet and become a couple.

Crazy in Love by Beyonce

Song Year: 2003

The song “Crazy in Love” is sung by one of the most popular artists named Beyonce. When it comes to Beyonce she has a wide crowd of followers from young girls to men. Beyonce has been a hit since she started releasing songs.

The song contains a very upbeat tone that makes you want to dance when you listen to it. It has a mixture of multiple musical instruments and a strong beat that is continuous. Beyonce has a very creative singer when it comes to ranging her voice depending on the song she is creating.

The song speaks about how she is in love with a man and does not want him to go. It describes how his love has her going crazy and that she is wanting all things involving him. The song then switches to a male singer, which is Jay-Z. The male singer has more of a rap tone to his portion instead of a fluent singing voice.

Earth Angel by The Penguins

Song Year: 1954

This group was titled an “American doo-wop” group from the 50s.

As soon as this song starts playing you can feel the age of it as it was produced in the early 50s. It has a tone that you frequently hear in older-style restaurants throughout the country. The song has calming instruments and multiple male singers singing in a low soothing tone.

The song is about being in love and wanting to be this person's happiness. They are calling the person they are in love with an “Earth Angel.” The song is trying to convince this person to be theirs.

For You I Will by Monica

Song Year: 1996

This song was one of Monica's highest charted songs in the 1990s.

This song has slow-moving background music as it flows with calming words. The words and tone match the music and stay in a mezzo tone throughout most of the song. Mezzo is when a female sings in a lower voice most of the time.

The song is speaking about how she will do anything for the person that she loves. It speaks on the feelings she has for this person and that she will always be there through any situation.

This song depicts how a lot of people feel when they are in love with someone and want to give them the world. Many people feel how she does in this song and agree they would “cross the ocean” for their loved ones.

Happily Ever After by Case

Song Year: 1999

This song starts out with a beautiful piano-style song. The song then picks up with a base beat that flows with the singer's voice. You can hear additional noises in the background that add to the effect of the song. Some of the noises sound like snaps and others sound like bells.

The song speaks on a relationship with an unnamed person and how they are recapping things that happened in the past. It continues to speak on him asking the unnamed female to be his wife and to stand beside him no matter what.

This song could be a good song that you send to someone you want to marry or near a proposal. We say this because the song focuses on not leaving the person they love and spending forever with them.

Hello by Lionel Richie

Song Year: 1983

To this day Lionel Richie is still very popular in the music industry.

The song starts out with beautiful music that leads into Lionel Richie’s voice in a more Bass tone. The music has piano notes and extra added noises in the background that are not common instruments.

The song is being sung about a special individual that they admire and have always wanted. The song tells this person how much they love them. The song focuses on this individual from how much he cares, about her hair and how his heart feels.

Heartbreak Hotel by Whitney Houston

Song Year: 1998

The song starts out with small calming noises to start out with and then brings in a bass beat to add effects.

The song is Whitney Houston saying how she feels towards an individual. She speaks on how she thought this person was going to do right by her and then plays with her emotions. She makes sure to tell this unnamed individual how she just wanted them and then found out that he had another person on his mind. Whitney Houston sings about how she feels like a fool and found out that the male was cheating on her.

This song many people can relate to as we all encounter unfaithful people we thought we could trust.

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

Song Year: 1974

Everyone knows this song for the high notes she hits and the incredible lyrics she sings.

The music related to this song is very light and low to start out with. Once the singer begins to sing certain phrases the base and beat of the song picks up and then drops back down. It has a beautiful saxophone in the background as well.

The lyrics are based on speaking on how she wants someone to have everything they deserve. She is portraying that she should not stay due to being in the person's way and hindering them. She ensures that she sings about how she will always love the person, this is one of the main repeated phrases within the song.

I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men

Song Year: 1994

This song allowed the group to win a grammy for “best performance by a duo or group with vocals.”

The song is probably not what you would think initially. The song starts out slow with tambourines and a wonderful melody. Periodically throughout the song, it will pick up the beat briefly.

The song is about how the male wants to celebrate the female and give her everything she wants. It portrays that they are submitting to anything that she requests. The song proceeds to talk about how he will make love to her exactly how she wants him to. He talks about how he is concentrating only on her.

This song sounds like many women's dreams of a man. Only focused on her and doing exactly what she wants.

I Care ‘Bout You by Milestone

Song Year: 1997

The song is about how he feels alone and when he tries to reach out he gets nothing in return. They sing about how much they care about the female and how they want her to care about him. The song speaks on how they were in love and that they try to figure out what happened.

This song is still rated at the top of the R&B community to this day. Most people will say this is a song that they still listen to no matter how old it gets.

If I Ever Fall in Love by Shai

Song Year: 1992

The Shai group is a unique R&B group that has wonderful harmony in their voices together.

This song is about Shai knowing a woman is his perfect match but they let her go. He focuses on singing that when he falls in love again he will make sure the female is similar to her.

One of the main attractions of this song is the music and the group's harmony together. The group is very unique and worked well together.

I Wanna Know by Joe

Song Year: 1999

Frequently the best R&B songs are from the 90s and early 2000s; they often have the best R&B chord progressions. This song starts out very smooth and tasteful. The singer Joe has an incredible voice that has a large range.

The song is about the singer's feelings towards a woman. He sings about how this woman is nothing he has ever experienced before. Watching the original video the woman encounters the singer after arguing with her boyfriend, which makes it seem as if he was taking her for granted.

I Don’t Want To by Toni Braxton

I Don’t Want To by Toni Braxton

Song Year: 1996

Toni Braxton is an icon in the R&B industry with her incredible voice. When she sings the song “I Don’t Want To” she stays in a lower tone for the majority of the song. The song has beautiful tunes that match her calm voice throughout the entire song.

The song is about how she does not want to live without someone and confesses her affection for the person. She shows how you can feel if you lose someone.

If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys

Song Year: 2003

This song starts out with the most beautiful intro of a piano and leads into her singing. It is no surprise that Alicia Keys is popular as her voice is incredible. She ranges from low to high with her vocal talent in this song.

This song speaks on all things love and that she does not want to do life without her person. It depicts that life is not how she wants it without her special one.

Killing Me Softly with His Song by Fugees

Song Year: 1972

This song starts out immediately with you hearing a woman's voice singing softly. The song initially sounds only like the women singing and music starts to begin where male singers start to do a form of raping and talking.

The song is about going to a concert and she sees a man performing. She speaks about how good he sings and how she can relate to the music. She is singing about how his song affects her, as we feel when we listen to her song.

Let's Stay Together by Al Green

Song Year: 1972

The song “Let’s Stay Together” will instantly remind you of the 70s when you start listening to it. The music is relaxing with his unique voice. It will have you swaying before you know it.

The song is about wanting to stay with the love of his life. The song is exactly what you would think of for a 70s love song. Al Green sings beautifully about the women that he does not want to lose regardless of the times they have.

My Love Is Your Love by Whitney Houston

Song Year: 1998

As Everyone loves Whitney Houston, her hit song “My Love Is Your Love” makes you want to sing along. The song feels like a gospel song and R&B made a baby. The music has good tones and beats added to it with her beautiful voice.

As the song starts you hear a small child speaking to her mother in the background. The song continues to go on about how no matter what comes up and tries to break them that it will not stop their love.

My Boo by Alicia Keys & Usher

Song Year: 2004

The song “My Boo” was a staple early on in the year 2000. It is one of the top hits people still listen to from the 2000s that impacted the world.

The song has a male and female singer, who are Alicia Keys and Usher. The music has a hard beat that is repeated throughout with instrumentals in the background. The music flows with the words good and helps you feel the emotions being portrayed.

The song speaks about how there is also a person that will have your heart and be your special one. The song takes a trip through the couple's relationship and shows their love for each other. It shows that you can still be in love with someone after a long time of being separated.

Nice And Slow by Usher

Song Year: 1998

The singer Usher has been well known since he started in the music industry. Since the 90s Usher has been known for producing hits that everyone knows.

Usher sings the song in a bass tone that is soothing and slow. The music in the background is a nice blend of a base, beat, and guitar. The music keeps a slower tune to it where it picks up with a more hip hop style R&B.

The song is from a male persona speaking towards a female. It starts off by saying that he is going to see a beautiful woman. He describes how he wants to touch her and take his time. This song can be a good choice if you want to have a good ambiance in the room.

Nothing Even Matters by Lauryn Hill

Song Year: 1998

The song “Nothing Even Matters” starts off with snapping, background music, and a beat. You can hear voices softly coming into the song before both Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo begin singing from their hearts. This is one of the best collaborations between the two singers

The song is about all things love, without talking about sexual fantasies and it has more than most love songs tend to have. It basically depicts that nothing else matters but the two of them and their relationship.

Never Let You Go by Faith Evans

Song Year: 1999

This song starts out with a beautiful piano introduction that is heaven on the ears. The singer Faith Evans then begins singing with her angelic voice about love.

The song speaks about how the singer misses her special person. She speaks about love and how it touches your heart and soul with the right person. The song is a wonderful depiction of being in love and not wanting someone to slip out of your hands.

No Ordinary Love by Sade

Song Year: 1992

This song starts out with one of the most heart-wrenching beginnings you might hear. The music has a hypnotic beat to it where Sade begins singing softly. The music video features her as a mermaid under the water singing and swimming with her lover in a bride outfit inside of a bar.

The song speaks on all things love and shows that their love story is not ordinary like other people. She sings about her emotions and experience in trying to make their relationship work.

No One by Alicia Keys

Song Year: 2007

The song “No One” by Alicia Keys is one of the top songs on the charts over and over. The song never stopped being a sensation after the year 2007. This song will most likely forever be a hit in the R&B and music industry itself.

The song starts out with a very upbeat tone and drums hitting the same beat over and over. You hear Alicia Keys singing about how she feels for someone and that no one will get in the way of her feelings.

Ronni by Bobby Brown

Song Year: 1988

The introduction to this song seems very techno with a drumbeat consistently hitting every few seconds. You hear a male singer come into the mix with a soft voice.

The singer, Bobby Brown is singing about a female named “Ronni.” The singer describes how he feels about the female and that his heart is hers. This song is a romantic gesture to a female, in an attempt to be given a spot in her life.

Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder

Song Year: 1982

This song starts out with a breathtaking piano melody that you would dream of hearing in a fancy restaurant in Paris. The song goes on for several seconds before you hear the singer, Stevie Wonder, begin to sing.

The song depicts a love story by comparing it to the sky and its wonders. It is showing that the sky is also glowing from their love and leaving marks for them to gaze at.

Saving All My Love for You by Whitney Houston

Song Year: 2002

The song starts out with a beautiful intro that is subtle and shows the sweet serenity of Whitney Houston's voice. As the song continues you will start to hear her voice soar to the sky and other instruments joining in.

This song is a big example of a person waiting for the love of their life. The song speaks about how the person she is in love with is not available and does not pay her attention. She sings about how even when people tell her to find another person that she cannot bring herself to do it.

Soul Sista by Bilal

Song Year: 2000

This song is a mixture of a funky music style and a soft love ballad. The song has a soulful groove that makes you want to keep listening to it.

The song is filled with emotions and is all about feeling the groove of love in your body and soul. The male singer Bilal ensures that the female he is singing about knows she is his only and his love is large for her.

Seems Like You're Ready by R Kelly

Song Year: 1993

This song starts out with a more techno R&B style with a soft voice singing. The song is the artist R Kelly singing softly towards a woman.

This song is more of a sexual R&B vibe. It brings you into the bedroom and helps guide your mind to think about what is happening or what he wants to happen. It can be a good background song as you yourself, love your special person.

Spending My Life with You by Eric Benet & Tamia

Song Year: 1999

This song starts out with a slow introduction as it picks up with a beat when the male singer, Eric Benet begins on the track. The song is full of soul and moves you when you listen to it.

It speaks on how a couple wants to spend their life together. It goes through the description of what it is like to spend your life with someone.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours by Stevie Wonder

Song Year: 1970

This song started out with symbols rattling, a heavy beat, and the singers coming out with a funky tone. Stevie Wonder will go from his base voice to a higher pitch and sometimes a raspy tone.

The song is basically saying like the title, they are yours. It is about being delivered to the person he wants and being theirs forever.

Tell Me by Dru Hill

Song Year: 1996

This song starts out with organ sounds and beautiful notes added in. It will make you feel like you are initially in church before you listen to the lyrics more. It has a very soulful way behind it and in his voice.

The song is speaking about being in love and wanting to make her his wife. He is singing towards a woman wanting to give her whatever she wants.

The One I Gave My Heart Too by Aaliyah

Song Year: 1996

This song is a beautiful depiction of the singer Aaliyah's voice. She has a voice that sounds like an angel to many people's ears. She goes from a low tone all the way to soprano in the same song multiple times. The background music is very soothing and calming.

The song is written about being in love with someone that breaks your heart. The song speaks on how the person hurt her and destroyed her after she trusted them. This song is relatable to many people when they have been heartbroken by someone. You can feel her pain in the song and her voice as she flows through the lyrics. 

Understanding by Xscape

Song Year: 2002

The song is about communication and wanting to understand your partner. It focuses on how they can make a relationship work and that you have to listen to each other. She notes that it takes meeting each other halfway and working together.

Many people can relate to this song as we feel people do not listen to us. The song is a good depiction of a relationship that needs work to continue.

I Never Loved A Man by Aretha Franklin

Song Year: 1967

This song is full of emotion and amazing music. This is a song that people cannot help but like. Aretha Franklin's voice is impeccable, she can reach the highest notes with her voice.

The song is about a man who she was involved with who is a cheater. The song depicts that she is stuck in the relationship because she has not loved anyone else the same way.

This song is very relatable as some people feel stuck in a relationship. They feel like they can not escape.

Top R&B Love Songs Of All Time, Final Thoughts

When it comes to R&B there are many different styles that you may enjoy. R&B has evolved over the years from the different artists that have added their taste to the genre. You could enjoy the music produced by R&B artists such as Al Green to Usher or even Miguel. Each artist puts their own twist on their R&B eras.

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