33 Best Songs To Wake Up To In The Morning – Start Your Day Right

Best Songs To Wake Up To In The Morning

Music is such a powerful way to create a mood, especially when you are trying to wake up in the morning. By choosing the right songs, you can more easily start your day feeling upbeat and ready to go.

We found some of the best morning wake-up songs so you can start your day right.

“Sunday Best” by Surfaces

Song year: 2019

It is hard to listen to this song and not immediately feel in a great mood. For a feel-good song that starts your day with good vibes, you really cannot go wrong with “Sunday Best” by Surfaces.

This song isn’t too intense to wake up to, letting you linger a bit in that semi-asleep mode. Yet it has just enough upbeat energy to it, making it perfect for just about anyone.

“Fly” by Sugar Ray

Song year: 1997

This song has been a classic since 1997. It is hard to come by anyone who hasn’t listened to it at some point in their life.

Sugar Ray seems to specialize in combining various musical genres to create a soothing but encouraging tune.

“Over The Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Song year: 1990

Not everyone wants to wake up to intense dance music to get going. Maybe you just need an emotional yet uplifting emotional song. When listening to this song, you cannot help but feel light and peaceful.

Both the vocals and instrumentals will touch your heart and make you feel gratitude and sincere hope for the future. Is there a better way to start your morning?

“Get Up Offa That Thing” by James Brown

Song year: 1976

If you are someone who does not wake up easily, then this upbeat song will be perfect for you. This song is an oldie but goodie that is almost impossible not to get up and dance to. Rather than a harsh alarm, this quick boost of energy will feel more like a cup of coffee.

“This Will Be” by Natalie Cole

Song year: 1975

When you hear this song, you may remember it in the movie, The Parent Trap. That in of itself should be enough to put you in a good mood. However, it is such a happy and upbeat song that will start your day with a smile.

“Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake

Song year: 2016

The feeling you get right when your alarm goes off may not be the best in the world, but hopefully, Justin Timberlake can change that for you. Because it was created for the movie Trolls, it would make a happy song for children to wake up to as well.

Lyrics from this song will encourage you to wake up and start your day feeling good.

“A-O-K” by Tai Verdes

Song year: 2019

“A-O-K” by Tai Verdes is a song that is the epitome of encouragement. Whenever things may not be perfect, you can listen along and enjoy the uplifting message. The melody of this pop song itself is cheerful, so is there a better way to wake up?

“Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra

Song year: 1997

This song has stolen the show in numerous movies. While listening to its unique, electric beat, you will feel like the main character of your life. It may even bring mental images of a perfect sunny day where nothing can go wrong.

If that isn’t an excellent way to start your day, we don’t know what is.

“Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard

Song year: 2003

There is just something about this song that brings excitement from the second you press play. It starts with a burst of energy, and by the time the beat drops, you will be wide awake and singing along.

“Coffee” by Sylvan Esso

Song year: 2014

When thinking of the morning, you may think of a warm cup of coffee during a quiet and peaceful time. For someone who slowly wakes up, this song would make a great morning wake-up song. Its melody is soft yet awakening at the same time.

“You Make My Dreams” by Daryl Hall & John Oates

Song year: 1981

You may have noticed a few oldies on this list, and well, you will see quite a few more. Oldies such as this are timeless classics that anyone of any age can enjoy. This number is a feel-good song that brings upon feelings of falling in love.

“O-o-h Child” by The Five Stairsteps

Song year: 1970

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, we can struggle to get out of bed and start feeling good. Words of encouragement seem to stick so much better when put in with music. Though it has a slower melody, this song truly has the power to lift your mood and make you feel ready to take on the day.

You may even feel nostalgic while listening to this song. Since its release in 1970, many people still listen to it – or have at least heard of it.

“Listen To The Music” by The Doobie Brothers

Song year: 1972

When in doubt, listen to the music. No, really. As you listen to this song, really take time to focus your attention on each instrument. Mornings can sometimes bring feelings of anxiety. Rather than keeping your thoughts focused on your To-Do lists for the day, take a few moments to get lost in a happy tune. Before you know it, you will be jumping out of bed and not just listening – but singing along!

“The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World

Song year: 2001

We all go through moments in life where we feel down or unmotivated. This encouraging song will give you the motivation and ambition to get your day started. As cheesy as it sounds, it is the perfect tune to provide you with a little more belief in yourself.

It feels like Jimmy Eat World is a close friend giving you a morning pep-talk. Better yet, this pep-talk comes with music that has a cheerful melody.

“Sunrise” by Kygo

Song year: 2017

If we are being honest with ourselves, getting up early isn’t always the most exciting feeling. However, if there is one good thing about waking up early, it’s catching a beautiful sunrise. Even if you do not have a chance to watch the sun come up, you can listen to this song and experience similar vibes.

“Kings Of Summer” by Ayokay

Song year: 2016

While this song really doesn’t have many lyrics, the few words it shares encourage you to make the most out of your day. Rather than living like you are in the movie “Groundhog Day,” you will have a little musical reminder to feel alive and make the day special.

“Feels Great” by Cheat Codes

Song year: 2017

They say the way you wake up will set a precedent for how your day will go. I don’t know about you, but feeling great is a precedent I’d like to set.

“Sour Patch Kids” by Bryce Vine

Song year: 2014

This selection may feel like an odd choice to add to a list of morning wake-up songs. However, I wanted to add it because it is a highly relatable song. “Sour Patch Kids” is a song all about not wanting to worry and go back to a better time. While listening to the lyrics, you may be taken back to some happy memories.

“Man! I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain

Song year: 1997

Whether you’re a man or woman, this song will make everyone immediately feel ready to go. Although many women use this song as a mood to get ready for going out, it can work equally as well to wake up to.

There is just something about Shania Twain’s music that makes it nearly impossible not to belt out at the top of your lungs.

“Another Day In Paradise” by Quinn XCII

“Another Day In Paradise” by Quinn XCII

Song year: 2015

This song is filled with little nuggets of encouragement to give you all the feel-good emotions. It is a poppy and vibrant song that reflects on the highs and lows life brings us. There is a tropical feeling to it, which just about anyone can feel good listening to.

“Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley & The Wailers

Song year: 1977

While just about any song by Bob Marley can transform your mood, this one is especially compelling. Listening to this song can make just about any person’s worries wash away. This soothing song is peaceful, empowering, and cheerful all at once.

“Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson

Song year: 2005

While any Jack Johnson song will do, “Banana Pancakes” makes a perfect morning wake-up song to ease into a lazy morning. This slow-paced but cheery tune brings upon thoughts of a rainy Sunday morning.

“The Fortunate” by Cartel

Song year: 2007

You may not have ever listened to Cartel, but if I had to choose one song, it’d be this one. After listening through a few times, you will be addicted to the positive message and energizing melody. Although it falls within the rock genre, this song has a poppy energy to it.

“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey

Song year: 1981

I really couldn’t make a list of the best songs to wake up in the morning without including this one. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t listened to “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.

Whether this gives you a happy sense of nostalgia or simply gives you the belief of a good day ahead, this song makes a great morning song.

“Mr. Brightside” by The Killers

Song year: 2003

Although the lyrics of this song are not necessarily the most upbeat, the instrumentals sure are. It would be hard to hear this song and not immediately want to start jumping on your bed and singing into a hairbrush.

Start your day like Cameron Diaz does in “The Holiday” by jamming out to this song in some comfy clothes.

“Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

Song year: 1969

Can you really listen to this song and stay in a bad mood? This gentle song can lull you out of bed while giving you an encouraging message to wake up to.

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by The Beach Boys

Song year: 1966

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like The Beach Boys. Although nothing about the lyrics in this song has anything to do with the beach, these boys know how to create that feeling through their music. They truly deserve the name Beach Boys!

This song gives feelings of hope paired with a relaxing day at a tiki bar.

“Rockin Robin” by Bobby Day

Song year: 1958

The early bird gets the worm, or so they say. “Rockin’ Robin” is the oldest song on this list, but it’s still a relevant song to wake up to in the morning. Start your day right by shifting into the energy of a tiny robin who wakes up ready to rock.

“Do You Love Me” By Contours

Song year: 1997

Even for the hardest people to get out of bed, you may find yourself begrudgingly singing along to this tune. Before you know it, you will be belting out, “Do you love me?” and maybe even doing the mashed potato dance.

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin

Song year: 1988

Who doesn’t need a reminder from time to time to stop worrying? Though this song is slow-paced, it will bring such a positive message that will awaken you within. Everyone is going through something, but this song seems to wash those troubles away and allow you to focus on the good.

“High Hopes” by Panic! At The Disco.

Song year: 2011

Most people can relate to the feeling of not having much to get started with. Sometimes, the most we have to change the trajectory of life is holding onto high hopes. If it worked out for Panic! At The Disco, it can work for you too.

This energizing song will instill feelings and beliefs of achieving anything you want to in life. What better reminder to begin each day with?

“Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina & The Waves

Song year: 1983

This song from the 80s has a bright and upbeat tune, making it a perfect feel-good song to wake up to. “Walking On Sunshine” is another classic on this list that we do not see going out of style anytime soon.

“Sunrise” by Norah Jones

Song year: 2004

No matter what you listen to by Norah Jones, you will enjoy her soothing voice. The gentle melody can allow you to slowly wake up and start your day feeling peaceful.

Best Morning Wake Up Song, Final Thoughts

It has been said that the way you start your day can dictate how the day goes. Listening to music can take your energy anywhere you would like it to. Either choose one of these morning wake-up songs as your alarm or create a morning playlist to wake up to and start your day right.

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