37 Modern Funeral Songs

While there are a number of funeral songs out there, many of them were made in a different time. If your loved one who passed wasn’t that old, these songs may not be ideal.

If you’re looking for some more modern funeral songs, there are a number which may be suitable for the funeral you’re arranging. I hope the below are what you’re looking for.


“See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth

Song Year: 2015

“See You Again” is a memorial to actor Paul Walker, who tragically passed away in a vehicle accident while filming Fast and Furious 7. This song topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts and has since become a staple in many funerals.

The song is a testament to a lifetime of connection and friendship. The song heavily features Charlie's emotionally loaded vocals and Khalifa's relationship-centric rap to demonstrate how much Paul Walker meant to others.

“Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2017

Divide is arguably one of Ed Sheeran's most intimate and heartfelt albums. Even so, “Supermarket Flowers” is the most emotional track, with a back story quite relatable to most people. The lyrics are exceptionally well-written and lovely.

In his interviews, Ed shared that the song borrowed inspiration from his connection with his grandmother and her passing at a hospital near his recording studio. After singing the song at her funeral, his grandfather persuaded him to incorporate it into his upcoming album.

“If I Die Young” by Band Perry

Song Year: 2010

“If I Die Young” is about the pain of premature death. As the song's protagonist desires a beautiful riverfront funeral, she regrets her brief existence. She never experienced love, and in this song, she expresses concern about how her family would cope with her passing.

The song's lyrics also highlight the unfortunate reality that people primarily pay attention to the lives of the deceased. If you've had a friend or relative who passed away while they were still young and are trying to cope with the loss, this song is a good listen.

“Halo” by Beyonce

Song Year: 2008

“Halo” is a calming and upbeat tune from the R&B Queen that will brighten your spirits. The track has a triumphant vibe, showcased by Beyonce's beautiful voice.

“Halo” is among her greatest hits and would be an excellent choice for the memorial or funeral service of a beloved one. One of Beyonce's notable performances of this track was at Kobe Bryant's farewell memorial service at Staples Center in 2020.

“Slipped Away” by Avril Lavigne

Song Year: 2004

“Slipped Away” is one of Avril Lavigne's most hearty tracks, dedicated to her grandfather. The two had a close relationship, so it was quite hard for her after learning of his grandfather's passing while on her music tour.

The lyrics are an expression of Lavigne's feelings and everything she went through while grieving. Asking why is a big part of the mourning process, and tunes like this can help you deal with the loss and proceed to the next phase.

“Last Goodbye” by Miranda Lambert

Song Year: 2001

Miranda Lambert's tracks have a distinctive knack for portraying a precise moment. The nostalgic vibe and soothing lyrics make “Last Goodbye” an excellent selection for a deceased loved one or even a distant relative.

Saying goodbye is hardly easy, and the last is even more difficult. However, this tune will enable you to reach that crucial point of healing.

“Memories” by Maroon 5

Song Year: 2021

“Memories” is an extension of the more acoustic sound presented on Maroon 5's 6th studio album, Red Pill Blues. This track is a minimalist, contemplative piece in which Adam Levine recalls pleasant times spent with a beloved while drinking with friends.

Some people will interpret the lyrics to be about heartbreak. However, the tune doubles up as a good funeral song to reminisce about the good times you shared with the deceased. It's a great song to play on a photo slideshow during a memorial service.

“I'll See You Again Someday” By Terry Mcbride & The Ride

Song Year: 1995

“I'll See You Again Someday” is a track about an intense love for somebody. Unfortunately, at some point, you lose contact with this individual. The lyrics portray the hope of seeing that person again in the future.

If you've tragically lost somebody close to you, this is the perfect song to comfort you. Play it at your dear one's funeral to bring solace to other grieving persons.

“Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton

Song Year: 1992

“Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton may be the saddest tune ever recorded about the loss of a dear one. The song helped the musician grieve and come to grips with the death of his four-year-old son, who fell from the 54th floor of an apartment building while playing tag.

The lyrics convey his sorrow, longing to see his kid, and what it'd be like to meet him in heaven. Death, especially when unexpected, can be hard to take in, which makes “Tears in Heaven” a good funeral song.

“Heaven” by Beyonce

Song Year: 2013

“Heaven” is a sorrowful piano ballad with Beyoncé lamenting the loss of a lover and letting go of the past. Most fans believe it relates to the singer's miscarriage years before giving birth to Blue Ivy, her 1st daughter.

Beyonce's incredible vocals are well-reflected in this track, but the lyrics make it a great funeral song. If you've lost a dear one unexpectedly or prematurely, this track can be the reassurance you need that they are now in a better place.

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day

Song Year: 2004

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” is a dedication to the father of the lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong. His father died of cancer when he was ten years old. Armstrong stated that the lyrics borrow inspiration from the sorrow he now experiences every September.

This timeless classic is a great modern funeral song. Although Billie Joe termed it soothing to compose, he finds it occasionally challenging to perform owing to the emotions behind the words.

“I'll Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan

Song Year: 1993

“I’ll Remember You” is a rock-pop track by Sarah McLachlan that was first released on the 1995 soundtrack to The Brothers McMullen. The track achieved huge commercial success, peaking at #14 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Lyrically, the track is a retrospection of a past relationship and a celebration of the time spent together. During funerals, you can play it as a background tune as you watch the slideshow of the deceased.

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