41 Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners 2024 [With Tabs]

Best Easy Guitar Songs To Learn For Beginners

New to playing guitar? Looking for some easy guitar songs that you can learn sooner than later?

Then you’re in luck, as today we have 41 such songs for you to get started with.

I’ve included many 1 chord, 2 chord and 3 chord guitar songs, and split them up based on music genre and guitar type.

I’ve also given you the tabs for each, so if you like what you hear, you can get started right away.

So have a look below and see which guitar song you’ll get started with playing; and please bookmark & share this guide if it’s useful.

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Easy Rock Guitar Songs

Rock music is a lot of fun to play and you don't need to be a virtuoso to play it. They call it Rock And Roll for a reason. If it sounds good, it goes.

Here are some widely recognized, easy rock songs to learn.

“Seven Nation Army” By The White Stripes Is An Easy Guitar Song To Learn

Find the tab here

Please ignore the fact that The White Stripes' Jack White is using an effect to make his guitar sound like a bass guitar. He isn’t tuned down or anything. You can play this song in standard tuning.

Now, you may not be able to play the whole song. And some beginners are discouraged by that, but I don’t see the problem. Contrary to what some guitar teachers say, you can learn just riffs and get far as a guitar player.

So, work on the intro/verse part, because you can play it all on just one string, and it only consists of five notes.

“Ocean Pearl” By 54-40

Find the tab here

The Tragically Hip sound-alike, 54-40, offers up a brain-dead, repetitive, mid-tempo song in the form of “Ocean Pearl”. The intro/verse riff is perfect for beginners. Again, the other parts in this song may not be beginner-friendly, so don’t worry about that.

“But when do I get to play a cool song?”, I can hear you saying. And the answer is simple – when you get good at guitar. You can’t expect to sound like your guitar hero overnight. Just trust me and work on the songs on this list. Seriously.

Pic up “Play That Funky Music” By Wild Cherry

Find the tab here

Now, this is a song with a lot of underlying complexities. But you know the main guitar riff the song begins with? Literally any guitar player could learn to play it.

So, again, don’t worry about the chorus and the other parts in the song. Work on the intro riff. You should be able to master it in a relatively short amount of time.

“Oh, Pretty Woman” By Roy Orbison Is Great For Beginners

Find the tab here

Come on, man, Roy was the ultimate cool guy. I bet you don’t know anyone half as cool as Roy.

Anyway, there’s nothing overly complicated about the intro riff in the much-covered and highly influential hit, “Oh, Pretty Woman.” And let’s be honest – that’s the part everyone remembers.

Take some time to learn the intro, and don’t worry about the rest. It can open a ton of doors for you.

You Can Learn To Play “Day Tripper” By The Beatles Fast

Find the tab here

I have no idea how many modern-day musicians The Beatles have influenced. Practically all!

Many of their songs aren’t the hardest in the world to play. But the well-recognized intro/verse riff in “Day Tripper” is one of the easier to learn.

You can ignore the rest of the song, but you should learn this riff. Don’t make this the first song you learn, but after you’ve become comfortable playing songs with multiple strings, give it a try.

“Smoke on the Water” By Deep Purple Is A Song You'll Quickly Pick Up

Find the tab here

Even people who haven’t heard the real song have heard this song. That’s how influential it has been on the hard rock and heavy metal genres.

From the intro to the chorus, all guitar parts in this song are relatively easy. You will have to skip the solo for now, however.

As you might have guessed, I would suggest working on just the intro for now. While it does involve playing two strings at a time – which takes some getting used to – it’s still quite easy.

“Beat It” By Michael Jackson

Find the tab here

Playing the main riff in “Beat It” is a lot like learning to play “Oh, Pretty Woman” or “Day Tripper”. Although you use multiple strings, you only play one note at a time.

Granted, the timing in this one is a little trickier than the others. Start by practicing it slow, and only speed it up as you are able.

Note: the guitars are tuned down in this song, so you may not sound exactly in tune with the song if you play along with it. Most tabs, however, are accurate, so focus on the timing and don’t worry about sounding exactly like the recording.

“Sunshine of Your Love” By Cream

Find the tab here

Anyone can learn to play the intro part in “Sunshine of Your Love”. Just don’t attempt the rest of the song unless you’re comfortable with a variety of chord shapes and lead guitar. When you listen carefully, you can hear Eric Clapton using dominant 7th chord shapes in the verses.

This is another classic guitar rock song that every beginner should try.

“Come As You Are” By Nirvana

Find the tab here

All Nirvana songs are easy when you know how to play power chords. But if you aren’t there yet, try the intro to “Come As You Are”.

As with “Beat It”, the guitars in this song are tuned down, so when you play along, you won’t sound exactly like the recording. That’s okay, just try to get the rhythm right.

“(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction” By The Rolling Stones Is One Of The Best Easy Guitar Songs To Learn For Beginners

Find the tab here

You may not be entirely “satisfied” when you learn to play the main riff in “Satisfaction”. Not only is it over-the-top simple, it doesn’t even sound right without the rest of the band.

Oh well, it’s still a good part to work on to get your fingers nimble. The entire riff can be played on a single string. Ultimately, I don’t care how you play it, because it’s not the most inspired riff in the world, but it was enough to put The Rolling Stones on the map.

Easy Country Songs For Guitarists

If you're a country fan, you'll be glad to know there are plenty of single note riffs that sound great and are easy to play.

Similarly, there are some three-chord wonders that you can jam along with at your own pace.

So, let's look at some easy country songs for beginners.

“Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood 3 Chord Guitar Song

Find the tab here

A 3 chord wonder that's much easier than it even sounds.

But who said chords were easy? If you've got a basic grasp of open chords, you're ready to give this one a try.

“Ghost Riders in the Sky” by The Ramrods

Find the tab here

Originally written in 1948 by American songwriter, film and television actor Stan Jones, many artists have covered it and kept this classic alive. Even Johnny Cash has his own version.

What's so easy about it? The melody line. Learn that. I suggest checking out The Ramrods version (as cheesy as it is) as it starts with the guitar hook.

“I Walk The Line” by Johnny Cash

Find the tab here

Although you'll have to pay attention to the rhythm, the single note intro should be easy for just about any beginner.

And, who doesn't want to learn a Johnny Cash tune?

“Take Me Back To Tulsa” By Bob Wills – A 2 Chord Song For Guitar

Find the tab here

I've already said a lot about three-chord wonders. Well, you can play along with this country classic with just two chords.

So, you may as well give it a try.

Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs

Not that you can't play riffs meant for electric guitar on acoustic guitar or vice versa. But sometimes it's nice to play songs that were intended for your instrument.

Here are several great songs for you to learn on acoustic guitar.

“End Of The Line” By Traveling Wilburys

Find the tab here

“End Of The Line” is a little trickier than it sounds. There are definitely some underlying complexities.

But when you break it down, it's just three chords. So, have fun strumming along. By the way, the intro can be kind of tricky so only try it if you're feeling brave.

“Blister In The Sun” By Violent Femmes

Find the tab here

The opening single-note riff in “Blister In The Sun” should prove relatively easy for the most inexperienced guitarists.

The rest of the song could prove a little more challenging, so just beware.

“Hurt” By Johnny Cash (For Acoustic Guitarists)

Find the tab here

Johnny Cash's haunting rendition of Nine Inch Nail's “Hurt”, in some ways, became more recognizable than the original.

And, it's not that hard to play. There's a little picking and chording involved, but if you're willing to deal with that, you should at least be able to figure out the intro.

“Free Fallin'” By Tom Petty

Find the tab here

I add this song with some reluctance because technically it has multiple, layered guitar parts, and depending on which one you play, it could prove slightly more difficult.

Then again, technically, it's just four chords. And, the suspended chords are basically the same as their major counterparts. So, it's worth giving it a try.

Simple Electric Guitar Songs For Beginners

All the songs mentioned in the rock section of this guide are basically electric guitar songs already. So, you could always try those too.

In this section, I'll cover songs that feature power chords. Sound like a plan?

“Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions

Find the tab here

Once you've learned how to play power chords, there's a huge world of songs that open up to you and “Rock You Like A Hurricane” is one of them.

This song still gets played everywhere and is a crowd pleaser to say the least. Give it a try.

“All The Small Things” By blink-182

Find the tab here

Punk rock is generally easy because it's a mix of power chords and simple riffs using single notes and octaves.

The majority of this song is built on power chords. Sure, the tempo might be on the high side, but it's worth practicing power chords at every speed anyway.

“Buddy Holly” By Weezer Is An Easy Electric Guitar Song

Find the tab here

This heavy sounding pop song is nothing to be intimidated by. They rhythm guitar is made up almost entirely of power chords. And, the tempo isn[‘t too fast either.

Have fun strumming along!

“Song 2” By Blur

Find the tab here

This short number made quite the splash in the 90s. It sounds heavy, but it's not fast, and the rhythm guitar is all power chords.

Either way, it's not meant to be taken terribly seriously, as this song was likely a parody of grunge music or radio hits in general.

1 Chord, 2 Chrod & 3 Chord Bass Guitar Songs

Bass guitar is an easy instrument to get started on, as most of the time, you only need to play one note at a time.

“Another One Bites the Dust” By Queen

Find the tab here

Queen had a lot of brilliant ideas. Several of them were built around the rhythm section, and they were often simple and effective.

“Another One Bites the Dust” is a great example. It might take a while to lock in the rhythm, but it's worth putting in the effort to learn it.

“With or Without You” By U2

Find the tab here

Honestly, it doesn't get much more braindead than this. At the same time, the bass is so effective in setting the foundation for the guitar and melody that, it's perfect.

I don't think it matters what position you learn it in. You should be able to pick it up relatively quickly.

“Yellow” By Coldplay

Find the tab here

Again, this should be a relatively braindead bass line for most.

But it's also a song everyone loves, so it's worth learning. Build your chops by practicing simple riffs like these.

“Come As You Are” By Nirvana

Find the tab here

Surprise, surprise. What makes for an easy guitar song makes for a relatively easy bass song too.

Sure, if you're not used to playing anything other than eighth notes, it might be a new undertaking for you, but otherwise you should be up for the challenge.

“Hysteria” By Def Leppard

Find the tab here

Honestly, most Def Leppard bass lines are quite simple. It's just that their song arrangements can be a little complex (session players beware).

“Hysteria” is a mild, ballad style song at a slower tempo. It shouldn't prove difficult at all.

Easy Classical Guitar Tunes

Are there truly any “easy” classical pieces for guitar?

Well, it's somewhat debatable, but here are definitely pieces that are easier than others. And, there are always easier ways of playing more complicated pieces (by picking out the melody, for instance).

Here are some great examples.

“Fur Elise” By Ludwig Van Beethoven

Find the tab here

Haunting, beautiful and recognizable. Playing “Fur Elise” will feel immensely satisfying, even if you're just learning the main melody line on its own.

So, give this popular piece a try.

“La Campanella” By Nicolo Paganini

Find the tab here

Some double stops, melody runs and open arpeggios. Truly nothing complicated here.

This is a great starting point for classical guitarists.

“Ode To Joy” By Ludwig Van Beethoven

Find the tab here

There are a lot of double stops in this version of “Ode To Joy” but once you've got the picking pattern figured out it shouldn't prove too challenging.

This is another well-recognized classical song.

“Minuet” By Johann Sebastian Bach

Find the tab here

Bach happens to be one of my favorite composers. Learning the melody from this tune should be easy enough, even for the most inexperienced classical guitarists.

Have fun with it.

Best Simple Christian Songs For Guitar Players

Plenty of musicians find their start in churches, including guitarists. So, it's no surprise that many musicians cut their teeth on praise and worship songs as well as hymns.

Here are some great Christian songs to learn on guitar.

“Break Free” By Hillsong United

Find the tab here

“Break Free” has a cool sounding electric guitar riff that's relatively easy to play. Just watch out for that percussive scratching in the middle of the riff. It can be tricky to get the timing right.

“Amazing Love” By Hillsong – A 3 Chord Song

Find the tab here

Simply put, there isn't a shortage of mid tempo, three-chord wonders in Christian music. This is one of them.

It can take a while to get used to strumming and chording, but once you get a hang of it, songs like this should prove easy.

“Cornerstone” By Hillsong

Find the tab here

Another easy strumming song via Hillsong. Watch out for the F chord, however, as that can be a difficult one. Fortunately, the tempo is slow.

“Mighty To Save” By Hillsong

Find the tab here

This song has four chords. Fortunately, that shouldn't cause you much trouble. The ability to play four chords in any key can help you work your way around a lot of music.

So, if possible, learn the I, IV, V and vi chords in every key.

“Lord I Lift Your Name On High” By Hillsong

Find the tab here

Aside from the chords, you can strum your way through this popular song with just three chords.

The melody is what carries this song. The underlying structure is simple to say the least.

Easy Guitar Songs For Kids

I've taught my fair share of kids songs as a guitar teacher. And, if you just focus on the melody, they are easy to play.

So, whether you're a kid or not, it's worth learning these little numbers.

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

Find the tab here

Few kids can resist the allure of a song talking about the stars and hinting at what might be out there in the universe.

Single note melodies should be easy enough for most kids to figure out.

“Mary Had a Little Lamb”

Find the tab here

Most kids should be familiar with this classic. It's a great little melody and it's not too hard to play on guitar, either.

It's a great tune for learning major scale melodies, as most kid's songs are.

“Jingle Bells”

Find the tab here

Even if it's a little out of season, “Jingle Bells” is always a great tune for kids to learn.

Don't forget the verse. Sure, the chorus is the most familiar part, but it's nice to pick up less familiar parts too.

“Hot Cross Buns”

Find the tab here

It doesn't get much easier than this. Beginner pianists often learn a song like “Hot Cross Buns” because of how straightforward it is. Most kids should be able to pick it up too.

“London Bridge Is Falling Down”

Find the tab here

Again, as with most children's songs, the melody to “London Bridge Is Falling Down” is easy to play and is worth learning. It's great for practicing major scale melodies too.

Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners, Final Thoughts

Which songs are best for beginner guitarists to learn

Now you have 41 easy songs to work on – none of them overly hard if you stick to the right parts. But please, spend some good time with each. Don’t just rush through them.

You need to burn these songs into your muscle memory. And the only way to do that is by repeating them over and over. Just don’t get carried away and practice until you have repetitive stress injuries.

It can take time for you to feel comfortable with your instrument.

Sadly, some students of guitar give up before they get to the good part. They practice the same one or two exercises they know over and over and wonder why they don’t improve.

You need some variety in your practice routine. You need to try different things.

You may even need to attempt dozens of scales, songs, and chords until something finally clicks.

I hope these easy guitar songs go a way in helping you get much better.

By the way, if you want easy piano songs to learn, check these songs out.

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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