Closed – Win: A Copy Of The Soundcloud Bible, & Interview With Author Budi Voogt

The Soundcloud Bible Ebook CoverIt's competition time again!! Today thanks to Budi Voogt, I've got two copies of his Soundcloud Bible ebook to give away! I've also managed to interview the man himself, and ask him a bunch of Soundcloud related questions to which he replies to with gold! So if you're interested in learning how to master Soundcloud, you'll want to read on.

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So first of all, if you want to win a copy of the ebook, all you have to do is email me via the contact form hidden in the below box. Simply share to unlock the contact form, enter your name and email address, and press send. And that's it, you'll be entered. It should take you all of 40 or so seconds. 🙂

Competition Closed

Other notes: Competition shuts Sunday the 8th of December 2013, 11.59pm EST. Both winners will be picked at random and emailed with their prizes before Tuesday the 10th of December 2013. Winners will also be announced on Facebook. Good luck.

Now, on to the interview. 🙂

A Soundcloud Related Interview with Budi Voogt of Heroes Management

Knowing it's many artist's aim to get more plays and followers on Soundcloud, I sent Budi along a set of questions which I thought you would find useful, and these are the answers I got back from him (note his answer about ‘Music Promo Channels', as this is a big opportunity for you):

Shaun Letang: What do you think is the single biggest reason musicians should be using Soundcloud right now?

Budi Voogt InterviewBudi Voogt: To build a community and get exposure on a platform that's primarily used by music lovers and music makers. This is especially true for artists that make electronic music. Also, it's becoming the norm and form for transferring files, demos and work-in-progress tunes for feedback in the industry.

SL: So if someone reading this was to go and open up a Soundcloud account right now, will they be able to instantly get a lot of new fans and exposure? And why / why not?

BV: If they have quality content, a good marketing plan and persistence, then definitely. You can attract people from within the Soundcloud community, and will have a quicker time growing an audience if you also draw external listeners in to your Soundcloud profile. But if the music is true quality, a chunk of them will stay as true fans and become your audience.

SL: How much time a week do you think musicians need to dedicate to using Soundcloud?

BV: I think Soundcloud is best maintained on a daily basis, and that all musicians using it should dedicate themselves to spending some time there every day; responding to comments, liking new tracks, reaching out to people whose music you appreciate.

For the majority of artists that provide content to Soundcloud, this isn't so hard at all, as they're using the platform throughout the day to listen to music themselves anyway. If they just log in every time they do that, and execute their traditional activities from their own account, then by adding simple procedures such as responding to comments, etc., they'd easily have it down.

SL: Tell us about one cool way musicians can forward their music career using the SC platform that isn't such common knowledge.

BV: By a large mile, my recommendation here is to submit your music to Music Promo Channels. These are a quickly growing phenomenon, both on YouTube, Soundcloud and as traditional blogs. There's many of these on Soundcloud with a huge follower base, who could either re-post your original uploads, or re-upload them, to cater them to their huge following. Awesome way to get exposure.

SL: Do you have to invest money into Soundcloud before you start seeing any results?

BV: No, you do not. However, having a paid ‘pro' or ‘pro unlimited' account does allow for uploading more music, and adds a few extra options for marketing. Not essential, yet highly recommendable for any seasoned user.

SL: If anyone reading this wants to master their Soundcloud game and use the platform to it's full potential, where can they learn how to do this?

BV: I've recently launched my first book, The Soundcloud Bible, which is the most extensive guide on how to master Soundcloud out there. I've compiled all my experience and expertise of the past few years managing electronic artists, into a simple to implement 100+ page how-to guide. It teaches people how to dominate Soundcloud, covers all the functionality, insider tricks, and even how to score label deals and blog support. You can find it here.

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