Music Fan Gate 2.0 Competition Winners Announced

Music Fan Gate 2.0 Music Facebook CompetitionHi guys, just a quick one today. I've randomly picked the winners of the Music Fan Gate competition myself and Andrew Apanov set up last week, and they are as follows:

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Winner Of The Fan Gate 2.0 ‘With Setup' Version:

  1. @jacobleemusic

Winners Of The Fan Gate 2.0 ‘Self-Served' version:

  1. @GotStyle4Dayz
  2. @VeylreMusic
  3. @CynthiaLove639

Congratulations guys, you'll add be contacted via Twitter with the next steps.

A big thanks to everyone that entered. If you didn't win this time fear not, as I'll be running a LOT more competitions in future. Be sure to sign up to receive updates to see where there's more music related goodies to win.

New guide going up tomorrow, be sure to like me and friend me to be informed when it's up. 🙂

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