9 Best Websites & Apps With Free Karaoke Songs

You don't have to spend a ton of money to enjoy your favorite karaoke songs; several websites and apps give you access to a number of them for free!

Read on to discover a number of apps & websites with free karaoke songs! Use a combination of a few to get the biggest amount of free songs you can.

Karaoke Version

Karaoke Version

Whether you're looking to import karaoke music videos onto your karaoke machine or use your laptop as a karaoke machine, Karaoke Version has more than 100 free tracks (with lyrics and optional background videos) from which to choose.

Several of these songs are traditional holiday classics, but several classic rock, blues, and pop songs are also available. They also have multiple versions of some songs, including lower-key, slower-pace, and big-band versions.

If you'd like to sing songs in Spanish, French, or Dutch, you'll also be glad to know that Karaoke Version has dozens of tracks available in these languages.

Free-to-download karaoke tracks are available in several file formats, ensuring that you can find a format compatible with your karaoke setup. File formats include:

  • KFN
  • WMV
  • MP4
  • ZIP

In addition to a wealth of free CD+G tracks (songs with included video graphics), Karaoke Version offers more than 160 free backing tracks!

Although this website offers a restricted library of free CD+G and vocal backing tracks, you can also purchase individual songs for download.

Those with video-based karaoke machines might want to invest in these paid options (ranging between $1.99 and $2.99 per song), as once you've paid and downloaded the track, it's yours forever.

Before downloading free or paid karaoke songs, you'll need to create an account on Karaoke Version. However, the account creation process only takes a few minutes and doesn't require a paid subscription or any payment information.

You can even use your Facebook account as your sign-in method.



One of the unique aspects of SingSnap is that it functions as both a karaoke website and an app!

Most users favor the website over Apple iOS and Android apps. The website features a more accessible and straightforward user interface, making selecting songs and changing settings easier.

To get started with the SingSnap website, you'll first need to create an account. But once you've created your account, you can begin selecting karaoke tracks to sing along with.

If using the website, you'll need to allow the website to access your computer's webcam and microphone (or just the microphone if you'd like to record without video). You can then practice songs or create recordings!

Suppose you're interested in creating video recordings. In that case, you'll be glad to know that SingSnap has several free video filters to help you look your best, as well as several video frames to make your performance even more visually stunning.

However, if you're looking to alter the sound of your voice with audio filters, you might be disappointed. SingSnap doesn't offer this kind of audio enhancement.

SingSnap does offer a pitch-change feature that allows users to alter the pitch of the songs they sing. But this is only available to users who pay for the Gold Membership.

Still, finding solo or duet songs to sing is a cinch, thanks to SingSnap's song library filters. These filters can also help you locate songs within specific genres or by particular artists.

Though basic users are allowed a limited number of saved recordings, you can sing any SingSnap song for free. This feature makes SingSnap one of the best websites with free karaoke songs.



KaraFun, like SingSnap, is both a website and an app, making it easier than ever for you to enjoy karaoke online for free.

This platform is one of the best for those hoping to turn their smartphone, tablet, or personal computer into a karaoke machine. However, some songs are limited to only the first 30 seconds without a premium subscription, which can be frustrating.

Still, rock classics like Journey's “Don't Stop Believin'” and Queen's “Bohemian Rhapsody” aren't locked up behind a paywall.

So, while you might have to spring for a Premium (paid) membership to gain access to all 51,000 tunes on KaraFun, those hoping for free karaoke jams can still appreciate this website and app.



The makers of SimplePiano also have a vocalist-friendly app called SimplySing. The app’s design helps singers improve, learn more about their vocal ability, and have fun singing karaoke songs.

Unlike other karaoke apps, SimplySing starts by registering your vocal range. It then uses this information to ensure that all songs you sing on the app are within that range, reducing any pitchy struggles to hit high notes or reach resonant lows.

The app will track your pitch and singing via voice recognition technology and your microphone, giving your a star-based score after you finish each song. Though there are advertisements that play from time to time, these ads help ensure that all songs remain free.

Still, the song selection is more limited than with other karaoke websites and apps, so if you're looking for a specific tune or artist, you might not be able to find what you're looking for on SimplySing.



The Smule app (previously Sing!, Karaoke by Smule) is a free karaoke app with paid upgrade options. It's one of the most popular karaoke apps available to both Apple iOS and Android users, and it functions on both smartphones and tablets!

This karaoke app has millions of songs from which to choose, from classic hits to current chart-toppers. These songs are accessible to basic (non-paying) users, though only via duets and group singalongs.

Consequently, if you're looking to sing karaoke alone without joining strangers and friends via the Smule app, you'll need to invest in a VIP subscription. However, if you upgrade to a VIP membership, you'll also gain access to the “Freestyle” option, which allows you to sing and play music without any backing tracks.

Additionally, VIP users can make solo songs private, so if you're only interested in singing for personal enjoyment (not to share your talents with the world), you can enjoy a private library of unlimited saved recordings.

No matter your membership status, you'll appreciate the wide range of vocal and video filters available on the app and the ability to adjust your microphone or the backing track volume.



If you want to build an audience and jumpstart your singing career, consider downloading StarMaker. The design of this free karaoke app is for vocalists who want to share their recordings and videos with the world.

This app appeals to those who enjoy karaoke as a social activity, featuring private or public rooms to sing with specific friends (or anyone interested in joining you) and a unique chat function many other karaoke apps don't have.

And in song selection, you'll be impressed with what's on offer. While some songs are VIP-only (locked behind a paywall), hundreds are available to basic users.

Yokee Karaoke

Yokee Karaoke

Yokee Music is a juggernaut in terms of karaoke apps. They host Yokee Karaoke, one of the most popular karaoke apps for Apple iOS and Android phones.

Notably, the team at Yokee is also responsible for creating and maintaining The Voice Karaoke app (in addition to several piano-learning apps).

The Yokee Karaoke app is free to download, and hundreds of songs are available to basic (non-VIP) users. Of course, you can upgrade to a VIP account by opting for a weekly, monthly, or annual subscription.

You can filter options via genre or popularity when searching for free songs to sing on the Yokee Karaoke app. You can also mark specific tracks as favorites to revisit them again and again.

Like Smule, you'll be able to alter the sound of your voice (and the look of your video recording) by selecting an audio or video filter. You can also save your recording, delete it, or share it with others!

Whether you'd like to sing alone or find like-minded singers to perform duets with, Yokee Karaoke gives you plenty of options and free songs. And unlike many other karaoke online options, the free tracks aren't limited to royalty-free holiday songs and decades-old traditional ballads!

The Voice Karaoke

The Voice Karaoke

The Voice television show debuted in 2011, inspiring a new generation of singers to test their mettle and show off their vocal abilities. But scoring a place on the television show can be challenging, as millions show up to the open call auditions each year.

Still, you can enjoy the thrill of singing in front of a virtual audience by downloading The Voice Karaoke app!

The format and function of The Voice Karaoke app are almost identical to Yokee Karaoke because the same company, Yokee Music, owns them.

The layout and song library is identical, as are the voice and video filter options. Many free songs don't require a VIP subscription, but some tunes are behind a paywall.

However, this app (and its sister app, Yokee Karaoke) is an excellent alternative to Smule, especially for those who prefer to sing alone. After all, Smule allows non-VIP users to sing any song, but only if joining a duet or group performance.

The Voice Karaoke has dozens of free songs you can sing without a partner! But this app is designed for tablet use, so while you can sing on it using your smartphone, it works best on iPads and Android-based tablets.



Those looking for the widest selection of free karaoke tracks shouldn't forget about YouTube as a website with free karaoke songs. Although this video-hosting platform has millions of videos on various topics, it's also a haven for karaoke songs.

Some of the best YouTube karaoke channels to check out include:

  • Sing King
  • Musisi Karaoke
  • KaraFun Karaoke
  • Stingray Karaoke
  • sing2piano
  • Mega Karaoke Songs

If you're looking for a specific track, you can type “[name of the song] karaoke” into the YouTube search bar. After you hit “enter” or “search,” you'll see a list of the available karaoke versions of that song. You can also search via music genre by typing “[music genre” karaoke songs.”

Many popular songs are available in several styles (piano backing, full backing, higher key, lower key) and formats (with lyrics, without lyrics), so you'll probably be able to find exactly what you're looking for.

For example, let's say you'd like to sing a karaoke version of Ed Sheeran's “Perfect.” Well, you'll be able to choose from dozens of free versions on YouTube, including instrumental piano and higher-key renditions.

Here's just one of the videos you could choose to sing along with:

Of course, you'll need to have the YouTube website or app open to access these karaoke songs. You'll need to take a few extra steps if you'd like to import them onto your karaoke machine.

How To Play YouTube Karaoke Songs on a Karaoke Machine

Fortunately, there are several ways to enjoy YouTube's vast library of karaoke songs on your karaoke machine. The best method for you depends on your machine.

Older machines that rely on CDs can be trickier to work with. But most newer karaoke machines come with Bluetooth, USB, and AUX inputs, making streaming YouTube karaoke tracks much easier.

Either way, you can turn any YouTube video into a downloadable MP3 file with the help of conversion sites like Y2Mate. From there, you can compile your favorite Youtube karaoke tracks onto a CD (or USB drive) to play them on your karaoke machine.

If your karaoke machine has an auxiliary input (AUX), you can also use an auxiliary cord to connect your smartphone or tablet to the machine. Of course, your smart device must have a headphone jack for this to work.

Bluetooth connection can be more complicated to set up, and you'll likely want to refer to your karaoke machine's user guide to connect the machine to your YouTube-streaming smart device.

Top Apps And Websites With Free Karaoke Songs, Final Thoughts

Whether you're looking to download songs for your at-home karaoke machine or want to sing karaoke on your tablet or smartphone, there are plenty of websites with free karaoke songs for you to choose from.

Rocking out to your favorite karaoke jams is a fantastic way to improve your singing.

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