31 Best Kids Karaoke Songs     

When it comes to kids karaoke, song selection is important. Certain songs are a better choice for children due to their content and difficulty level.

Today we’ve picked out a number of the best kids karaoke songs so you can get your little one up and running with a great song fast.

“A Whole New World” From Aladdin     

Song Year: 1992

“A Whole New World” is a song from the Disney movie Aladdin, a retelling of the famous Middle-Eastern folk tale. In the original 1992 film, it was sung by Scott Weinger as Aladdin and Linda Larkin as Jasmine. The song describes them wanting to break out of their current lives and explore new experiences without limits. This karaoke works particularly well as a duet.  

“Baby Shark” by Pinkfong      

Song Year: 2017

“Baby Shark” is a great karaoke song for younger children. This simple song exploded in popularity in 2017. Each verse describes gradually larger sharks and, eventually, the actions of swimmers getting away from the sharks. The simple words are ideal for early readers, and it is easy to add in some simple dance moves. Try this song for younger children with shorter attention spans.           

“Bare Necessities” From The Jungle Book    

Song Year: 1967

“The Bare Necessities” is a beloved song from the cartoon film “The Jungle Book” from 1967. In the movie, Baloo sings to Mowgli and explains that he is a happy bear because he appreciates nature and has the bare necessities needed to live in the jungle. Phil Harris sings for Baloo, and Bruce Reitherman is Mowgli. This song is a good choice for kid karaoke because it is simple, catchy, and offers the opportunity to learn about rhyme schemes and some vocabulary.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen   

Song Year: 1975

The beloved “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a funny and somewhat nonsensical mock opera. This song is on the longer side thanks to its multiple sections, including an intro, ballad, operatic part, rock part, and coda. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a great option for karaoke if you want a dynamic song fun for a group. Besides being a fun song to sing, this option also helps children learn vocabulary and a bit about the genres that make up the song.            

“Boomerang” by Jojo Siwa     

Song Year: 2016

“Boomerang” has the distinction of being Jojo Siwa’s debut single. The music video for this song is popular on YouTube. The lyrics describe not letting bullies win. Its tune is upbeat and consistent, making it easy to learn. This song is a good choice for kids’ karaoke because it is simple to sing and fun to dance to. 

“C'est la vie” by B*Witched    

Song Year: 1998

As the Irish answer to the Spice Girls, B*Witched is known for its playful 1990s pop music. The band’s debut single, “C’est La Vie” is a great example of the band’s fun music. While some of the lyrics are more mature, they are not inappropriate. This song is a wise karaoke choice for when you want a playful option that will teach kids about wordplay. It is easy to sing along to while providing opportunities for some more complex vocal moments.       

“Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen  

Song Year: 2012

Catchy and fun to sing, “Call Me Maybe” describes meeting someone, getting a crush, and wanting to hear from that person soon. This song was on Jepsen’s EP, Curiosity. The tune is poppy, and the lyrics are simple, making them an easy choice for children. While the content is not necessarily something children can identify with, the lyrics are not explicit and very low-key.

“Dancing Queen” by Abba     

Song Year: 1976

Abba has many songs that work well for Karaoke, and “Dancing Queen” is a big favorite. It’s a particularly good song for a group of singers. The Swedish band released this song as a lead single on their fourth album. The disco tune encourages dancing and having fun. The lyrics are simple and repetitive, making it easy for a kid to pick up, especially if they are new to karaoke.           

“Do-Re-Mi” by Julie Andrews From The Sound of Music

Song Year: 1965

This song comes from The Sound of Music, which is both a stage musical and a film. In the film, Julie Andrews sings this song along with the children. The lyrics are fairly nonsensical beyond outlining notes and describing how they are the foundation of all music. Not only is “Do-Re-Mi” a fun song for children to sing, but it can also teach them the basics of musical notes and scales. As a karaoke song, this tune is easy to follow but still dynamic.        

“Firework” by Katy Perry

Song Year: 2010

Katy Perry released this song as part of her third studio album. She co-wrote the song, intending to make an inspiring song that would uplift and empower the listener. Thanks to its easy-to-sing verses and catchy chorus, this song is an ideal choice for children’s karaoke. With an upbeat tune and dancy feel, children enjoy getting up to sing and dance along to this song.      

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper     

Song Year: 1983

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” is a classic song that still appeals to children and adults today. While there are earlier and later versions of this song, the Cyndi Lauper rendition is the most widely known. The song is about how women want the freedom to have fun and how a community is an essential part of that. Choose this song as a karaoke song if you want to expose your kids to some older songs and you want music with simple lyrics and a range of ways to sing.    

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