45 Best Karaoke Duet Songs Of All Time

Best Karaoke Duet Songs Ever

Studies have shown that performing music makes us feel better. This endorphin rush is why so many people love singing at karaoke bars.

Singing a duet can take your karaoke game to the next level. Read below for the 45 best karaoke duets of all time. Then step up to the mic with a friend!

“Shallow” by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

Song year: 2018

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper set the world on fire with their on-screen chemistry in A Star Is Born. The film's featured song, “Shallow,” showcases their complementary styles.

If you're a little bit country and your partner is a little bit rock and roll, this is the song for you. But be warned, Lady Gaga's part is for experts.

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” by Elton John & Kiki Dee

Song year: 1976

Couples will enjoy “Don't Go Breaking My Heart,” a simple duet between Sir Elton John and Kiki Dee.

With the song's breezy vocal interplay, light disco beat, and repetitive lyrics, this karaoke duet is so easy even beginners will look great singing it.

“A Whole New World” by Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle

Song year: 1992

Disney songs always go over well at karaoke, and Aladdin's “A Whole New World” is no exception. This duet is easy to sing, but it does require some commitment as these vocal performances are best when sung out.

Choose wisely, as there is a 1992 and 2019 version.

“Summer Nights” by John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John

Song year: 1978

For those of us that like to roll into karaoke with a whole crew, “Summer Nights” is a duet that can accommodate everyone in the group.

With Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta singing with their chorus of Pink Ladies and the T-Birds, the song is a blast to sing for everyone.

“Under Pressure” by Queen & David Bowie

Song year: 1981

Classic rock fans, maybe even a Vanilla Ice fan or two, will immediately recognize this iconic rock duet.

“Under Pressure” is uptempo and has a lot of nuances, making it a lot of fun to sing with a friend. By the dramatic climax of the song, you'll have the whole bar singing along.

“The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy & Monica

Song year: 1998

Most duets come in the form of love songs, so “The Boy Is Mine” is a welcome change that's fun for all friends to sing together.

Brandy and Monica have great voices, so be sure to approach the song with your vocal cords nice and warmed up.

“(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

Song year: 1987

Nothing puts the exclamation point on a great night out with friends than the Dirty Dancing classic, “(I've Had) The Time Of My Life.”

Considering how adored Dirty Dancing remains over three decades after its release, everybody at karaoke will love watching friends duet to its featured song.

“Up Where We Belong” by Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes

Song year: 1982

“Up Where We Belong” is a classic 80s ballad that couples will get a thrill out of singing together.

The song is especially suited for those that have huskier voices. Joe Cocker, who famously covered The Beatles at Woodstock, has a gritty, soulful delivery.

“Easy Lover” by Phil Collins & Phile Bailey

Song year: 1985

Nothing says “night out with the bros” like a duet of the Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey song “Easy Lover.”  

This song's rocking guitars and fast tempo make for a fun sing-along, and the fact that it's singing about a lover that isn't one of the two singers alleviates any awkward duet vibes.

“Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl

Song year: 1988

Though “Fairytale of New York” is one of the best modern Christmas songs, this tale of hopes and dreams in the Big Apple is enough to make it a great duet any time of year.

If singing is your strong suit, this might be the perfect song for you. Shane McGowen's gruff vocal is more about swagger than notes.

“Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z & Alicia Keys

Song year: 2009

Regardless of whether or not you're in NYC, “Empire State of Mind” is a modern-day hip-hop classic that is sure to get the room moving.

This song is a good choice for a duo with only one strong singer. Let them take the Alicia Keys vocals — the other half can take the rap.

“Jackson” by Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash

Song year: 1967

Country-loving couples already know about the magic of a Johnny and June Carter Cash duet. For the uninitiated, these country music legends were the ultimate power couple.

“Jackson” is an energetic and fun-loving song that's suitable for all talent levels — especially when you embrace it with the gusto of June Carter Cash.

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Song year: 1967

Not just a great karaoke duet, “Ain't No Mountain High Enough” is one of the best songs ever. This Motown classic is instantly recognizable and a crowd-pleaser.

Fair warning: Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell were enormously talented vocalists. The song is approachable, but the notes do get a little high.

“Don’t You Want Me” by Human League

Song year: 1981

“Don't You Want Me” is a fun duet for all skill levels. The alternating vocals are understated and don't require much vocal range, while the chorus is a fun sing-along in unison.

Fans of 80s style new wave will love singing this simple Human League duet.

“You’re The One That I Want” by John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John

Song year: 1978

When released in 1978, “You're The One That I Want” topped the pop charts. It's a celebratory love song beloved by generations of movie fans. Couples will have fun with this classic duet.

A little shoulder shake between singing partners will invoke the movie and get the crowd going.

“Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye & Kimbra

Song year: 2011

Seeing “Somebody That I Used To Know” pop up in the songbook might excite karaoke singers, this heartbreaking song was everywhere when it first came out, but it requires a strong voice with range.

This isn't to say the beautifully cathartic song isn't worth singing. Just know, you're in for a vocal exercise.

“When You Believe” by Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey

Song year: 1998

For the divas amongst us, there's this duet from the super duo of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

This Grammy Award-winning song was featured in the animated film The Prince of Egypt and is a heavy slice of late 90s nostalgia.

“Endless Love” by Dianna Ross & Lionel Richie

Song year: 1981

“Endless Love” is a sentimental karaoke duet option for couples that want to profess their love toe to toe with Motown legends Dianna Ross and Lionel Ritchie.

Singers with big pipes will love this opportunity to shine. For the rest of us, it's still a fun song to profess our love.

“Say Say Say” by Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson

Song year: 1983

It doesn't get any more classic than a duet between a former Beatle and the King of Pop.

“Say Say Say” was a smash hit for Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney in 1983, and adventurous pop fans will love tackling this 80s number one single.

“I’m Real” by Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule

Song year: 2001

The unlikely duo of J Lo and Ja Rule kicked off the 21st century with their smash hit “I'm Real.” Karaoke couples with only one strong singer will love this track for Ja Rule's gritty rapping as a counterbalance to Jennifer Lopez's smooth vocals.

“Ebony and Ivory” by Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder

Song year: 1982

Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney's “Ebony and Ivory” is a beautifully simple ode to racial harmony. There aren't many duets this socially conscious, so if you're looking to make a statement at karaoke, look no further.

“Beauty and the Beast” by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson

Song year: 1991

It's hard to remember the world before Celine Dion's massive hit “My Heart Will Go On.” But even before her Titanic theme song, Dion was enchanting moviegoers the world over.

The title theme for Beauty and the Beast was a hit for Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. With all the sentimentality and nostalgia you can pack into four minutes of music, this is one special karaoke duet.

“Islands in the Stream” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

Song year: 1983

Considered one of the greatest country duets of all time, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers' “Islands in the Stream” is a karaoke gold standard. Dolly Parton has never shied away from a duet – she's performed dozens throughout her career – but her chemistry with Rogers is undeniable.

Duos that want to bring down the house, especially in a country-friendly karaoke bar, should look no further than this classic.

“Pretty Girls” by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea

Pretty Girls” by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea

Song year: 2015

Now that Britney is free, it's time to celebrate! Whether it's a girls night out or date night, “Pretty Girls” by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea is sure to get everyone in the club raising their classes and shaking their hips.

“Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem and Rihanna

Song year: 2010

“Love the Way You Lie” is one of the few duets that combine rap and R&B in equal measure. With Rihanna's angelic voice and Eminem's devilish rapping, the song is a perfect showcase for duos with disparate vocal abilities.

Despite its dark subject matter, the song was a chart-topper. Great duets are harder to come by in modern times, but Eminem and Rihanna knocked this one out of the park.

“Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber

Song year: 2019

If you decide to rock “Bad Guy” as a duet at karaoke, it's important to note that there are two versions. Be sure when you're flipping through the songbook that you choose the Billie Eilish version that features Justin Bieber.

If not, one of you will look pretty awkward waiting for their turn. We've all been there, but it's a long couple of minutes on stage without anything to do.

“Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men

Song year: 2011

Of Monsters and Men's “Little Talks” is an infectious, indie-folk duet that gives both singers a chance to shine in the spotlight. The song's gang vocals are a lot of fun to chant, even allowing for a large group to get on stage and sing along.

“Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence

Song year: 2003

For all the hard rock fans, Evanescence brings an edge to karaoke night with their modern rock hit “Bring Me To Life.”

It isn't often that a karaoke duet rocks like this, and you can be sure that many people in attendance will welcome the break from ballads. Bring some energy to your performance, and you'll be sure to bring the karaoke bar back to life.

“Cruisin” by Huey Lewis & Gwyneth Paltrow

Song year: 2000

“Cruisin'” was originally a soul hit for Lionel Richie in 1979. Over two decades later, Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow would breathe new life into the single as a duet for the karaoke-themed film Duets.

Seeing as how Duets is a movie about karaoke, this 2000 version of “Cruisin'” couldn't be more appropriate for a duet at your local bar.

“Wild Night” by John Mellencamp and Me’Shell Ndegeocello

Song year: 1994

Van Morrison's original 70s recording of “Wild Night” was a modest success, but John Mellencamp and Me'Shell Ndegeocello's version would tear up the charts in 1994.

This spirited karaoke duet is an energetic tip of the cap to the fun that you're no doubt aspiring to have. Especially for duos with bold, husky vocals, you'll set the tone for the night with “Wild Night.”

“I Got You Babe” by Sonny & Cher

Song year: 1965

You can file Sonny and Cher's “I Got You Babe” along with a slew of other feel-good, lovey-dovey karaoke duets. That isn't a bad thing, though. This classic of the flower power era is pure sweetness and a charming choice for couples.

“Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” by Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Song year: 1981

Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty were two of the hippest rock stars of their generation. It only makes sense that they would team up, with producer Jimmy Iovine suggesting Petty give “Stop Draggin' My Heart Around” to Nicks for her debut solo album.

“Reunited” by Peaches & Herb

Song year: 1979

Whether you're meeting up with a long-lost schoolmate or just seeing your best friend for the first time in months, there isn't a karaoke duet that captures the moment better than Peaches and Herb's “Reunited.”

This soulful, slow-tempo ballad is heavy on celebratory vibes.

“Close My Eyes Forever” by Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne

Song year: 1988

It's hard to believe there are so few heavy metal duets. Thankfully Ozzy Osbourne, the “Prince of Darkness,” teamed up with Lita Ford before the 80s closed out and gave us the haunting “Close My Eyes Forever.”

“Walk This Way” by Run DMC & Aerosmith

Song year: 1986

Run DMC and Aerosmith paved the way for rap and rock to meet in the highly influential 80s hit “Walk This Way.”

Music would never be the same after these two groups brought these disparate genres together, nor would karaoke.

“Paradise By The Dashboard Light” by Meat Loaf & Ellen Foley

Song year: 1977

“Paradise by the Dashboard Light” is a sweeping 70s rock duet that plays like a miniature rock opera.

With their risque and striking performances, Meatloaf and Ellen Foley gave the world a karaoke gift. Just be sure you're committed to the song because it clocks in at over eight minutes.

“U Got The Look” by Prince & Sheena Easton

Song year: 1987

Though not billed as a duet, Sheena Easton sings all over Prince's “U Got the Look.” With its classic Prince dance beat, this duet is a sexy dance number that is sure to get 80s babies on their feet and moving. Be prepared to wait out the song's lengthy intro.

“Picture” Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow

Song year: 2001

Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow's “Picture” transcends pop, country, or rock classification. This tale of a relationship torn apart by life on the road is catchy and emotionally resonates with fans across the rock and country divide. It's perfect fodder for a duet in a dimly lit barroom.

“The Blues Man” by George Jones & Dolly Parton

Song year: 2005

A song of sadness and redemption, George Jones and Dolly Parton's duet “The Blue Man” is a tear-in-your-beer country music song. Performed with conviction by Jones, no stranger to the excesses of fame, this song is a powerful story of love conquering all.

“Rivers and Roads” by The Head and The Heart

Song year: 2010

The Head and The Heat made their name early in their career with a folky sound and beautiful three-part harmonies. The simplicity of their arrangements allowed the vocals to shine, and international fame would soon follow.

Skilled singers will enjoy performing “River and Roads” as it is an emotionally ear-catching duet that will be sure to get you noticed.

“Handle With Care” by The Traveling Wilburys

Song year: 1988

The Traveling Wilburys were a who's who of classic rock royalty with Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, and George Harrison creating one of rock and roll's first supergroups.

“Handle Me With Care” has four distinct vocal parts, making this a fun karaoke duet for big groups of classic rock lovers.

“You and I” by Wilco & Feist

Song year: 2009

Fans of indie pop will be familiar with Wilco and Feist's “You and I,” a deceptively simple ode to the mysteries of relationships.

The vocal arrangement and melody of the song are straightforward, allowing any singer to sound professional. Not worrying about your performance will leave plenty of time for you to gaze into your partner's eyes.

“Anyone Else But You” by The Moldy Peaches

Song year: 2001

Duets don't come any quirkier than The Moldy Peaches' “Anyone Else But You.” The duo became unlikely mainstream stars with the song was included in the movie Juno, and what was once a cult hit became a song any room would recognize during karaoke.

“Anyone Else But You” is twee and precious, requiring an understated and restrained performance. In other words, this one is great for the more hesitant karaoke performers.

“Shiny Happy People” by R.E.M. & Kate Pierson

Song year: 1991

Michael Stipe runs the show here, but Kate Pierson's contributions to R.E.M.'s “Shiny Happy People” are what made its sugary pop sounds believable.

As a member of the B-52's, Pierson's consciously overplayed reading of a doo-wop voiced positivity frames R.E.M.'s blue skyed alternative in an artistic context, making singing along to it feel almost artistic.

“Nothing Better” by The Postal Service

Song year: 2003

With one of the most successful indie albums of the 00s, The Postal Service side-project eclipsed the primary bands of its members.

Singers Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis would eventually find mainstream success on their own, but their performance of “Nothing Better” was their introduction to thousands of music fans. Replicate this story by making the song one of your go-to karaoke duets.

Top Karaoke Duet Songs Of All Time, Final Thoughts

Whether you're trying to bring the house down or merely crack up your friends, a karaoke duet is always going to be a fun way to hang out.

It doesn't matter if you love rock, musicals, or cheesy 80s movies, because there is a duet out there for you.

We hope you enjoyed our list of karaoke duets. Now grab the songbook, a friend, and be sure to tip the host. It's time to shine!

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