11 Funny Walk Up Songs

Modern baseball incorporates several moments when players can express themselves. Perhaps no moment is more exciting than a walk-up song. Players choose a tune that will evoke a specific emotion for their at-bat. Those who want to incite laughter and lightheartedness should explore the following funny walk up songs.

1. “Milkshake” by Kelis

Song year: 2003

Designated hitter Daniel Vogelbach made headlines for the New York Mets when he chose this booty-shaking single from early 2000s pop superstar Kelis. The day’s broadcast captured the hilarious moment fans reacted to the lighthearted, funny walk-up song choice.

This song is a cultural landmark, with memorable lyrics like, “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.” With an irresistible beat and lyrics delivered like a playground chant, “Milkshake” became Kelis’ most successful single. Kelis received a 2004 Grammy Nomination for this single.

Vogelbach went viral for his song choice in 2022. This funny walk-up song demonstrates how some major league baseball players use these themes to ease the day's tension. After all, it’s all for the love of the game.

2. “Careless Whisper” by George Michael

Song year: 1984

After this Wham! frontman went solo, George Michael released some of the most iconic songs of the 1980s. “Careless Whisper” ranks as a memorable power ballad of the decade. This song details the guilty feelings of an unfaithful lover. The singer belts out their despair and vows never to feel happiness again.

With such a melodramatic storyline, it may seem like a strange choice for a major leaguer’s walk-up song. However, the Oakland A’s Josh Reddick successfully used this ballad during the mid-2010s.

Because many baseball players are superstitious, “Careless Whisper” followed Reddick throughout his baseball career for years. While many players like to feel pumped up by their walk-up song, some prefer an emotional slow jam.

3. “You Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oates

Song year: 1980

From the first notes of this toe-tapping single, “You Make My Dreams” is instantly recognizable. This upbeat 80s hit gets the entire crowd dancing and is a great way to introduce positive feelings into every at-bat.

A bouncy beat combines playful lyrics and plenty of vocal percussions. Lyrics like, “What I want you've got/And it might be hard to handle/Like the flame that burns the candle/The candle feeds the flame.” Cheerful vocals keep the mood light. You can’t help but smile as you sing along with this cheesy, romantic love song.

This song contains an overwhelming amount of upbeat and positive energy. The humor comes when paired with a serious player or within a tense moment. If you need to break the ice, choose “You Make My Dreams.”

4. “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce

Song year: 2006

No song empowers someone to leave a toxic situation quite like “Irreplaceable.” This selection is an essential single released by R&B icon Beyonce. This song instructs the listener to remember not to take people for granted because unappreciated people may simply kick you out one day.

Beyonce’s irreplaceable vocals hold down this emotional song. She fully embodies the lyrics describing a tired and betrayed partner. Listening to this song undeniably taps into a source of deep, righteous emotions.

Baseball is notorious for the sudden and seemingly ruthless trades that happen all season long. A person beloved in one city may be yanked across the country without notice. Or a player may switch teams and cities a few times each year. A player poking fun at their frequent trade history will draw a laugh when choosing this dramatic Beyonce ballad.

5. “Take on Me” by Aha

Fun walk up songs

Song year: 1985

For many baseball players, a strong introduction to a song is what it takes for a classic walk-up song. Almost nothing beats the mega-80s synthesizer solo that begins the Aha hit “Take on Me”. Everyone in the stands will recognize this unforgettable pop single, which has more than 1.5 billion views on YouTube.

The lyrics are mostly nonsensical, especially when it applies to baseball. “Take on Me” is about asking a potential lover to “take them on” as a romantic partner. The singer is pleading and is not necessarily in a position of power, which is a more typical choice for a walk-up song.

However, the signature synthesizer sound and upbeat tune will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Players who chose this funny walk-up song earn extra points for choosing the portion of the song with the unforgettable key change. Another fun walk up song.

6. “O Fortuna” by Carl Orff

Song year: 1937

Here's a fun walk-up song. Many players will choose an inspiring walk-up song. Others will select a sentimental walk-up song or one that calms them down. But if you’re looking to outshine all the others on a pure drama level, the only option is “O Fortuna” by Carl Orff.

This song is a cinematic choice, employing a symphony and full opera chorus to bring it to life. “O Fortuna” is the final movement within the cantata named the Carmina Burana. This composition is considered one of the most recognizable pieces of modern classical music. Famous Star Wars and Harry Potter composer John Williams performed this piece during ceremonies for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Choose the epic crescendo portion near the song's end to illustrate the sheer force of your batting power. Just be sure to have a sense of humor if it’s a strike-out!

7. “Cruel Summer” by Kelly Johnson

Song year: 1983

Not only is an 80s girl band an unorthodox choice for a major leaguer, but the melancholy ballad may also seem hilariously out of place as a walk-up song. This mid-tempo, moody song describes the loneliness of experiencing a break-up during the summer.

Batters with a sense of humor may choose this song if their year hasn’t been going so well at the plate. With 162 games played every regular season, sometimes a baseball player’s summer can start to feel pretty cruel.

Like other songs on this list, a player who has experienced frequent trades, recent injuries, or other unfortunate circumstances may use this song. This Bananarama tune effortlessly lightens up any gloomy situation.

8. “It’s My Party” by Leslie Gore

Song year: 1963

Any current Major League Baseball player who uses this walk-up music has a vintage taste and unique sense of humor. This funny walk-up song appears as far away from the notorious locker room atmosphere of elite sports. But, just like anyone facing a high-pressure situation, they can cry if they want to!

Leslie Gore’s early 1960s hit laments the betrayal a teenage girl feels by her young love. He left her party with another girl, and she couldn’t bring herself to celebrate. While she wants to maintain a brave face, she admits sometimes she needs to cry.

This is another funny walk-up song for someone experiencing long-term woes in the batter’s box. A player who wants the fans to know they are also disappointed with a losing streak may lighten the mood with this funny walk-up song.

9. “Big Poppa” by Notorious BIG

Song year: 1994

Many baseball players choose a rap song to inspire and motivate them as they approach the task of hitting. While the legendary song “Big Poppa” may seem like an ordinary rap song choice, the hidden baseball meaning makes it a funny walk-up song.

Some of the most familiar lyrics within this song are, “I love it when you call me Big Poppa

Throw your hands in the air if you's a true player.” These lyrics take on a second meaning when framed within the baseball community.

Hall of Famer David Ortiz earned the nickname Big Papi for his dominance and power on the diamond. While he is retired now, using this walk-up song may be a funny experience since there will only ever be one “Big Poppa” in baseball.

10. “I Get Around” by Beach Boys

Song year: 1964

Has any song distilled the purpose of baseball so succinctly? “I Get Around” by the Beach Boys imparts essential wisdom on America’s pastime – get around the bases!

This band’s signature surf rock sound is instantly recognizable by anyone in the crowd. Most baseball is played during the summer, making the vibes of this song a perfect match for the season's dog days.

Batters experiencing recent luck hitting may send a cheeky message by choosing “I Get Around.” This song celebrates the good life, with someone dominating every city and earning good money along the way. A confident player interested in inviting the crowd to laugh at their good fortune may choose this infectious Beach Boys hit.

11. “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer

Song year: 1908

Many baseball franchises play “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh-inning stretch. This part of the game invites players and spectators alike to get up, stretch, and settle in for the exciting conclusion of the game. The link above shows iconic Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray leading the crowd in a rendition of a song, a tradition devoted to Caray in his memory.

Since this song is already performed during the game, using this traditional song would be a hilariously funny walk-up song. Imagine the confusion of the spectators and other players hearing a short rendition of this signature song throughout the game. Most people expect to only hear it once during the game, making this an unexpectedly funny walk-up song.

Funny Walk Up Songs, Final Thoughts

Players can take a few different approaches when it comes to funny walk up songs. Find an emotional ballad like “Careless Whisper” or “Irreplaceable” to add a touch of melodrama to an at-bat. Or choose an upbeat 80s hit like “Take on Me” or “You Make My Dreams” for lighthearted fun at the plate.

Whichever walk-up song is chosen, it’s important to remember that sports are all fun. Walk-up songs are meant to inspire, motivate, and contribute to the unforgettable experience of America’s pastime.

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