19 Best Songs About Tennis

Best Songs About Tennis

Tennis is a sport with a rich history that can be traced back to the 12th century. In addition to inspiring generations of great athletes to rise to greatness, such as Roger Federer and Pete Sampras, tennis has also served as a unique theme for many music artists.

Whether they are praising the players or using tennis as a metaphor for various experiences in life, here are some of the best songs about tennis.

“Tennis Court” by Lorde

Song Year: 2013

Lorde found an interesting way to weave tennis into her lyrics. Though “Tennis Court” doesn’t speak much about the game itself, it cleverly incorporates tennis courts in its story. One of the most popular theories is that this song references the famous Tennis Court Oath in the French Revolution.

However, due to the reflective and heartwarming lyrics that portray nostalgic memories of the artist’s musical career, tennis courts may also represent the space where she feels safe. Regardless of its interpretation, the song became an instant summer jam particularly popular in New Zealand and Australia.

“Hello” by Dragonette

Song Year: 2010

Following its debut in 2010, this hit by Dragonette peaked in music charts across the globe. Moreover, the song appeared on the Billboard Hot 100, and it’s been featured in many popular TV shows since its release.

The song pulls you in from the moment you start listening because of its electronic rock sound and driving beats. Martina Sorbara’s lyrics are punk, young, and easy to listen to and comprehend. In addition, its entertaining video captures French DJ and Producer Martin Solveig playing tennis against Bob Sinclair.

“The Tennis Song” by Laura Osnes & Santino Fontana

Song Year: 1989

“The Tennis Song was created and used in the 1989 comedy musical production “City of Angels.” The lyrics are built entirely around a game of tennis, and one of its more recent renditions by Laura Osnes and Santino Fontana takes it a step further by including tennis gear in the live performance.

However, the song goes beyond just offering comedic relief, as it tells a story of love and yearning between two characters in the musical, Stone and Alaura. Besides making us laugh and ponder dreams, the song also introduces tennis terminology to anyone new to the sport.

“Tennis” by Young Lungs

Song Year: 2019

“Tennis” is a modern rap song by Young Lungs in which he shares his thoughts and experiences as an artist in the music industry. He describes his daily routine and compares making music to landing hits in tennis.

Coming from a rising talent seeking his claim to fame, the song’s sharpshooting lyrics and a strong beat make for a great motivator for anyone powering through another day of hard work to achieve greatness in whichever endeavors they choose to pursue.

“Tennis Anyone” by Today

Song Year: 1990

“Tennis Anyone” by vocal group Today features classic 90s jam with smooth rhythms and blues. Its slow instrumentation and select words deliver a powerful message about loving despite any loss.

The song’s famous line restates how tennis is the only game in the world that one can lose but still have love for it. This is a loose translation that in life despite losing your loved ones, you will forever have love in your heart.

“Anyone for Tennis” by Cream

Song Year: 1968

With legendary Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jake Bruce as its members, Cream is widely considered the first supergroup. Their song “Anyone for Tennis” was written by Clapton for the 1968 film The Savage Seven.

This hidden gem of a folk-rock song displays the group’s creativity, as it opens with the sound of frogs croaking that slowly melts into brilliant drum and guitar play. The lyrics are quite unusual and mostly dark, but contrasted by a cheerful tune and the repeating question if anyone’s up for tennis.

“Tennis” by Chris Rea

Song Year: 1980

Chris Rea has one of the most recognizeable voices in the music industry. You’ve likely heard his songs on a classic rock radio, ranging from hits like “Auberge” to “Driving Home for Christmas.”

His third album was titled “Tennis” and featured a song with the same name. The song’s lyrics were likely inspired by an incident involving a young girl from the Midwest having an unfortunate itch during her tennis match at Wimbledon and media reporting on that instead of more relevant news at the time.

“Tennis Club” by Talltale

Song Year: 2021

While most songs cover breakup in a sad manner, a young Canadian singer and songwriter Talltale wanted to approach the subject differently. In her song “Tennis Club,” she shares her personal experiences through a funny music video and lyrics riddled with tennis puns.

The music video opens with her preparing for a tennis practice and getting showered by tennis balls. Nevertheless, she persists and keeps coming to that tennis club to get better and better. Completing her unique delivery on the topic of breakup, Talltale chose the 80s synth-pop distinct sound for this song.

“Tennis (I Feel Okay)” by Gum Country

Song Year: 2020

“Tennis (I Feel Okay)” is an insightful song on the debut album of the indie-rock duo Gum Country. Featuring their trademark mix of music genres to create a unique sound, the song aims to illustrate to others how a game of tennis can make you feel okay.

In a press release, the band’s songwriter Courtney Garvin candidly explained the meditative effect a tennis practice has on him. Among other things, Garvin shared he enjoys the repetitive motions and being present in the moment when playing tennis.

“Tennis Ball” by Hello Peril

Song Year: 2019

Hello Peril is a fictional hip-hop band in the romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe.  However, their song “Tennis Ball” is so well-produced that they can easily be mistaken for a real band.

The song features a classic beat and sharp lyrics telling the tale of surviving different hardships in life, from moving to a new country on a boat to being broke and famished. Regardless of the struggles, the protagonists of the song always bounce back like a tennis ball.

“Can I Be Your Tennis Ball” Jamie Foxx

“Can I Be Your Tennis Ball” Jamie Foxx

Song Year: 2003

Jamie Foxx is renowned for his many talents and no stranger to various public appearances. But arguably one of his most memorable stunts is serenading to Serena Williams as the host of the 2003 Espy Awards.

His song “Can I Be Your Tennis Ball” is both hilarious and captivating, as Jamie finds countless ways to dance on the edge of explicit thoughts by using a tennis ball to share his admiration for the greatest female tennis player of all time.

“Tennis” by Courting

Song Year: 2022

The Courting band is a UK boys band known for fantastic punk rock songs. “Tennis” represents their final song in a string of three singles named after different sports.

The song is split into two parts about being in an unhealthy relationship. While the first part focuses on the negatives, the second part reveals a change and a person’s realization of self-worth.

“Hey, Hey…It’s Andy Roddick” by Binge

Song Year: 2011

Unsurprisingly, “Hey, Hey…It’s Andy Roddick” is a song about Andy Roddick, who was once the number one tennis player in the world.

Binge manages to incorporate various words to rhyme with Andy’s name. The song is even funnier if you’re familiar with Andy’s antics on the tennis court. And the chorus is dangerously contagious, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself whistling the tune or singing along “Hey, Hey…It’s Andy Roddick”

“I’m in Love With Steffi Graf” by Hugh Laurie

Song Year: 1995

Long before releasing his debut album Let Them Talk, Hugh Laurie used his musical talents in his comedy sketches. Aimed to be a parody of the overly dramatic grunge music of the 90s, “I’m in Love With Steffi Graf” features Laurie sporting all the visual trademarks of the lead singers in such bands and flipping his hair in their style.

The lyrics are witty and progressively get more preposterous without ever crossing the line into poor taste. Moreover, Laurie’s facial expressions are golden, making this both an amazing parody to watch and listen to.

“The Roger Federer Song” by Binge

Song Year: 2011

Yet another song on the Tennis Tunes album by Binge, this one is dedicated to Roger Federer.  Featuring fast-paced rock music, it sings praises to the Swiss Maestro’s skills on the tennis court and numerous victories.

Displaying his lyrical prowess, Binge finds creative and entertaining ways to rhyme Roger’s name with other words in English. This also makes the song easy to memorize and perhaps perform your cover of it when the mood hits you.

“Playing Tennis” by Austin Prince

Song Year: 2020

Though it may not look the part due to its title, “Playing Tennis” by Austin Prince is a classy pop song touching upon deep introspective subjects.

The lyrics revolve around a person’s inability to do all the things that they love. They are constantly kept from walking away and finally being free to create art, play tennis, and more. Whether it’s a bad relationship with a person or even a substance, this song can mean different things depending on personal experiences.

“I'm Ready” by Wyclef Jean

Song Year: 2008

Much like her sister, Venus Williams is among the greatest female tennis players ever. Inspired by her fighting spirit and strong character, Wyclef Jean wrote “I’m Ready” for Venus. It was premiered as Venus’ theme song for the 2008 US Open tournament.

He refers to her as the Ruler of the Universe and professes his fandom. Praising her lightning serve and dominance across all turfs, he cheers for her to stay fearless and keep on going.

“The Wimbledon Song” by Robin Ward

Song Year: 2012

“The Wimbledon Song” is a cheerful ode to everything great about tennis and one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the Wimbledon tournament.

Furthermore, the cardboard animated video adds to the song’s innocence and playfully follows the lyrics that introduce us to Wimbledon and its significance to tennis players and fans alike.

“Heart of a Champion” by Redfoo

Song Year: 2013

Tennis players are known to be quite vocal at times during their matches. Redfoo’s girlfriend Victoria Azarenka is one such player, so he sampled some of her grunts and included them in his song “Heart of a Champion.”

Though the song can be applied to champions across all sports and facets of life, the subtle nod to his significant other reveals just how much her heart of a champion has impressed Redfoo.

Top Songs About Tennis, Final Thoughts

The above song about tennis list showcases how versatile tennis can be as an artistic inspiration. Whether it’s exploring delicate topics through tennis or singing praises to its athletes, musicians across all genres have found some of the most creative ways to find relatable things in tennis and present them in their tennis songs.

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