25 Best Vince Gill Songs Ever

10. Take Your Memory With You

Song Year: 1991

The man in the song “Take Your Memory With You” requests a girl about to break up with him to take her memory away. He believes that if his lover doesn’t do that, he will have lonely nights thinking about her. Although he has no one to hold him when the cold wind blows, he will move on and forget her.

The song debuted at position two on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks and number three on the Canada Country Tracks.

11. Feels Like Love

Song Year: 2000

In “Feels Like Love,” the singer talks about the kind of love that makes you think the world is spinning around you. The singer narrates how he feels when his significant other is around him. He describes the love he receives from his partner as the best thing that ever happened in his life. The singer also believes his life will be tough when his lover disappears.

The single climbed to position two on the Billboard Country Chart and number 72 on the Billboard Hot 100.

12. One More Last Chance

One More Last Chance

Song Year: 1992

“One More Last Chance” depicts a man begging his partner to grant him another chance because she isn’t satisfied with his drinking pattern. The lady warns the man that the behavior will lead to violence if he doesn’t change. The man tells his wife that although the drinking problem has driven him crazy, he is trying his best.

The man even assures his wife that he only drinks but doesn’t cheat. The woman attempts to change her husband's drinking behavior by locking him in their house. “One More Last Chance” became the number one hit in October 1993, earning Vince Gill several awards, including the ACM Awards trophy for Top Male Vocalist.

13. Never Knew Lonely

Song Year: 1989

The singer praises his lover as the only one who cares about his life. He is always scared when far away from her because he believes she is his rock and strength. He feels his heart is bleeding when he isn’t with his partner.

“Never Knew Lonely” became number three on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks and position seven on the Canada Country Tracks days after its release in September 1990.

14. Whenever You Come Around

Song Year: 1994

Vince Gill revealed to an audience in 2015 that Amy Grant inspired him to write “Whenever You Come Around.” Vince uses the song to show his lover's admiration but is shy to express his feelings. However, he is always nervous when articulating his emotions to the lady. The singer describes his lover as an angel whose pretty eyes shine at night.

The song debuted at position two on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks in 1994. Since the song became ready for download in 2019, Vince Gill has sold over 200,000 records.

15. The Heart Won’t Lie

Song Year: 1993

“The Heart Won’t Lie” is about two lovers trying to hide their love for each other. The singer showcases the power of love and the numerous struggles that come with it. Despite trying to move on, the couple is still drawn to their previous relationship.

As one of the greatest country songs, “The Heart Won’t Lie” won the 2019 CMA Awards.

16. Worlds Apart

Song Year: 1996

“Worlds Apart” is a love song about a strained relationship. Although the lovers feel like they’re worlds apart, their love remains strong. In July 1996, the single debuted at position five on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks. Vince Gill also won a Grammy Best Male Country Vocal Performance Award.

17. Liza Jane

Song Year: 1991

The singer expresses his desire for a woman whom he describes as one with the perfect body and frame. He promises that he will do everything if she loves him. “Liza Jane” was the second album from Vince Gill's Pocket Full of Gold, debuting at position seven on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks.

18. I Will Always Love You

Song Year: 1995

The singer claims that she will always love her partner, although she knows they aren’t perfect for each other. Dolly Parton wrote the piece in 1974 after breaking up with Porter Wagoner. “I Will Always Love You” serves as an apology to Porter after deciding to end their creative relationship.

The song has won many awards, including the Best Country Collaboration with Vocals nomination at the 38th Grammy Awards.

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